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I can confirm it works wonderfully! Its sounds super smooth and deliciously liquid metally! What a cool sound design tool, thanks alot for sharing and the fix :)

Dead silent here too, no sound is coming out of this.

Why is this device without any audio running into it by default emits huge bass in the 25 hz?

Very cool resonator! Very different than the original Live one, definitely more dark and eerie. This is a keeper! Thanks alot for sharing it, really liking it.

Great update! Love it.

Fantastic grain delay, thanks for keeping it updated and well maintained.

$5 for an Utility device. Are you for real mate ?

@correction: 'AVAL tools are great!' ;)

ΛVΛL tools are great!

I have their granulator, Grainy Day. Very cool :)

I second AYA!

Very nice spectral device, it's a keeper for sure. Thanks alot for sharing it, very generous from you.

The description seems interesting, but sonically I cannot hear in the Youtube video anything special or unique here that a simple free granulator such as Robert Henke's Granulator 2 can't do. Could you post a more in depth video with more sound design examples and demonstration of the parameters? Especially for 15 Euros, I'll need more that that to convince me to buy it.

How does it sound? Any audio examples would help you. I doubt people will buy without hearing what it can do...

Bought it... Loving it! Very nice and powerful granulator. The coolest thing is that it's very easy & inspiring to use, unless lot of other granular devices. Highly recommend as a companion to the native Ableton grain delay or as a totally replacement. Good work!

One question I forgot, are the future updates free for your device?

Thank you for the quick response! Your granular device seems very interesting and quite powerful, I think I might get it :)

Interesting! What is new exactly in this 2.0 update VS v1?

Very cool device! I'm actually planning on using it from creative sound design and other experimental weird sounds :)

Thanks fo sharing

Indeed it needed to be frozen. Works now!! Thanks alot :)

Cannot get any sound out of it. Silent.

Fantastic news! Looking forward to your next devices, be sure to post here when it's ready :)

I've been creating some really cool icy soundscapes and deep drones so far with Serksna!

Imagine giving Serksna a little brother that goes with it, but granular instead of spectral :)

Cool little spectral freezer! Well done. Neat and very easy to use.

$20 for a LFO, the updates better be free lol.

Wow, very cool. Again, thank you for your very quick support.

It works like a charm now indeed! I don't think the pitch shift feature introduces too much noise, it's very usable and in fact I think the pitchshift really adds lot of depth and sonic possibilities now. With a nice reverb right after, boom tnstant soundscapes! This devine will stay forever now in my toolbox. Very well done, thumbs up!

@composingcap: thanks alot for this ultra fast iteration! Very cool from you. But your latest unfortunately update doesn't produce any sound of of it, it's silence no matter if I click on the 'ON' button or anything else. Problem with the freezing of the device maybe?

Very cool and neat soundscape generator indeed! Simple, nice and a pleasure to use. Well done!
*Quick question: would it be difficult for you to add a simple pitch paramter? I think that's pretty much the only thing missing. Other than that, loving it! Thanks alot for sharing.

W O W !! This little device is mindblowing! Really cool and well done, a very unique take on granular synthesis that's for sure, I haven't encountered anything similar so far. Great for all sort of textures. Thanks so much for sharing it, I love it :)

Very interesting concept, you device bundle seems quite interesting for sound design. Do you think it would be possible to have a video to show your devices in action? I feel that only a few audio clips is a bit limited to really see what your devices are capable of.


Get it here for free:

Fantastic and honest move!! Thanks for giving that away with proper credits and not charging like a greedy Jabba the Hutt. You're awesome!

Nice much appreciated, thank you.

How about posting a video to see & hear your device in action? :)

Absolutely stunning device!

Thanks for getting back in touch.

I re-tested again to make sure, and the parameters are not saved in the Session and are back to default when re-opening. The sample stored in the buffer remains in place though. My setup is OSX Catalina 0.15.7, Ableton Live Suite 10.1.30 (the latest official built from Ableton)

I really like Nuvens, great grain potential so let me know if I can help you testing and checking stuff when you have a version to try, would be happy to help :)

So, what do you think about the comments and change, especially the setting recall when reopening a session, that's the one that hurts the most... Doable? :)

Very cool, simple and elegant granulator! I like it. Right off the bat, as a point to fix I'd say the parameter recall when re-opening the Live session. Right now when re-opening, parameters are back to default, which can be quite furstrating. Another feature that would be fantastic is filtering per grain with a random function to have organic filtering for each grains . This is quite a rare feature not often see in granular synthesis. A random function for the frequency of the grains could be pretty nice too. Keep on updating it, it's already really great! :)

Fantastic grain delay. Probably the best one I've used so far, even against the paid plugin ones. The best thing I really like about it is the filtering per grain. Quite a rare feature to see in granular. Thanks for this, loving it.

Ok I see now. Thanks for clearing that up.

Seems like a very nice granulator. Just though, why does it say on the Bandcamp page that it's 'ships out within 3 days'? Isn't an instant link sent when buying it?

Thumbs up! Thanks for the reply (and considering) :)

Seems quite interesting. Does it allow drag and drop samples? That would be very handy, probably even more than just recording in.

I have no idea how to make this device work, can't do anything that seems to work :(. ...Can you post a video or something? Thanks!

Not responding and not uploading audio, as requested by many Max For Live users here (and potential buyers) says alot about how this dev cares lol.

Also, to the developper: (sorry for the double questions, I forgot to insert in my first one). Could a pitch be added? I feel it's probably the only thing missing to this great stretcher :)

Seems, and sounds very interesting. Question to the developper or the ones who bought it: Is the audio or sample loaded in the buffer saved in the Live session and recalled when reopening it?

Why there's no audio demo? Buying something blindly, no thanks and good luck.

Simple, clean and ultra efficient! Thanks alot for sharing this.

Exiting!! Looking forward to it. If you need a helper on trying things, testing, etc. Let me know! :)

I can't stress enough how fantastic and crazy this device is!! Seriously, it's a monster experimental tool. I love it since I first downloaded it.

@opticon93: anything strange and unique like this coming soon? Love your devices! :)

Works wonderfully!

Thanks for the quick fix, and this creative tool, very unique. Well done!

*Correction: in fact, it's the placement of InputPosition and OutputPosition that are not saved, rest of the parameters are.

Amazing creative reverb tool! I love it. The only downside I can see so far is that the parameters are not recalled when I save and re-open the Session, all parameters are back to default. Could dthta be fix? I'd really like to use it on a regular basis but without having the params saved, it's quite crippling.

*Also: I've noticed while experimenting with it that the sample loaded into is not recalled when re-opening a session. There's no more sample loaded when re-opening a previous saved session. Could that be fixed?

I like it! Very simple to use, elegant looking and fun. Thanks for sharing it, very easy to create textures of all sorts of of pretty much anything.

Now, I'm wondering... Could you implement drag & drop sample from Live to Texturixer? The only think that slows down the workflow is that, it would help a lot to simple drag and drop instead of going through a window, select a sample, listen to it, then choose.

Thanks again!

Ok thanks for at least checking and considering. if you do, don't forget to let us know :)

Thanks again for sharing your great devices

Very interesting device! Especially geared for experimental sounds and outside the box experimentations. Definitely an interesting tool for creating new sounds for further more manipulation afterward. Do you think you could have a stereo option for the resynthesis? (even if it's cpu demanding)... ?

And thanks for sharing it :)

Not sure what you did there in the last update, but BOOM! Everything is saved correctly and in the right place when re-opening the session. Thumbs up!

@synthesizerwriter: last update still have the Main & the two Nyquist parameters not saved and recalled in the Session. The others parameters seem to be saved.

Wow, this is a very unique & creative distortion tool! I really like it, I've never seen a 'spectral distortion' (if I can call it that way) neither, great work. I can already see lot of potential for experimental sound creation and sound design. One thing tough is that the parameters are not saved within the Live session When re-opening the session previously saved most of the parameters are not at the position they were. Could that be fixed? I don't wanna lose all those great sounds I have when closing my session!

Thanks again for this great & unique device.

This is an amazing tool for experimental soundscapes and other strange noises and sound sculpting. Lot of possibilities! I like it very much. I highly recommend to download and try it.

@RobertSchulz: do you think it could be updated in stereo instead or processing in mono? Also, only one Contour shape can be saved and recalled in a Live session. When re-opening a session, the other Contour shape is back to default. Do you think both Contour windows could be saved within the session?

Anyhow, great spectral shaping tool! And I hope you'll keep it updated :)

Thanks for sharing it.

Very unique granular tool! Never seen anything like it, combining like this granular and spectral convolution. Love it! Definitely a special tool for experimental sounds, textures and other weird noises. Thanks for sharing it.

Greatly underestimated granulator! Can't believe there's no comments about how good this thing is. Truly a gem for sculpting textures and all kind of sonic weirdness. I hope you'll keep updating it, with hopefully new features? I'd really love too have LP-HP-BP filtering per grains with a random knob for the grain filtering. Would be even more crazy! Anyhow, great great tool, thanks for giving it away :)

This device is crazy! Can't believe it doesn't have comments. It's one hell of a (secret) tool for weird digital ambient washes and soundscapes. It literally melts your sounds!


Any news on the next update with the possibility to change the FFT size and the stereo feature? Would love to see this device updated and maintained! :)

Yes it does, thanks for the quick fix :)

Also, noticed that drawn curves are not saved and recalled, when re-opening a session the curves are back to default. Could that be fixed?

Thank :)

Cool spectral tool for severely mangly audio. Drawing curves & exponent knob works fine, but strangely I can' hear nor perceive any change in the sound when I use change the Window Size & move the Window Overlap knob, both doesn't see to work or I'm crazy??

Thanks for the audio posted! Interesting device, no doubt. I'm a bit concern with the clicks/static tiny noises we constantly hear in the example, the granular processing doesn't sound very smooth. Is that intentional?

@Simulations: any way to upload some audio or/and video demos? I'm sure that'll help your sells...

Looks interesting. But any audio demos so we can listen to the results before buying blindly?

? = '

Dont know what happened here lol.

I bought this device and let me tell you all this: it’s really an amazing device! Very well done and designed, super easy to see what’s going on/what you do and more importantly, sounds great! I love the fact that you can use it without any audio input, as a spectral synthesis sound generator. The perfect replacement directly in my DAW for Metasynth and Photosounder that are offline/standalone software. Good job Will, I love it! I recommend this device to anyone interested into experimental & unorthodox sound design.

Very interesting device! I'm looking for an alternative similar to the spectral room from Metasynth that is usable in Live instead of working offline, and this device seems quite nice. Question before buying though: does the image loaded is recalled in a saved session? Or I have to reload the image each time?

@stevenspencer2008: how do you like the IR's? High quality stuff? I think I'll dive and buy them, they seem very interesting and experimental, which is what I an looking for. But I was just curious to see if you like them... Thanks!

Downloaded the latest Hourglass update a min ago and tried it... It works! Didn't see that you updated Hourglass. Thanks for that :)

Thanks for the replies guys. Pretty weird eh?

I have Max 7.3.4 and the latest Ableton 9.7.4. Everything seems up do date on my side...

Just like the Houglass granulator, I can't get any sound out of it. No idea why...I see the waveform passing into the buffer, but no sound is coming out even with the mix knob to the max. OSX 10.12 - Ableton 9.7.4.

Any idea why??

Never been able to get sound out of it, even with the Mix knob all the way up. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I played with all parameters and still no sound even if I see the waveform in the buffer. Any idea why? A quick youtube tour & tutorial would probably help the users...

Fantastic! That was fast. Thanks alot for updating it with the stereo output. I will re-download it as soon as I have some time today. Really like this little grain mangler, sounds and feels unique! Thanks again for sharing.

Pretty cool granular device! It definitely has some great potential, especially for strange textures and weird experimental stuff. But I think what really hurts it though is that its output is mono. Make the whole thing sound low quality and cheap. I really thing that if the output was full stereo, it would make it sound much better. Could it be possible to have a stereo spread of the grains?

Seems interesting, but a bit an hassle to setup. Too bad. I couldn't pass the first step: ''Show/hide osc settings with the toggle at the bottom of the device. Your monome should auto-detect.'' Mine doesn't show anything, it's ''None''. I gave up...

Fantastic granular device! Clean, simple and sounds ultra smooth. Very powerful for creating textures of all sort. Well done! Love it.

There's no way I can record or 'grab' audio in this device. No matter how much I click on the grab button, it doesn't record anything. Dead silence...

Great device! Very mellow, smooth feedback. Great to add background atmosphere or even create drones when used in full wet. Thanks!

Nuts!!!!! What a crazy whack device. And free? Thanks so much for giving that one away. Very appreciated!

Amazing little granular synth! Different, and fresh. So many granular synths are sample based, so it's really nice to use something a bit different. Well done, love it.

Regarding suggestions, how about applying the filter per grain instead of having the filter at the end of the chain, therefore colouring the overall sound equally? Filtering per grain would open even more doors to creativity, especially if you have a random parameter. Each grain having their own filtering... The granular tool in AudioMulch is working that way. Very fun and creative.

Thanks again for this great device!

*Typo, please read:
''Right now we can ear the back and forth jitter.''

Sorry. Damn we need an edit button on these posts! ;)

Thanks for this interesting grain device. It's pretty cool, even if some of the parameters are not very intuitive. I really hope you're going to improve it and upload more versions, it really has some potential for granular experiments. Few suggestion:

-having a random jitter. Right now we hear hear the back and for jitter. Could be cool to have a really random jitter.

-more extreme pitch values

-a random pitch for each grains

Please keep working on it! I like it.

Thanks again.

Very experimental, wild and gives totally unpretictible results, that's fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

I can't get any sound out of this thing, no matter what I tweak or click

''secretion'' lol! Damn auto corrector… ''SECTION'', of course… ;-)

Ok, but why is it in the effect secretion again? Shouldn't be in experimental or utility?

Silence here, doesn't seem to work when the Wet is at the max. Nothing, no matter the parameters.

Silence here, doesn't seem to work when the Wet is at the max…. Nothing, no matter the parameters.

Who's Deadmau5 ?

Very cool device, really. I love it. Check you mail! (at


Working great! Pretty cool resonator, well done :)

I am the only one not getting any sound out of this ting? No matter what params I tweak, nothing seems to happen and it's muted... ?

No matter what I do or what parameters I tweak, there's nothing coming out of this thing. How is it supposed to work!??

Stunning device. Surreal soundscapes & drone guaranteed!