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Poly-Braids Version 1.1
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Hi @jaspermarsalis, I think you forgot to freeze your devices before uploading :-)

You're right, I forgot to save the gumroad haha ! It should work now :-)

@mwicat well done :)
It works very well for me.

@mwicat You were fast ! Yes I just tested it on Catalina 10.15.7 and no problem :)

I agree with you, for me Finder is the best way I found to manage my sample library with tags and saved searches. I then use Audiofinder in "Finder mode", it's cool but kind of slow. There is also Snapper, which is very fast but a bit buggy with large lists of samples.
That's why your FinderPreview is very promising !

small things to notice :
- the floating window should stay when you change track (with "window flags float, window exec" in the bpatcher)
- no playback when I change a sample with "Reverse" on

Wouaa ! Very good idea !
I usually use Audiofinder to browse my samples that way (sorted with macos tags) but your patch is even faster !
I have small improvements to suggest :
- play~ is only plugged in volume left inlet at the moment
- maybe a "grab sample" would be nice, and the ability to click on the timeline (for long samples)
- I think it would be cool if the patch opened in a new window, to see it no matter which track you are on
Thanks again !

Hey, thanks everyone !

It was tempting to do it again with Braids this time, so I did it today :

@PmichaelHenry : thanks to report that, it's strange that it doesn't work on a live 11 beta, maybe something with the max version used ?

@Raban : I have experienced a buggy thing like that, but just once, when I was building the device. Feel free to open the patch to look for a bug ! It could also come from the external, but unfortunately it's far away from my knowledge at the moment :(

Sorry windows users I totally forgot to say that the external is compiled for Mac ! You can find another plaits device that works with windows here : (however it's not polyphonic)