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Just wanted to let you know that the "Shift" dial in Valhalla FreqEcho doesnt has a default value assigned (double clicking it doesn't reset it to 0)



Hey Maxime i got another feature suggestion :)
It would be great if you could implement a "shift sequence" function where you are able to shift the whole sequence by f.e. a 16th note. I often get cool melodies/rhythms with the snake but sometimes they just not sit right to the kick. I then sample the midi output from snake and shift the midi notes manually.
For jamming and finding the right pattern it would be a big help if you could rotate the whole pattern in snake itself as exporting the midi to a new miditrack always takes time and interrupts the flow (and sometimes recording the midi to another miditrack doesn't work so count this as a bug report as well 😜).
Which brings me to another request: being able to drag sequences from snake and drop them directly into a midi channel would be huge 😳

Thanks for your time and glad the you liked my last suggestion!

First of all: Thanks for building this!!! I can't stress this enough! Total game changer for our productions! :)

Feature request:
So when using the randomization feature on notes you can only define the random range with the slider which is very tedious when you are working with a drum rack that has only 16 sounds on 16 pads. Most of the time the random generated note sequences play some of the notes above or below the 16 drum pads and I couldn't find any other m4l or live midi effect to restrict the notes to exactly one octave for example...

I think it would be an awesome addition to the device if you could enter a specific note range in which the randomization takes place. For example C2 to C3. It shouldn't be too complicated to add what do you think?

Thanks for the terrific work so far!