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Name | Version: Poly-Braids 1.1
Author: vingtdeux
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Here we go again ! So, I guess it's time to do Braids now...

6 voices polyphony | ADSR controls | Push mapped | All the controls found in Volker Böhm's external

And.... it's still free 🙂

Mac OS only

*1.1 : fixed an issue with automation


All the hard work comes from :

- Émilie Gillet, creator of these modules
- Volker Böhm who made these externals -> (
- cipp0 ( for the pretty encoders -> (


If you're looking for the Plaits version, it's here :


Live Version Used: 11.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Nov 12 2021 16:13:09
Date Last Updated: Nov 14 2021 17:05:11
Downloads: 1866
License: None
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Device File: Poly-Braids 1.1.amxd


Good on you man, that made me cringe a bit when I saw someone selling these.
merci beaucoup !
Fantastic and honest move!! Thanks for giving that away with proper credits and not charging like a greedy Jabba the Hutt. You're awesome!
Heyy so this is still mac only right ?
Cool. Thank you very much.
Man, would love this for Windows... :(
Very nice!! Thank you som much! Love this!
More Mutable for free. Yes!
Sadly its not m1 compatible
I did a fix for M1:

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