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Name | Version: POLYRHYTHMUS - a modular euclidean rhythm builder 1.01
Author: bennniii
Device Type: MIDI Effect
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please note, as of JAN 2016:
i am gracious out of my mind for all your positive feedback and incredibly happy about how POLYRHYTHMUS was perceived in this community. i will be continuing my work on POLYRHYTHMUS 2, and i hope i'll do so soon (it's almost finished, damn!) – how ever i can't say when.

i am a freelancing and struggling graphics- and sound-designer and unfortunately have to prioritise the work i make a living off of. my next, yet ernest priority are the projects i get caught up in. i myself have gotten deeply into standalone sequencing-applications, which makes POLYRHYTHMUS currently obsolete as for my own needs. as many of you may know, being a freelancer is a balancing act between financial necessities, time management and passionate interests. work and creative leisure time. doing crap for money and doing stuff that you really love. i was hoping, that the donation-concept for this plugin could simplify this balancing act. unfortunately and to my regret, the world doesn't appear to work this way at all :) this results in: POLYRHYTHMUS currently being on hiatus, you guys waiting for a nifty new version and me myself spending time on stuff i like doing less that building free and fun tools for making music.

if you like POLYRHYTHMUS, consider a small donation via paypal benni(*AT*) buy me a coffee and especially time and confidence to finish this thing *heart*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

POLYRHYTHMUS is a rhythm sequencer, arpeggio builder, cc and parameter automator and mathematical geek.

build polyrhythmic (counterpoint, polymetric etc) patterns, use them (live) as arpeggiators and/or to sequence drums, CCs, parameters of your live etc. run sequences sinusodial, trigger one sequence with another, have 23 steps run in the same time as 5 others do, skip steps, randomize parameters and alot more. give the long video a chance.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

thank you: there are other people who have had other approaches for euclidean rhythm-sequencing. check phil archer's "circle sequencers", wouter hisschemöller's "euclidean midi patterns" and/or read up on godfried toussaint's "the euclidean algorithm generates traditional musical rhythms"

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> click on little boxes in sequencer-lanes to active them. they represent the steps! (:

> please install latest version of max and live

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V 1.01 (DEC 18 2016)
fixed a bug that may prevent the device from expanding

V 1.0 (JUL 17 2014)
first release

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Live Version Used: 9.1.2
Max Version Used: 6.1.7
Date Added: Jul 17 2014 22:09:31
Date Last Updated: Oct 12 2017 09:41:20
Downloads: 91734
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: polyrhythmus v1.01.amxd


amazing work! Having a hard time with some of the sequencer modes. I turn them on but it doesn't seem to change anything. Will keep clicking and report back.
User error as usual! Looks like you have to enable each step in the sequence and then BOOM. magic.
hei jekblad – thanks for the feedback + kind words.
i am wondering a little: the sequencer-mode of each sequence *should* immediately change the way it runs (meaning if you select e.g. "backwards" your little yellow bar should start running backwards. anyhow, obviously you'll only hear something if there are active steps on this very sequence). is this not working? 'd love to fix it if so (:
i'm glad about any other feedback as you discover more strangenesses :)
1 word: WOW!!!

A did a bit of promo for you:

Thanks a lot for sharing it for free.

thank you. amazing work. +thank for the free share.
I improperly communicated my issues. The modes work perfect. The issue I had was getting the "edit" function to work. It seems like everything I did made nothing, but this is because you have to click on each box in the GUI you want to enable. I did not initially notice that clicking the box turned it a new color thus enabling the step.

It was also tricky to figure out you had to turn on each parameter type individually, while the set was running because they show the values at that time. Maybe a positive addition could be moving the on/off button to an extra row directly below where they are now. This would improve the device for first time users.

This device is genius, very well done, very well thought out. The skip function is so cool! Being able to generate euclideans and then select which steps you want is great. I could go on... thanks!
another small piece of feedback. The help hints are great, but on my 13 inch macbook i can't see the hints for items at the far right of the device. A hover text could eliminate that.
Wow bennniii, I love you!
ace sequencer, really like circle synth as well, but this takes things quite a bit further. Nice character in the GUI although drawing in notes is a bit fiddly.
thanks everybody for the feedback.
please keep it coming and criticise harshly! (:

i will correct all bugs as soon as i have the chance - i'm currently not in germany.

@lek: so kind of you. thanks thanks thanks!

@jekblad: great detail - thanks. i'm not yet completely satisfied with this part of the current gui. will consider and think about it. unfortunately, the space we have is so limited :/
as for the hints: i actually thought of that but kind of just ignored it (on my luxury 27inch screen :)). will def. add that, and maybe a general documentation, too. how is the general performance on the macbook? is it ok?

@anivia: love back!

@rosko: grrrr, you're very right. will try to add a zoom-in-out-button to it.

anything else? lets make this thing as good as possible. also tell me if you miss any features etc.
Kraaaaass, absolut geil!!!! Du weisst echt, worauf es ankommt und sogar das Design hat style. Boah, hab schon so lange auf sowas gewartet. Dafür könntest du ruhig ein paar Euros verlangen finde ich. Respekt und DANKE :)
How does the quantise/randomize setting work? Getting some really interesting results with this but not really sure what I'm doing. :-)
Hey great device,easy to the eye too, thx for sharing!

I get weird half a second freeze on graphics (not only plugin but live as well) if I click on the grey background area. If I click multiple times the gfx glitch lasts clicks x 500ms ..

You could add a feature that on addition to skip a step one could determine it as 'pass' a step, so for example pass 1 of 3 etc
This is my new best friend! I know, sad. (Shove over cat)

Would a swing feature make sense on something like this, or is it redundant to the use of the Euclidean Algorithim? Really, not complaining: a baseline I tried needed a specific grove just to keep up with this thing. Might see it more as a utility feature just to nudge hits further into the pocket.

Also, please consider adding Eckel to your short list of accomplished peer developers. Do you get a facsimile result from using that plug-in? I always loved how unpredictably fluid the rhythms ended up with that thing...

Cheers to ya
Also, does the retrigger section work kind of like the Neurons on the Axon sequencer? With axon, each side of the polygons, representing lanes in the sequencer, can trigger the next step of a different polygon depending on how they are wired together. Sort of like a fountain or cascade of buckets/pools/champagne glasses stacked on each other, such that when one bucket fills up, the out pour then triggers the bucket below it...

My problem with Axon is that you have to mouse in order to rewire the relationship of the polygon, whereas you have a drop-down menu. Bravo!
This is wonderful work! However, I'm curious about your CC license: with it set to non-commercial, the implication is that no one is allowed to sell any music they create using this tool, or perform with it live when they are getting paid, etc. Is this correct? Am I misunderstanding the license?
hello folks.
thanks for all the feedback and your downloads. a few brief words:

1) i'll change the license. my first choice derived from plain stupidity and unknowledge. obviously you should enhance this tool as desired and use its/your 'output' any way you desire.

2) i am currently stuck in the deepest montana on planet earth and have roughly 3 minutes of internet a day. i'll be back in frankfurt, germany by the weekend. please keep your feedback, critique and comments coming. i'll try to get back to every one of you.

3) feel free to mail me. mail (at)

4) thank you, once again.
I can not make it work :(
no sound coming out ... whatever instrument is used .
Is there a way to send midi notes to other devices from each sequence division?

so each one could have a different piece of gear or plug in playing from one sequencer
Heya Roxyless, the little boxes where each note-on hit are distributed along the 5 tracks still need to be unmuted/activated. Try that by clicking on them and see if that speaks to your issue.

Kingbritt, because we're talking ableton here, there are ways to work around this without needing a m4l plugin that offers separate channels per note send. You could use note chains in your instrument rack, to mute the other incoming notes (or drum racks that consist of single pads for the hits that you want) and have separate tracks all accepting input from the same instance of this polyrhythmus on a separate track. It doesn't have to reside in-line on the same track with the drum rack/instrument you are feeding.
Jeklad wrote: "User error as usual! Looks like you have to enable each step in the sequence and then BOOM. magic."

I find myself continuously clicking little buttons to get a euclid-mode thing going.

I would love it if they would default to "on" when generated, so that you could quickly get rhythmic interplay going, without a lot of clicking.
Is that the Kingbritt aka sylk 130?
Thank you @ Braduro ;)
Any chance of getting a scale to choose notes from for all the non-musical people here?
i finally have a minute to reply to some of your comments.
i'm very glad about all of your interaction – it's excellent input!

- - - - - -
first off: if you'd like to be updated about new versions and bugfixes of this (or another)
device, please (informally) drop me a line to mail (at) – i'll (informally) be writing you
if there's anything new (i think it's to bad that you can't really "subscribe" to devices on this portal)

let's go, before my internet dies:
- - - - - -

@rozze: tausend dank (:

@rosko: imagine your e.g. 4 "beats" as decimal number counting from e.g. 1 to 4
(1.0000, 1.0001, ... 3.9999, 4....) the function implemented rounds these numbers.
the outcome turns out to be kind of unpredictable; – therefore i figured "quantize / randomize"
fits the best. it may actually also tend to shuffle a little :) kind of liked it when i found it,
so i kept this algorhythm. you probably shouldn't use it if you want a very logical and predictable composition, but it adds some variety (and weirdness) to your groove. hope you like it – let me know if you see any room for perfection.

@parametex: this is a seriously annoying bug. thank you for pointing it out!
i will spend some time to correct it when i'm back to germany, although my gut feelings
tells me it might be a problem with m4l and our visual feedback. grr. we'll hope and see.

@braduro: great ideas. a) i was thinking about the concept of "swing" and couldn't really
wrap my mind around it. for my experience with (hardware-)sequencers, i could never really
"define" what swing does or how it works. help me out: does it proportionally delay notes?
or does it play them earlier rather than later? b) what is eckel ? c) this is getting embarrassing :) – i have never used an axon sequencer. i'd be glad if you provide me with some links on that.

@kingbritt: we share a mind! the problem with (ableton) live is, it natively doesn't allow a device on
a midi track to "supply" multiple other midi tracks with midi-"stuff" (in other words, you can't natively have polyrhythmus feed multiple tracks / midi channels). BRADURO is on the ball with his tips, although i think this will get very restrictive if you have e.g. 2 sequences playing the same notes on the same velocity. your instrument-rack won't be able to filter / differenciate these two sequences, because – obviously the same "data" is received. there are two possibilities which both have downsides, anyhow both should work. i will definitely add something like this as my very first intention was to control (my own) external gear with a single instance of polyrhythmus, too. also, this again gets me thinking about a standalone (or hybrid live + standalone) version.
will keep my mind on it – drop me a line if you'd like updates.

@braduro: thanks a lot for taking on the support. helping a ton. read my thoughts about your thoughts about "splitting" via a rack above. good concept for unison sequences but not so ideal for sequences that are identical (i at least think)

@wetterberg: currently, each sequence has an "invert" button (next to the edit button). if you press this at the very start (before any step is active), ALL (currently 24 potential) steps will be activated.
from there, you can start turning them off – your newly added steps will therefore be enabled, too (even if still "invisible" / not added). anyhow, i like the idea of auto-enabling new steps independently of the currently visible step's status. will think of a way to implement. on the other hand: maybe other user would find this annoying? i dont know. the clicking is definitely a pain in the arse, although that's just the way (digital) buttons work, i suppose.

- - - - - -
please keep on posting anything that comes to your mind. as mentioned – your contribution is of great help to me.

(@rosko: ... i'm crapping my pants with false pride)
here's the current buglist i'm working on.
please let me know if you find anything else:

> background click locks the device for a few ms
> due to randomization, undo history may be cluttered
> cc number may have strange box overlayed
> somehow reduce all the clicking you have to do :)

also, i'll try to add some of your feature-request.
Maybe shifting the monitor and parameter buttons to the left, such that the mouse-over contextual help can fall under the edit and step on/off toggles? That way those of us with 13" laptops can see the help info even when we expand and scroll to the additional modules.

To answer your questions about axon and swing:
maybe this would be a better starting point to describe how it works:
Again, willum070 resorted to mouse-clickable buttons for the patches. And technically some permutations should be illegal, but I'm not sure how you could create a patch board that would catch an error.
See how with color patches one can create dependencies as to how each sequence advances to its next step? It's like a leader bucket needs to "fill-up" and before tipping over and emptying into the follower, thus allowing the follower to advance to the next step. I'm listening to a heavy groove out of impulse as I write this!

As for swing, yeah I guess it's a little of both? Swing is like robato in some respect-it steals time from the following note, right? But unlike your quantize/random button, it's a uniform delay. Not sure in the context of polymetrics/polypulse how delays could be proportionally pushed into a swing. By percentage? Or how the resulting outcome would sound. Again, just a thought as to how other elements in a session could fall into the pocket. But it was easy enough to dial in swing on my other clips/midi effects in order to not fight with the polyrhythmus.
Thanks, quantize/randomize makes sense.

I think you could add swing by simply delaying every other note.
You could even have the option to delay every third, fourth etc. no idea how that would turn out musically though.
Be nice to see a bar reset feature like monosynth has for each track. this could sync to the host time signature.

Bennniii check out hyakken work, one of his sequencers sends out midi to separate tracks with the use of a receiver that can then easily trigger external hardware. Not sure if this is what you had in mind but it works well.

Good luck wit the bugs.
hello rosko,

"You could even have the option to delay every third, fourth etc. no idea how that would turn out musically though. "

> liking that idea pretty much (: .. i'll think about it.

as for the hyakken sequencer: thanks for that. i've read up on it and had actually considered using the method that he has chosen to distribute the sequence's output to different tracks. there are a few options but unfortunately ableton doesn't offer a "perfect" solution (it's all workarounds). anyhow, it's definitely on the top of my list to add this (as i need it urgently, too). i guess we'll just have to try any implementation and see how it works for the crowd. if we find that it's to buggy, we'll try an alternative.
Dear bennniii,

thank you soooooo much for this wonderful device! It's incredibly powerful and versatile.

Just one question: Is it intended, that there's nothing saved within the Live project? When i'm saving my project and reopening it, it resets the device and everything i worked on before is wiped out.
hello rqb3,

no, this is not intended at all! :0
and it's strange, because it's working fine for me.
please let me know which version of live and max you're on.

furthermore, are you using the preset system (have you saved any presets) when this scenario occurs / the settings are not recalled after reload? a) if so, please run a test without saving presets and see if your last settings are saved in the device b) if you haven't been using (saving) any presets, please do so and tell me if that solved the problem.

thanks alot!
hi bennniii,

thanks a lot for your quick response! I'm on Live 9.1.1 and Max 6.1.7. I've also tested Live 9.1.4 but it makes no difference.

Regarding the presets:
I've tried both: When i'm saving a preset (via Shift-Click) and recalling it, the same thing happens: Everything is wiped out. If i'm not using the preset system, it's also resetting on reloading the project. Very strange. I'll probably try a clean reinstall of Max. Or maybe is it important where the .amxd is stored locally (Custom folder or Live's default max4live folder)?

Thanks a lot yor your help!
hi bennniii,

thanks a lot for your quick response! I'm on Live 9.1.1 and Max 6.1.7. I've also tested Live 9.1.4 but it makes no difference.

Regarding the presets:
I've tried both: When i'm saving a preset (via Shift-Click) and recalling it, the same thing happens: Everything is wiped out. If i'm not using the preset system, it's also resetting on reloading the project. Very strange. I'll probably try a clean reinstall of Max. Or maybe is it important where the .amxd is stored locally (Custom folder or Live's default max4live folder)?

Thanks a lot yor your help!
hi bennniii,

reinstalling the most recent max for live version solved the problem for me!!!! Hell yeah, now the fun begins!

Thanks again for your help and this outstanding device!
"You could even have the option to delay every third, fourth etc. no idea how that would turn out musically though."

Totally 2nd that idea. Sounds like a new logic for thinking about swing...
you should check my 'SAMBA' device (:
will very much consider adding this. but remeber: one obstacle is also to keep the interface tidy.
thank you guys for all this great input.
dearest folks, please consider:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i am currently working on bugfixes and some features you have requested. please keep your comments and wishes coming - anything that comes to your mind is very welcome. if however you'd like to buy me a coffee to stay awake or a beer to find some sleep (i love beer and coffee), i'm gracious for any tiny and informal paypal donation to benni(*AT*)
this device will remain free of charge in any case.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
@rgb3 – thank you for your feedback! i'll add this to the device description for other users to know. it was worrying me as saving works fine in my setup. great to know (:
is there random??
alex. i have not a clue what you are asking.
I updated my Max and now I can save presets, which is GREAT! I'm still having one similar problem though. Under Note or Arp Mode, the third note value down still always resets to C3 for me. I can change it and save it as a preset and save the file but when I reopen the file, load a new instance of the preset, or copy it to a new track, the note value always resets to C3. Everything else is great though. I'm using the version from July 29. Also, I've been watching the video on the site while typing this and it's great.
hei mediaslinger. i'll be uploading a new version (1.1) with lots of bugfixes and a few new gimmicks very soon. let me know if your problem is fixed, then.
Hi Beniiii...

This is a really special device thanks.

> due to randomization, undo history may be cluttered

Could you elaborate when these steps are created? I have randomization turned off and still experience a bloated Undo!

It feels like if I set random to '10' and then back to '0' i still get 'Changes in Polyrhythmus 1.0' in the Undo...

Thanks for everything ;)
hei snotface,

i am currently working on a new version - i've basically rewritten the main portion of code and added a whole lot of new stuff. i've also addressed the undo-bugs (i'm supposing all of them :)). please keep me informed as for this new version after i've release it, and bare with me for a very little longer. thanks!
Wow ! great work and awesome UI. I personally love the "sine" function.

Thanks for sharing !
hei benni,

This is a beautiful little program. Congrats!!!

BUT i'm having an issue recording the midi when in 'thru' mode. It plays fine but i just can't record the notes to make a clip. 'Arp' mode is working fine...

any ideas??

hello masaki.
thanks for the kind words (:

i don't fully grasp what you mean. you have to be aware of the following: the arp chords you play are input on the same track the device is sitting on (think: they are played into the "back" of the device and therefore "feed" the arpeggiator-notes). all notes the device outputs (=sequence, arpegiatted (!) and set notes) come out of the back. this is the same principle of live's native arpeggiator (or many other midi-effects, as a matter of fact). if you want to record the output of polyrhythumus, you'll have to make a new midi track and route it to there. that's just the way live works :) read up on it (follow the link) or feel free to drop me a line if you have difficulties. my contact is in the device-description (top of page).
e.g. tut:
hi benni,

thanks for the info. i understand the principle, and i'm quite new to live so sorry for the dumb question!!!

I'll have fun figuring it out!!!

Big ups man :)
PS any hope in future development of a 'click & drag' seq pattern to track??

one of the few things i'm not working on! hehe (:

( ... max actually gives you a pretty hard time when it comes to click-and-drag stuff.)
working on it :)
it ... might turn out to actually become more of a "polyrhythmus 2" than a 1.1.
hei folks. here's a teaser for one of very many new features that will be included in the upcoming PR version. there will be tons more (:

sorry that it's taking me so long. trust me that it'll be worth it and the wait will soon end.
Looks very useful for "odd rounds". I was wondering if this could be used to animate other objects in LIVE polyrhythmically... like volume faders, in first? I guess I could use CC data but seems a bit complex. Maybe I'll wait for next version... unless there's some smart way...
hello nextflow – you can currently do this :) next version will exclude that feature, though.
hey bennniii,

thx for this great device.

some things i would really love to see added.
what would be really cool for me, as i'm not that grounded in music theory, would be to have a scale menu where you can choose root key and scale for the note editor page. i think someone else also mentioned it before. and maybe also the option to have a big floating window for note editing.

maybe a preset management system to quickly change patterns would also be nice. i like the one from monosequencer which lets you quantize the pattern changes, which is great, if you like to fiddle around with the sequencer live while recording everything into midi or audio. and maybe a smoothing paramater to gradually glide between values for the cc and map sequencers.

when i've got some money again, i will send you some bucks :). its definitely worth it

thx again. looking forward for your next release :)
oops, you can store presets. just watched the youtube video again and totally forgot about it. sorry. :)
First time I opened it, it froze my project kind of. I could adjust some parameters in the device, but could change nothing in the live set, including cutting the channel the device was on. It was in there with a live pack called Angelicals, which is an Ableton analog synth preset pack. It froze everything up to the point that I had to start over. So I am heading back in.
try getting a decent computer :) (/or check your ableton & max versions /or give me a hint on your system so i can possibly maintain this free-of-charge plugin to run on your machine)

First of all, congratulations on creating such a wonderful device. This is a serious piece of programming by any standards.

Unfortunately, for some reason the device does not work for me.

No matter how I change the number of divisions, the playback will always adhere to 4 bangs in the bar.

I first had this problem when you released the device initially but didn't have time to write about it then. I have come back to it a year later and still having the same issue.

I am running Ableton 9.1.8 and Max 6.1.

Very weird George, I use latest versions of Live and Max meaning Live latest beta and Max 7 it still works for me. Never had this issue you are talking about.

I am listening to a loop right now 2 sequences running, one at 8/4th notes one at 4/6th and it's playing everything as set up.

Could you maybe give a little more detail as to how you have it set up, pictures/video could help greatly in trying to help you solve this issue.

Also you write Max 6.1.(x) which exact version of Max is it?

Sorry if I stepped, as you addressed this @bennniii, just trying to help ;)
hello george and anivia,
thanks for the info and thanks to anivia for jumping in – i really appreciate it, as i'm currently quite short on time.

generally: i'm working on a new version for polyrhythmus on and off. it's almost finished, but i'd like to give it a last checkup. please continue using this version, how ever some things will be fixed (and many new ones added) in the upcoming update. due to my personal, ongoing balancing act of work and time management i how ever need to consider charging a small fee for it (i'm thinking smth around 5$) – i'm hoping that everone understands this approach.

back to the bug of george: i can't either retrace the problems you are having and measured by all feedback i've gotten from the roughly 12k downloads, i think this may really be a conflict in your setup. be so kind and provide us (anivia and me) with some more details about your system, so we can manage to get this thing up and running for you.

@bennniii asking five bucks for the next version is totally fine, I hope this one stays for free tho, would hate to have to pay for it all over sudden ;)

...Peace man!
i'll keep it available and free – of course :)
(no question mark. sorry(:)

thank you for polyrhythmus - this is a fantastic tool.

all works neatly, except i have troubles with saving (either with live set or presets - they're all gone once i restart live or reload the set). i noticed that rgb3 had some similar issues some time ago, however reinstalling max didn't help in my case. i'm running live 9.1.8 and max 7.0.3.

thanks! /stefan

ps: what seems a bit weird, as soon as polyrhythmus runs, the live set always gets into "unsaved" state, even after saving it instantly goes back to unsaved. maybe this is connected to the problem?
hmmm, please forget my previous message - i created a new set and added polyrhythmus again, and this time all is fine. probably some usual m4l weirdness with storage. cheers anyway :)
thanks a lot for this sequencer!

but i think it's many (great) things but not an euclidean rhythm builder. :)

Todo euclidean rhythm you need to "distribute an amount of notes as evenly as possible over a period of time, where time is divided in equal parts"

an if i haven't overlooked something this is not what POLYRHYTHMUS does, right?

look again! (:
hi bennniii, i looked very closely and thoroughly. :)
please let me know how POLYRHYTHMUS can create "euclidean pattern" as described in "the euclidean algorithm generates traditional musical rhythms" or demonstrated in "circle sequencers".

It seems there is no way to automatically create euclidean patterns on the lines of boxes. You can create different time signatures for each row, but that doesn't create euclidean patterns.

hi bennniii, i looked very closely and thoroughly. :)
please let me know how POLYRHYTHMUS can create "euclidean pattern" as described in "the euclidean algorithm generates traditional musical rhythms" or demonstrated in "circle sequencers".

It seems there is no way to automatically create euclidean patterns on the lines of boxes. You can create different time signatures for each row, but that doesn't create euclidean patterns.

dear errorsmith,
we are not solely talking philosophical equation. i'd like you to try around with this plugin. we're not "recreating" toussaint's algorithm – we're thinking it ahead. if you want a simple, static sub- and sub- and subdivision: build some ableton clips for your needs. i'm glad for any input and discussion– mail me! (mail #at#
(think of all question marks as gedankenstriche, as this fuck is replacing them)
this is really great - thanks for sharing.
I get the basics easily working - how is the Arp working?
i can't get anything out of it
this is really great - thanks for sharing.
I get the basics easily working - how is the Arp working?
i can't get anything out of it
Like everybody said, thanks for this really great device ! I will test and report my findings or harsh critics if any :))
Great work man. Sending encouragement from New Jersey, USA.
Great work! I've been searching for a 'Euclidian' type of sequencer like this for years! I love 'Patterning' on my iPad, but I really wanted something within Ableton Live, and this fits perfectly! :D

Incredible device, but I can't get presets to save when i save the device (I reload and they are not there)

I'm using the latest ableton and max (9.6.1 and 7.2.3) and windows 10. Any ideas?

hei mate – great detective work, there. you are correct: i am currently working on a project with k-devices, as publicly stated quite everywhere you look. i am hoping to develop good plugins with this very capable company and ideally find a small compensation to maintain these plugins decently. want me to apologise?

i have received 25$ in donations throughout the past 18 months – so, buddy: screw it. i was never in this for the money. i've released a hand full of decent tools – all of them for free, offering free support when ever i could. demanding, self-righteous people like you make me want to stop doing this. mail me you're paypal-transaction and i'll get you you're 5 bucks back.

"actually to support the development of POLYRHYTHMUS V2" ... jesus, man. you are a sad person.

M4L-in 18 months, you could have learned how to patch. I'd strongly encourage you to replace your conspiratorial and skeptical impulses with an open curiosity for the world you are observing. I know it might seem like your angle on things is more objective, and that it scrutinizes the truth behind the truth. But that's really not a thorough outlook on life, and I'm certain a general curiosity will allow to arrive at far more engaging questions and afford you even a more complete representation of your reality.

In these past 18 months,
have you used public transportation?
ordered from a counter or had fast food?
changed a lightbulb?
read a comic or magazine?
had to replace an inner tube on your bike?
bought some cables or adapters for your studio?
bought a beer for a friend?
fed a pet?
thrown out and replaced a pair of socks?
mailed a package?
given to a street musician or dancer?
bought an EP off a streaming music service or downloaded a movie or pay-per-view?
grabbed a game off an app store or steam?
flipped the lights on? Lit a log, or turned the heat on?

The only take-home observation I have of bennniii that is worth sticking with is that he's an upstanding guy. He's offered an exceptional amount of care for you and me, in support for his devices, in the value of the device itself-which can only be measured in your music- and in patience for the quality assurance we can provide for him. There's really no incentive in it for either of us to test the limits of his patience. And I assure you, you have a limit as well, which I'm hoping you'll take as a reminder to approach things with a little more humility. I promise, it won't hurt you to do so.

So benniii, when you figure out the updates for v1 or want to release v2, make sure you consider fairly what you need to change a light bulb, grab a refreshment for someone you care about, feed a cat, whatever it may be that matter to you and are obligated to, and charge accordingly. Put it among the k-devices offerings if you need. First off, that would be a headline story on ableton, and well worth covering. Second, you can always offer a promo code to those in need, if you feel like it is regressive to charge for Polyrhythmus.
(loving you for this, braduro)
Being charitable is such a double-edged sword. We get praise, and we get resentment.

You're a great person, B. Don't let the haters get you down. And don't let them get you out of sync. Don't let them phase you. They're ratchet.

Much love,
Hello! This thing looks amazing. Thanks so much.

I'm running Live 9.6.2with max 7.2 and for some reason this isn't loading into my midi tracks. I get the circle with a bar through it when I do so manually.

Adding it to my presets folder doesn't work either as it won't show up in the Ableton browser.

Any advice?

hello tangotango,

somethings seems broken here at ... check the device-size of any device (not only POLYRHYTHMUS) you download from here ... it's always just a few bytes.

if you care, drop the admin a line and ask him to fix it.
Does anyone else get weird coll errors in the Max console when using this? It was stable for me before, but it's been getting a bit finicky on me lately.
Just downloaded this for the first time (I'm on Live 9) and this thing is AWESOME. Been lusting over a modular setup for making cool polyrhythmic arps, and within 5 minutes of downloading this thing I'm already in in random arp heaven. Thanks!
Hi! Love this device!
Though when I use polyrythmus In a live set, I can't undo anything other than polyrythmus. It just stands "Undo change in Polyrythmus".
Do you have an idea of what the problem might be?

I'm using Live 10, MFL 8, on MacBook Pro 2017.

Best regards.
Hi Bennniii,

Thank you so much for developing this amazing plug-in and for all the effort you put in it. Of course I'll donate, it should be on ypur paypal account now.

Many thanks,

Hej, thanks for the great work!

I'm using the device regularly but what keeps freaking me out is that that undo bug.

I hope you find some time to fix that. It would so great!
This is wonderful work! However, I'm curious about your CC license: with it set to non-commercial, the implication is that no one is allowed to sell any music they create using this tool, or perform with it live when they are getting paid, etc. Is this correct? Am I misunderstanding the license?
Hey man, this is an incredible device! Thank you a lot :-)
Oh, thanks God, amazing
Hello bennniii,

I would love to use polyrhythmus, but when I insert it into a channel in Ableton Live Suite 10.1.08 (official, licensed) than it throws me lot of error messages like:
linedrive: missing arguments
"$" variable out of range

What do I do wrong?
thank you
Well done! This is a dumb question but if you wanted to write something longer than four ba
Well done! Look I'm new to this, so this question is laughably dumb to most of you out there - - BUT, how do I program more than one bar into the sequencer?

It's great even if you can't do that
Any plan for next version? Sometime without launching a new version
Hi, I'm a student and would appreciate your time if you could answer some questions regarding Max MSP, I've made a form.

Thanks for your time in advance!

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