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sorry for double posting but i forgot: a demo video would be nice, just to confirm its what i hope it is before i purchase. thx

really nice one! but i think you made a little mistake in the description:

".....always controls the currently playing warped audio clip on Track in Live’s Session View"

"-Live API looping function (for currently playing clip in Arrangement View)"

i guess the "Arrangement View" is the mistake, and it should instead say "Session View", correct?

just purchased, its a beautifully simple and effective step sequencer and can be almost fully mapped. ive taken the freedom and made a copy of the amxd in which ive also made the step selector mappable. now i can step sequence away without screen/mouse but only with my bcr2000. brilliant, thx :)

@ray thank you for the info, ill check out the demo 4sho :)

^^ 79,- assuming itll be the crossed out price on the homepage.

ray can you list the demo limitations (would like to know before giving my email).

you are basically a god, thank you so much for this!!! just downloaded and will check out tonight after work. you are my hero of 2020 so far.

none of your m4l devices are even available anymore, you have changed them all into vst/au versions. but the old m4l devices are discontinued and - again - not available anywhere at all.

basically you are only using this m4l website to advertise your au/vst plugins since once upon a time you offered their former versions as m4l devices.

admin/mod could you please completely remove hyakken devices from the forum since they are not available anywhere.


ive bought it but im a bit disappointed: when i select "note" as trigger then i would have thought that any next midi note triggers the next step, and otherwise it would "rest".

however, when you select "note" then the sequencer ALWAYS runs (regardless of play/stop in ableton) and a received midi note only triggers a "reset" to the 1st step while it keeps running and running...

could you maybe fix this feature? like for those ppl who spent money on your device..?

unfortunately there is a bug when working in 16 steps lenght mode: the 9th seq step cant be disabled, so even when you select "0" as "mode" (on the stage-page) for seq step no. 9 then it will still play a note :(

mister u are my new hero this is saving my a** right now

looks great! can all parameters be mapped (e.g. to controllers)? or if not "all" parameters: which parameters can be mapped?

no offense but i dont blindly trust in any new products (too much snake oil out there) and id still like to listen to some useful demos (as explained above) before i spend my money on something.

@jachinboaz: you should still have some sort of daw project of the demos. just do another round of takes and reduce the wet mix amount to 20-50%. shouldnt take you more than 1-2 hours. and if its as amaizing as encoderaudio writes i (and hopefully many other ppl) will buy and recommend it.

really interested in buying these, BUT could you plz do not only 100% wet demos?? right now i have no idea how they sound in a more realistic scenario, i think 50% wet (plus slow fade in/out) is more than enough to judge how they complement a dry signal.

it looks really nice, but how mappable are the device parameters, e.g. can you map each individual step etc.?

hi Crampe, big fan of your work here and I've already bought some of your devices.

but my macbook ssd harddrive just died and i've lost a bunch of files not being able to recover. if i wrote you my purchase email along with my paypal email (with which i've paid your devices) could you please re-send me my purchased devices?

i just need an email address from you to which i could send my "proof". or are you also active on e.g. muff wiggler where i could send you a pm?

damn crampe you did it again :) always coming up with useful features that are missing in ableton. i will buy!

i second that: no demo/video, no money.

plus: it's a COMMERCIAL license, so you should adjust that too.


let me quote from the above Description: "...With the licence comes automatically support from me if you got questions, bugs..."

i've bought the device, have written my bug report here (two above posts) plus emailed the dev. no reaction whatsoever. plz m4l could you at least flag this dev as "not trustworthy".

hello and thx for this nice tool! and yes, i would love to use it with my external gear (oberheim matrix 1000, roland s-330) so a patch update would be quite sexy :)

i really want to buy, but need to know if - and to what extent - the device's parameters are midi mappable?

(i dont want to have to use the mouse all the time to change settings but would love to have a step sequencer which is fully controllable with a midi controller.)

hello? not even answering my emails but thx for taking my money first...

want to buy some of your devices but you dont accept paypal anymore? i can only select credit card which i dont have. but im sure ive bought stuff from you via paypal in the past. could you please advise? thx

ive bought this but a few things still dont work, for example the pan for master and sends does not react when i dial them on the remote device. is it because i have to "activate" the device first? since i received a license key. but where do i have to "enter" the license key? could you please give instructions?

super nice tool, BUT... unfortunately all settings get lost and device is in "initial" state after saving and re-opening projects. is it possible to fix?

makes sense, thanks for explaining :)

im interested. but would you mind giving us some more info on your device? what is the difference (if any) between the function of this width knob and the one from abletons utility device? thanx

simply WOW & thanks!!!!

same problem here. i love the device but it seems like live10 messed it up. would love it to work properly since its a great tool.

Launchpad Pro pleeeeaaaaaseeeeeeee it looks so delicious :)

amaizing tool, very much appreciated!!!

@johnisfaster Makes sense! Thank you, I guess you're right :)

what exactly does it do? i do have a modular and i do use plugins that send cv, but "reset pulse signal device for external cv/gate synthesizer system" does not explain to me: what kind of cv signal will come out of it??? in what frequency? what does it "reset"?

forgot to add: i would definitely pay money for an update ^^

super nice and useful approach!! bought it :)

this device should get a lot more credit, i love it!! it's the only plugin i know that splits the signal without ANY phase altering.

do you think it's possible to do this with steeper slopes at the crossover points or are the wide slopes the "price" for the perfect nulltest?

your purchase process is ANNOYING. please tell people that AFTER paying you money for the product they are forced to register to your website just to be able to download what they've paid for. pre-checked "yes I want to receive spam mail from sonic bloom" box included. Never again.

Sorry my mistake, I haven't configured my midi controller properly. The devices still work on Max 7.0!!!

Such useful devices, I use them a lot. Now since the newest version of max they stopped working (at least StepsParameter), something seems to be off with how the steps are translated to the mapped parameter. Would be awesome if you could check this. Anyways, thank you for these!

Great work and I'd love to use the device, but it doesn't work for me. Assigning a clip seems to work because I can switch loop on/off with the button on clip chop. But the rest doesn't work, I don't even get these red marker lines that show the "current loop" and react to inc/dec buttons as in the demo video (sample view at the top). For me the inc/dec buttons have no effect at all. Would be nice if you could fix this, it seems like such a useful tool.

Kraaaaass, absolut geil!!!! Du weisst echt, worauf es ankommt und sogar das Design hat style. Boah, hab schon so lange auf sowas gewartet. Dafür könntest du ruhig ein paar Euros verlangen finde ich. Respekt und DANKE :)

trying to use it, but i don't understand what it does. apparently i have to run midi notes into the device, it doesn't generate them, it's processing incoming midi. but what exactly does it do??? how does the grid work?? what are these numbers supposed to tell me?? it's rather useless without an explanation, which is sad since it seems to have some potential...

Great to create random grooves with a fully loaded drum rack or drumsynth, then start a track from there. Thank you as always, and for those who didn't know: hyakken always responds to emails and always tries his best to improve his devices.

My second most used hyakken device after RPE :) Good tool to get inspiration, I just put in some melodic material and it gives me something no synth can give me that fast.

This is so nice to create random mono or poly sequences, but within a certain range & scale. I've always wanted a poly sequencer where you can randomize lots of stuff, and the latest version works like a charm. Thanks!!

Amaizingly useful devices! Nice work once again. Happy customer ;)

one of the most useful random note generators and one of my most used devices. thanks a lot!!! it only loses all settings (or maybe just the midi settings...?) when i reopen a project. anyway, keep it up ma man :)