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This guy need to be banned.

Has this been updated to improve the performance or are we still restricted to 1 core?

Link is broken.

You should be able to click on the above gumroad link? I just select view content & then download it.

If I export audio it doesn't record any of the sequencers output?

The whole set is really fantastic. I will never sleep.

Had to install latest Java to get working, it does state this in description but i guess i missed it.

You have to click into your basket & then purchase. Its a bit confusing when the popup for email address.

Thanks for the free device, I do not mind giving my email or joining a website but I'm not sure why all my personal details are required like phone number & address. Why do you need this info?

No idea what its doing but I like this.

Great instrument.

I'm trying to trigger through midi note instead of auto but nothing is happening?

Couldn't get my head around what was going on with this but once I simplified the sequence it became clear. I can see this being one of my favourite devices.

Very nice, useful device, once you have a good groove randomizing the pitch & velocity an easy way to generate ideas.

Hi Devicemeister,

Pre-sets do note save the key & scale.

It appears that it does save key & scale & that i probably didn't save properly so please disregard.

There is no way to randomly input values..

Again my mistake I think i got confused by the random generating dice & the random input.

I think I'm addicted to step sequencers, so I have quite a few over the years.

This is definitely a good one. There are some things that I would like to see or can't quite get to work as in-tented.

The indicator that tells you what note you have selected down the left sider isn't very good solution & personally would prefer a value that just told you the note when you select it rather than have to look across the screen & try & line up your fader. I understand you could select chord but then that's another click just to display a note.

Pre-sets do note save the key & scale.

There is no way to randomly input values, you can of course set them to trigger randomly but there is no way to quickly input a set of random values with one click.

Below are just features i would like to see but i don't thinks its likely they would be added.

Note repeat & divider is always a good thing & i like how the repeat will stay in scale when you transpose the repeated notes. It would be nice to have a few more options than just up & down like with an arp & also different timing as in michael lancasters VSS. It would also be great to have the option of being polyphonic as well seeing as the main sequencer is polyphonic.

Looks great but I couldn't find max-7-pitch-and-time-machines?

Can we drag samples into it in the M4L version? Are their any other differences with the m4l version?

Will do things scaler vst will not?

Nice little device, unique to have quantise per voice. Is it possible to have sustain option?

This is going to be a bit of a workhorse for me, very easy & quick to get good sequences going. Reminds me a bit of the seq in stix but much easier to use. Only thing that would be nice is to be able to choose what preset 1-8 for each section is sequenced in the chain so i can vary it, or alternative to that to be able to control the preset in midi so i can record the changes in a clip.

I feel the same about all your plugins, if you are charging money its not ok to make up stuff & then claim its true. this is known a fraud.

Excellent really love this, I love the Roland 185 sequencer & this takes it in a new direction, it has everything, generating so many ideas.


Yes, like in reaktor 6 you can reset to master clock & in the m4l mono sequencer.

Very nice,GUI is just about perfection. I like the option to select individual select step size, a unique take on the roland185 style. Just wish it had a reset function per bar, only way to do this is to print it out & loop.

Just to add to my previous comments. This is a great tool for learning theory. If in any way you are trying to understand music theory I cant think of a better tool that illustrates harmony & allows you to experiment.

Ah, i did not know this, i guess i should rtm at some point. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks, this update is awesome. Only thing now it so easy to modulate & change key, presets for the progression matrix would be really handy. I'm currently have to note progressions down on paper.

You are right v2 does take some seconds load but it never really bothered me as once it has loaded its just as quick. I'm more likely to use 1.5 & 2.0 given the choice although i was playing with the swing track in version 3.0 & this is another brilliant feature that i have not seen before, i can see me using that a lot.

Also it seems you can only have one set of seq parameters so if you set velocity values you can not set swing as well its either one or the other. in earlier versions this was independent of each other.

I found a bug where pressing c to clear does not clear the track audio.
So visually the tracks are empty but i can still here the sequence of drums.

I think the GUI is a big improvement but alas i feel with every release after 1.5 we seem to lose features. We lost trigger frq in version 2 which was useful and we have now lost polyrhythmic mode. So not really understanding the progression here.

I think that the drop down would better suite velocity as default rather than midi output. I also think being able to set a range for max/minimum would be useful.

Just my thoughts & opinions.

this looks great. I put an idea similar to this for Lives suggestions, can't wait to try it.

just like to say I have been using this alot & finding it really useful. I hope you continue to develop.


Is there a way to have the interval division in sync as the sequencer is alway fixed at 1? This is the same as j74progression with the matrix is always 1 even if you set the interval at say half.

seems the map function is not working. its possible to assign it but there is no modulation from B when set to mode 3-7. midi & cc seem to work ok.

Hey man really like these recent GUI you have put out & the new website is great, i was not so keen on the digital fonts you have used previously but this sample trigger & the gate are really easy on the eyes.

So picked this one up as all your other work is so great.

Im hoping one day you do a monster seq like michael Lancasters Vss 2 reaktor ensemble. be interested to see something similar integrated into Live.

Any update on this? a tutorial vid would be great.

The demo is a bit weak imo. Just seems to produce a few noisy distorted sine waves.

Seems very reasonable price to me, you are getting 2 great plugs here that have obviously taken allot of work.

I'm on live 9.2 x64 max 7.2 x64 win 7 x64 & the slave does not crash for me.

I'm on windows and it works fine apart from some issues with the presets.

This looks awesome.

how do we get the update?

Hi yes assigned those first four, & all the rest.

The x/y does not control any parameters, have tried with this and

Nice device. I'm not able to get the x/y working it doesn't seem to effect anything. What am i doing wrong?

useful devices thanks.

Thanks, quantize/randomize makes sense.

I think you could add swing by simply delaying every other note.
You could even have the option to delay every third, fourth etc. no idea how that would turn out musically though.
Be nice to see a bar reset feature like monosynth has for each track. this could sync to the host time signature.

Bennniii check out hyakken work, one of his sequencers sends out midi to separate tracks with the use of a receiver that can then easily trigger external hardware. Not sure if this is what you had in mind but it works well.

Good luck wit the bugs.

Is that the Kingbritt aka sylk 130?

How does the quantise/randomize setting work? Getting some really interesting results with this but not really sure what I'm doing. :-)

ace sequencer, really like circle synth as well, but this takes things quite a bit further. Nice character in the GUI although drawing in notes is a bit fiddly.

You are just saving the random parameters, live does save the chord with a project.
This is an excellent device, very well thought out. There is a strange bug with imposcar2 when using this device, when turning a nob on imposcar it interferes with the m4live device. Im not sure what is causing this or if it is just these two plugs that don't get on.

Excellent work hyakken another really great tool for creativity.

yes now working thanks.

Anyway to save chords with a patch?

Absolutely loving this.

Interesting tool but $130 bit out my price range.

Great seq, is it possible to set velocity?

Thanks this is great, will use this allot. Be great if it had the wave envelopes & mod matrix.

it works :-)

I do plan to get a launchpad but i need to buy a few other things first.

Sorry I meant stages rather than tracks. The initialization has worked brilliantly, thank you for fixing that, i do like this sequencer allot. The only thing i can't figure out is how to alter pitch with the mouse if this is possible, moving the pitch notes on the piano roll doesn't alter the pitch the only way i can do it is through my keyboard sequentially? I can still use it like this though.

I'm using Live 8.2.6 latest version of M4L on win 7 64 the plugin version is 123. In your previous versions have dynamically changed the track numbers as you edit the sequencer but this one track 16 is changing but is incorrect. it doesn't run through any of the other sequences accept the last one(16) because of this.

Still doesn't work for me, it now doesn't sequence only number 16 is triggering, its showing sequence 5 in this track(16) I'm not sure why this is.. Pitch still doesn't change at all.

really great sequencer but doesnt reset back to begining (1) when live is started & ends up out of sync. Also changing the sequencer notes or velocity seems to do nothing at all.

This is really great, i can see me using it allot like Ml 185. I hope you keep working on it not really sure what you could add though. I like the way you can stretch the sequence divisions over length reminds me of reaktors limelite.

Thanks, Wish it held all the chords rather than just major & minor, been waiting for a good chord reader.