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Name | Version: MDD SnAkE 3.2.3
Author: maximedangles
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Hello !


- some fine tuning...

3.2.2 (27.10.2020) :

- Add the possibility to change the root in midi with C4 to B4.
- added two custom parameters.
- Correct a bug in case of multiple use of snake in user mode. it caused ableton crash.
- Snake Shapes are now midi mapable

3.2 (2020 update) :

- PUSH ready
- New quantisation, with PUSH scales + a user one
- Better view of the notes
- Swing Added (in the top of gates view)
- Better initialiation
- Shapes menu have been replaced by a Dial
- All sequencers can be randomised by sending a C2
- Notes sequencer can be randomised by sending a D2

Thanks ELPHNT for this great tutorial (with the V3, the patch have been updated since the video) :

have fun ;)



Live Version Used: 10.1.25
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: Jun 02 2018 05:38:59
Date Last Updated: Nov 26 2020 05:35:50
Downloads: 74002
License: AttributionNonCommercial
Average Rating (59)

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Device File: MDD___SNAKE_V3.2.3.amxd


I'm not a huge modular person, but musicians bringing modular elements to M4L for free are heroes of mine.
The design is gorgeous, Max. Great job!
Really nice !
Do you have paypal ? I will gladly give you some $$
Also would be nice to be able to switch between notes (c c# d..) and values in the notes step seq
Thank you so much for this tool ! from far my favorite.
Is it still possible to do some snapshot of settings with this version ?

this is by far my favourite m4l device of all times!

- Do you think it is possible to select/enter notes/gates via Push2-pads and encoders?

- It would be endlessly cool to set the quantizer notes via midi keyboard.
love this one
Absolutely stellar work my friend.

Please consider adding 'Swing' to it's already impeccable feature set.
Hi! First of all, thanks for this awesome device!

"Shift" case is not working for me on Ableton Live 10.1.4.
I can't change the number, I can work only with "1".

Would be really nice if you could add some modulation input as the original Rene.

If you need a beta tester, would be a pleasure for me ;-)
Merci Maxime
le module est top, l'avoir sous live en Max/Msp c'est du bonheur :)
Une réussite, un petit bijou 🙂 Merci maximedangles
Brilliant.. there is no other words!
This device is AWESOME! Many thanks, will be looking into your other devices!
Really nice device!! Enjoy using it! One little question is only to use for live sets or will I also be able to record the sequence? I hadn't be able to figured it out yet.
This is so much fun,Thanks for sharing!
Thank you so much for this amazing device. It's so fun to use. I do have one question, and I'm sorry if it's an obvious feature that I'm missing... is there a way to change the length of the gate steps, in order to play notes of different lengths?
For some reason it doesn't output a signal for me? Does anyone else have the same problem?
Cevi, have the same issue every time I load the device, but clicking the Random All button will get it to play.
Hello !
Thank you all for all your great words... I can't beleve there's so much download for this patch now. thanks again ELPHNT for the highlite !

I'll try to answer some questions :

- For some reason it doesn't output a signal for me? Does anyone else have the same problem?

It's normal to have nothing at the begin, because there's no gate and velocities are at zero. i can change that in the next version.

- Is there a way to change the length of the gate steps, in order to play notes of different lengths?

I'm sorry it's not possible directly into the snake. but you can do it with that trick : add a "note lengh" midi effect after the snake and map the custom parameter to the note lenght ;)

- One little question is only to use for live sets or will I also be able to record the sequence?

You can record your midi snake sequence by routing it to an another midi track. (this can help :

- I can't change the number, I can work only with "1".

It depend how many step you have in your sequence. with 16 steps, "shift" doesn't have any effect... please let me know !

speak soon


This would be amazing if there was added swing functionality and note length. Merging the ML-185 and this would create an unbeatable beast.
Hello !

Message for me... hahaha
SnAkE have been update from here to 3.2 :)

@lukebrown, SWING have been added, i hope you will enjoy it !
Concerning the Note Lengh, it doesn't work well with this GUI, i mean i don't know how i can add it, with an understanding point of view for everybody.
It's a complex sequencer but really easy to use, and i really want to keep it like that.
I need more time, or ideas if you have some !
YES! this is perfect. xmas came early. Thanks for the update.
Hey, I love that you're working on integrating this with the PUSH! It's such a natural combination and I can't wait to see how it progresses.
Just wanted to send a heads up that when I hit the C2 or D2 notes on the PUSH, it's triggering the Random All function. Not sure why or how but it might be a bug? It might also be that I'm not using it correctly! :)
Regardless, thanks for sharing!
@lucianthorr looks in the new feature :)

- All sequencers can be randomised by sending a C2
- Notes sequencer can be randomised by sending a D2

i didn't think about that before, but :
It can be something bad if you play in user scale with midi note in activated...
maybe will add a switch for that in a next update...
Hey Maxime, first of all thanks for this cool update to the coolest M4L sequencer.

Maybe I'm missing something but I'm unable to right click on the 'Snake Shapes' to find the Show Automation/Modulation option. I was trying to map it to a Macro Control but seems impossible, anyone else facing this?
Love this. I own a Rene mk 1 and this is like having a whole bunch of them clocked together + it's way faster to set up. Using it with my Expert sleepers interface so it's sequencing virtual instruments and my modular setup.

Be nice to have a second ( or third ) set of customisable parameters to assign, but apart from that this rocks.

So good ;)
Hey !!!

@theabletonguru : i just did an update for that, sorry i forgot it !

@Borez : thank you for your nice words man, all credit goes to makenoise for having this great idea and inspiration.

For the second or third custom, it's easly possible to make it. i just would like to keep it easy to understand.But you're not the first one who asking me this. so maybe i'll add more one soon ;)

@Borez : oki now i did it finally ;)
A very unique usable sequencer for my collection. Thanks.
First of all: Thanks for building this!!! I can't stress this enough! Total game changer for our productions! :)

Feature request:
So when using the randomization feature on notes you can only define the random range with the slider which is very tedious when you are working with a drum rack that has only 16 sounds on 16 pads. Most of the time the random generated note sequences play some of the notes above or below the 16 drum pads and I couldn't find any other m4l or live midi effect to restrict the notes to exactly one octave for example...

I think it would be an awesome addition to the device if you could enter a specific note range in which the randomization takes place. For example C2 to C3. It shouldn't be too complicated to add what do you think?

Thanks for the terrific work so far!

@janritter and @Syn thank you for your nice words :)
@janritter, yes that's a cool idea !
i'll try do it in a next update ;)
Hey Maxime i got another feature suggestion :)
It would be great if you could implement a "shift sequence" function where you are able to shift the whole sequence by f.e. a 16th note. I often get cool melodies/rhythms with the snake but sometimes they just not sit right to the kick. I then sample the midi output from snake and shift the midi notes manually.
For jamming and finding the right pattern it would be a big help if you could rotate the whole pattern in snake itself as exporting the midi to a new miditrack always takes time and interrupts the flow (and sometimes recording the midi to another miditrack doesn't work so count this as a bug report as well 😜).
Which brings me to another request: being able to drag sequences from snake and drop them directly into a midi channel would be huge 😳

Thanks for your time and glad the you liked my last suggestion!
Hi Maxime,

Thank you so much for this M4L device! It's so fun to use and it gives me such cool and useful results. Amazing work!

I tried to donate with gumroad using paypal but the link wasn't working, you should contact gumroad.

Cheers my friend!
Hi! there's one feature that has disappeared after the last patch. I could modulate note knobs with custom parameters but now it's not possible. How can I modulate notes with custom now?
Great devices Maxime! Keep goin! Snake is great inspiration tool
Hi Maxime.

Snake is such an inspiring tool for improvisation... Thanks a lot for this !

I was wondering (request :) ): Do you think that's possible to enter directly (type in) the range amount to get instant results with midi mapping ? eg. I have a four sample bank in my eurorack sampler and I want to randomly trig only the four corresponding notes... At the moment it's quiet difficult to select a precise range just by clicking on the line...

Anyway, keep up the good work !!

Thanks a lot again !
This is an amazing device. Thank you so much.

I have one question with the new version. I am not able to open the Snake Shape menu like on the old version. I see that it is now midi mappable but how can I just open the pop-up menu like in the old version?

Thanks again for this great work.
I am having some problems midi mapping the Snake Shapes to my Push2. Any advice?

Thank again for an amazing device!
Hello. I love this device. And the youtube tutorial by ELPHNT is awesome. Thanks for both of you. I am running into an issue however. On my device there is no dropdown menu button to allow me to change the Snake Shapes. What am I missing?? let me know. THanks!
Hi. I love this device. Like the previous post, I cannot find the dropdown menu for the Snake Shapes. I tried this in both Live 10 and 11, as well as trying with a fresh download again today. In Tom's tutorial he has an arrow to the right of the Snake Shapes. Mine does not. Tried clicking in every likely spot. Suggestions? Thanks.
Bonjour Maxime.
C'est un bel objet, merci pour cet apport !
Mais pourquoi ne pas avoir intégré de ternaire dans le speed ?
Saw the ELPHINT video. Very nice. Thank you and I did try to make a donation but Paypal probably screwed it up. I have subscribed to your Youtube channel. I'm sorry you do not have the website any more because I refuse to use Facebook. Thanks again.
Ableton needs this device!

Some reports in 3.2.3:

1) Push2 maps "shift" param-encoder not with absolute value (1-16) but with percentage 1-100-

2) Push2, sections custom2 and custom 3 are not accessible

3) with push2 would be REALLY USEFUL access to upper "random bar" to limit random values ranges

5) Push2 maps foundamentals with numbers not with scale name

Hi Max
First of all this is an amazing sequencer I use this all the time, so thanks for making this avaliable.
One issue I am having at the moment with it in scence view is once I stop it playing it keeps going?
Is there something I am missing or do I have a glitch?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
Maxime, sorry
Oh guys, thanks for this incredible work...super usefull and nice

Firstly a fantastic device. Seriously good !

Just a question... I'm having an issue like some of the other Users above ... I cannot find the dropdown menu for the Snake Shapes that was apparent in ELEPHANTS video.

I tried this in both Live 10 and 11, and the arrow to the right of the Snake Shapes doesn't exist. Just wanted to know if this function was taken off or is it an issue our end? Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work!

hi @Talka
click+hold Snake Shapes and scroll down+up
How do I download it? I go to and then download it and all it does is download the 3.59 MB presentation file not the actual device to open with Ableton.
What am I doing wrong?
I love this sequencer! My first time using it I came up with some really awesome stuff!

But I second the request to have the ability to "rotate" patterns so that they start on a different step. I assumed that's what shift did but I guess that's something else. What does shift do then?
I really like this device but like couple other users I'm having trouble calling up the snake shapes. Mine doesn't have drop down when I click on the snake shapes??
Am i doing something wrong? Can anyone help
thank you
ahh - have just sussed it. Thankyou please
I got an issue when I want to record notes from Snake... It doens't work anymore. However, when I record with my keyboard, recording works.
Could someone help me?

I get this message when opening Ableton project with the Snake on it:
live.text: can't find multimap-unmap.svg

Can this be fixed?
Hi, I'm a student and would appreciate your time if you could answer some questions regarding Max MSP, I've made a form.

Thanks for your time in advance!
Hi Maxime,

First of all, thank you for the inspiring sequencer. I noticed something today when I entered the Scale F Minor. I have the grade D available there. If I'm not mistaken, that's not right. Otherwise it's just fun.

Thanks again and regards

Hi Maxime, thanks for this device, its just what i have been looking for, lots of inspiration already!

I have noticed the same as the last post above. The 'minor' scale does not seem correct to me. If you set to A minor you get a sharp note on the 6th.

Hi Maxime. Thank you for creating my absolute favorite maxforlive patch! Snake is an incredible sequencer and idea machine.

I have one feature suggestion that shouldn't be too difficult to implement should you agree it's a good idea.

In the 'Gates' section could pressing 'Reset' do the opposite of what it does now, which means it clears all gates and leave silence? That would be incredible for live performances! So what I mean is you can decide whether 'Reset' fills out all gates or removes all gates.

That's the simple way to do it. The sick way of doing it is if you could save a reset state. That means you've got you're notes, gates, velocities and custom parameters set the way you like it - then you can improvise by changing all of them, and then by hitting reset all you can go back to the saved state. Think of the crazy live performance possibilities that would open up.

Again, thank you for your amazing work.

Best, -Esben
Hi Maxime, thank you for this wonderful sequencer. I have two questions:

1) Velocity is not currently working for me while syncing my Eurorack with Max for Live. Do you have any suggestions? I am using version V2.2.3a.

2) Would it be possible to develop a new mod to expand tunings, micro-tonal tunings, for example?

Thanks again for your work.
Muy buen trabajo, en verdad me gusto mucho. A mi forma de trabajar, pienso que, agregar la posibilidad de nosotros determinar una cantidad de notas especificas y realizar un random solamente con las notas que seleccionamos en los 16 pasos. Ej: Seleccionamos A-F-C-C# y al hacer clic en random, nos distribuye estas 4 notas en todas las octavas y en los 16 pasos. Puede ser esto posible? Gracias por este aporte, Snake 3 es una herramienta muy poderosa.
Hello. I have m1. I have Ableton 11.3.21. This device is not available my version. Please help.
Hi there, thank you for the great m4l plugin! it's great! i know this question poped a long time ago, but, is there a chance that the range function will be modified, and added to the push 3 standalone?

thank you!

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