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Hi ! Top and bottom seem to send the same message ... how can i fix it ? thanks ! :)

Hi ! Thank you for this new version. Little issue here , when i change polyphony mode, there is no more sound...

Noticed that the issue is also appearing on the "bassdrum" model sometimes.

Hi ! been waiting for this for so long, amazing, thank you so much.
The bug since to be related to polyphony, as it doesn't seem to occur in 1 voice mode.

Still no Silicon compatible version ? :)

Part of my default setup forever. Thank you so much for this. If only you had time to do a Plaits version like this ! :)

Hi that's a very nice and thoughtful move :) . Do you plan to make a slilicon compatible version ? Thanks :)

Hi ! Little issue here , when i try to control it via midi it runs some kind of sample and hold sequence, like random voltages ...

Hey ! That's amazing ^^ . Do you plan to make it available on OSX ?

Wow ! Amazing work, super stable, thank you so so so so much !

Allright i'll give it a go, i'll let you know ;)

Hi ! Do your awesome devices work with the launchpad pro ?
Thank you ! :)

Hi, i've tried it with the launchpad pro but it doesn't seem to work ... is it normal ? if yes, is there an equivalent for the launchpad pro ... i don't seem to find a good melodic step sequencer for it :) ...