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Sadly no single tone over here - Win10, latest Live ....:-(

Great, but on my Win10 machine the CIK device puts two json files my Desktop everytime i use the device in live..


please clear things up. thx!

Hi elliof,

you answered on my, now deleted, Modor NF-1 Editor wanted post.
I really would like to check with you on this. please contact me

sadly, there is no message system here.


Great Device!
I`m on the fenct fo an H9. in the Github it is mentioned, that it turns a standart H9 into a max version (basically it lets you use all algos) is this correct?



ok, will try next as soon my 6 arrives.

does your editor recalls its settings an send it to the Matrix when loading the live set?


does the editor works also with the Matrix 6?
thx for your work!

is it possible to send all parameters by loading the device - e.g. you open a saved set with the editor and the mbase will set itself to the right kickdrum.

" oscbonjour (mDNS for maxmsp) version 0.1 alpha
You are opening a patcher or device created with Max 6 in an older
version of the software (5.1.9). It's possible that everything
will work just fine, but please be aware that some functionality
may not be backward-compatible. The newest version of the software
is available from
Jitter 1.7.0 installed
newobj: lsub: No such object
list-accum Version 0.6, by Michael Lee and Matt Wright.
Copyright (c) 1996,98,98,992000,01,02,03,04,05,06 Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
newobj: slice: No such object
newobj: group: No such object
live.object: get: no valid object set"

So, i guess it's not compatible with my Max4Live Version (based on Max5) ... as a plain Max4Live user i cant't use Max 6, is this right?

Sadly it doesn't work here.
Win XP Sp3 compatible?

Great! +
i tried your device with a MKI UW Machinedrum and it works.
Sadly only the current selected instruments gets controlled by one device. But nonetheless, good work!

thats so ACE. i would love to use it for loading associated files on my Nord Modular Editor. But unfortunately im on PC. it does not this possible to do a PC version?