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Geiger LFO - Randomized On-Off Modulation Version 1.6
ParaMorpher - Save Presets and Morph Version 1.7
ParaMorpher Remote - Save Presets and Morph Version 1.7
Midi CC Controller - Sustain in Midi Clips Version 1.0
Modulation Control Version 1.0
Modulation Control 8 Audio Version 1.0
Modulation Control 8 Midi Version 1.0
Note Repeat RND - Randomize Midi Note Repeats Version 1.0
Parameter Looper - Record and Loop Parameters Version 1.0
Random Note Parameter - Randomize by Note Version 1.0
TipTop Shaper Customizable LFO Version 1.2
Sidechain Buddy Version 1.5
TipTop LFO Version 1.0

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@Kartoushh right there. the "A" and "D" Slider

@Kartoushh you can save presets of shapes in the lower right corner of the by shift+clicking one of the 8 swquares next to morph slider


Hmm. If your synth is a vst plugin with parameters, that can be exposed to Live's automation than I guess you could maybe hack something together to observe parameter changes and update the control in MIdiCC Controller. But it would depend on many things. For example in a Synth like Diva if you change a preset, the whole structure of the synth could change and previously exposed parameters dont control the same thing anymore. if you have a hardware synth it would just get more complicated. Sorry i cant really help you there. but it sounds like something that you could maybe hack together yourself. these were the kind of things that started me learning max. :)


Thx for the hint. Took me some time to get back to doing something on the device but i've implemented the new features from Duck Buddy.

Still my favorite Ducking tool. so thx a lot :)


Thx :). Well i don't really know that much about the midi input setup to specify it as a Bug from M4L. I basically just extracted the objects from the demo device "midi routing input" that was released some time ago on either the cycling 74 blog or abletons hp (dont know anymore) and then i adapted it a bit to try to work around the buggy behaviour. I don't really know enough about the contents of those input routing patchers to know whether something is definitely a bug or they just messed up this one specific demo device in its midi routing capabilities. i can't really tell. but thx for the hint :)


thx for the detailed description. so there still are issues then? i just tried ParaMorpher Remote with a device on a track and without any other device on the track. both times it worked as expected.

could you specify what you mean by "only occurs when there is no active audio device"?

"active audio device" as in deactivated vs activated or as in "there is audio material running through the device"?


Version 1.5 now comes with multiple mapping targets

makes perfect sense :)

thx for the device.


It still works fine for me on Live 11.

This is so far the best solution for comprehensive and quick sidechain ducking i have used. Its Clean, it's quick and it just works. And its even for free. So really thx alot to Jarlyk, Iggylabs & Slynk!!!

With v0.3 I experience the behaviour, that the device looses input Routing (or more preciseley it redirects the input routing to another track) when I move the Track, from which I take the input routing. It seems the redirect of the input routing goes to the track with the same number index from which the original track has been moved.

ParaMorphers (the non-Remote version) Knobs are not Midi mapable by design, because the way the controlling of lives parameters works. its 2 way... meaning you can control the knob at the source (e.g. Send Volume) and the Paramorpher Knob. Changing ever one will me reflected on the over. Making the knobs midimappable could cause errors in certain conditions and leave the value, where its not supposed to be. Also working with automation that way would be a nightmare, as it would record automation in both knobs and they'd constantly cancel each other out. ParaMorpher is meant to be a handy tool to gather all the parameters you want to control at one place and quickly create presets to mix between them, meant more for sound design and production purposes.

ParaMorpher Remote works more like a usual mapping device. the Parameters can only be controlled by ParaMorpher Remote itself and its not 2-way, therefore you'll always get what you see, allowing it to be safely midi mappable. But it makes it less flexible because once mapped and automated, you have to control you're parameters in ParaMorpher Remote. Unless you want to start copy & pasting single automation lines.

Anyways, the other thing you talked about. that morpher dial isn't mappable once ParaMorpher Remote... i don't know exactly what you mean. tested it. morpher knob is macro mappable. Maybe you mean that it doesnt work like it's supposed to? did you macro map the other knobs too and then try to morph between presets? because it shouldnt be working properly, as the effect rack now controls the knobs and the preset and morphing system only works inside ParaMorpher device only for the 16 Knobs. If something from out side controls the knobs, their states should not be recallable through presets.

hope i could be of help


The device has been updated. You can find an explanationof how the new mode works, in the Device description.

Have fun! :)

Yes I know what you mean.

I was thinking about that too. Morphing from the current state of parameters to whatever desired saved preset. It should be doable. I'll look into it when i've got time again.


oh and i kind of find the push layout for exploring chords in the selected scale a bit confusing. why this snail house type thingie?
why not just stack the choices in lines from bottom row to top row or top to bottom? just not this snail house thing =)

otherwise i appreciate the hard work. its a great device. :)

The Octave Designer is a really great idea.

I'd really like the option to view the roman numerals for the chords. I like to orientate myself around functional harmony and when i can only see the Chord Names with note names i always have to recount which index this chord was relative to the tonic.

super cool. thx a lot :)

Unfortunately the Device Control 8, 16, 32 Devices don't let me customize the parameters like shown in your Video from 02.00 - 03.10 min. I'm on Max 7 and Live 9.7

Whenever i try to select another Parameter from the list, the selected existing Parameter doesn't change (just "flickers" shortly). Its the same for all three devices. Really to bad. I really liked concept of this thing. Its like a M4L based control surface script.


another great update.

would be great if the aux seq, when set to map, would have a smoothing control, to smooth out parameter changes.


Super Cool =). Just got myself a copy

Thx very much for this great sequencer.

It would be really great if the 4 Macros would have an adjustable glide parameter to get smoother parameter changes when going through the steps.

Also if Presets could be chained together would be cool.

But either way i'm pretty pleased =). Thx again.

very cool.

morphing between selected snapshots would be very cool too.

hey atomictag.

really cool device.

it would be really cool, if you could add 2 knobs to control the depth and offset of a mapping of an ableton device parameter.

just like the offset and depth knobs in max essentials lfo device.

i suggest this because i'd like to use this device to modulate parameters. you could draw in some midi cc automation in a clip which would become your modulation shape and with offset and depth you could control the amount of the modulation and the centerpoint from where it takes place.

cheers. marc

hey hyakken,

cool. thx for the effort.

cheers. marc

hey hyakken,

i just bought seq16v3.

i really like the sequencer. but there was one thing i would really love to be implemented.

i thought when you tie same notes together, that they would become a consecutively longer.

for example: the sequencer runs at 1/16 notes per step and i tie 4 consecutive steps of the same note value (lets say C3) so i get a new note which is a 1/4 note long. then the global gate and the gate sequencer would trim this new note length accordingly.

i would really love that to be part of the device.

cheers. Marc

hey yehezkelraz,

just stumbled upon this one. thank you so much. i was looking for some device, with which i can modulate parameters en par with the rhythm in a clip. with normal step sequencers i can't do that. But NOW... :D

...and with velocity sensitivity and glide... aach i'm melting =)

thx. i throw a kisshand towards you :x

cool. thx very much for the update.


very cool device. thx.

any chance there's gonne be a 2.0 update for the audio version of Multimapper32. really love the editable response curves.

hey hyakken,

glad to read that there will be an expanded version of of rpe v3 (load time never bothered me as well).
also thanks for the implementation of gate time for the seq's.


hey there,

i also miss the polyrhythmic mode :/

and i also dont like, that you just have one sequencer per track. for me this means i would just always leave it on velocity, because it's just to important to trade in.

so independent sequencers would be nice. and it would also be nice to have a "gate" sequencer for each track, for varying note lengths.


hey pmonet,

looking forward for v2.

it would be cool if there would also be dotted notes in the sync mode. i think now theres just triplets?
and a preset mangagement system where you can switch through presets via automation would also be cool.

really looking forward for the midi sustained loop feature and the pop up editor window.


thx very much for this update. i really appreciate that.

i'm gonna get myself a copy.


hey hyakken,

i haven't bought it yet. wanted to wait for an answer.

can you update a picture of the new version showing the new speed options?


hey hyakken.

that would be really cool. thank you very much.

hey hyakken.

really cool device. just got one question.

can you do polymetric patterns here. because it looks like, you can only do polyrhythmic stuff.

can you do both, polyrhytmic and polymetric patterns here, like with Rhythm Pattern Editor V2?

cheers. marc.

oops, you can store presets. just watched the youtube video again and totally forgot about it. sorry. :)

hey bennniii,

thx for this great device.

some things i would really love to see added.
what would be really cool for me, as i'm not that grounded in music theory, would be to have a scale menu where you can choose root key and scale for the note editor page. i think someone else also mentioned it before. and maybe also the option to have a big floating window for note editing.

maybe a preset management system to quickly change patterns would also be nice. i like the one from monosequencer which lets you quantize the pattern changes, which is great, if you like to fiddle around with the sequencer live while recording everything into midi or audio. and maybe a smoothing paramater to gradually glide between values for the cc and map sequencers.

when i've got some money again, i will send you some bucks :). its definitely worth it

thx again. looking forward for your next release :)