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Name/Version: Sidechain Buddy 1.1
Author: GlintEye  
Description: This is a very close Fork of Duck Buddy v0.3. So, please direct all your praise in this direction

A big thanks to Jarlyk, Iggylabs & Slynk for this great device and for making it free!


Update Version 1.1:

- breakpoints are now bigger
- "Start" and "Point" controls are now updated based on breakpoint changes by mouse


Things i've changed:

I made a small adjustment to the Midi Input Routing. But there's still bugs. Copy/Cut + Paste, Duplicate works fine and keeps Input Routing. Moving onto another Track and Grouping looses input routing. Copy/Cut + Paste onto another track works fine though. Also, if the Live Session has too many instances it starts to have trouble recalling the the input routing for duplicated devices (but that might be better on better systems. my system is super old). Routings are recalled with the live set and moving the track from which the input is taken is adapted in the devices.

I tweaked the Velocity tracking and added a Velocity Sensitivity slider and 2 sliders to tweak the velocity response. Now you can skew the low and high ends of received velocity values (just give it a try :P).

Changed the Preset slot behaviour. You can now save your own Presets by Shift Clicking on an empty lot. You can also morph between 2 chosen Presets.

By default i deactivated the possibility to add new points, cause i usually dont need more than 3 Points for Ducking stuff and otherwise i constantly accidentally add new points by clicking. The "Circle Button" next to "Snap" reactivates adding new Breakpoints.

By pressing the "S" (for Shape) Button, you can access mappable Knobs to control the Y value for the 1st Breakpoint, the X Value for the 2nd Breakpoint and the curvature of both. These Knobs are also exposed to the Push Parameter Banks, making quick tweaks to the Ducking shape super easy.

I removed all Dotted and Triplet Lengths from the Sync Rate Knob, as i very rarely need those for Ducking purposes and any desired Dotted and Triplet vibe could be created by adapting the Ducking Shape. But maybe I'll add it back or add Triplet and Dotted Buttons. Tell me what you think.

Thanks again to Jarlyk, Iggylabs & Slynk for this great device.

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Downloads: 630
Tags lfo, effect, utility
Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Aug 04 2021 12:14:34
Date Last Updated: Aug 09 2021 12:27:20
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: Sidechain Buddy.amxd


The issues you mentioned regarding the routing being lost when moving the device and so on, are definitely M4L bugs. Don't forget to report them to, the more reports the more chance we have to get this fixed asap!

Great take on the already awesome Duck Buddy ;-)


Thx :). Well i don't really know that much about the midi input setup to specify it as a Bug from M4L. I basically just extracted the objects from the demo device "midi routing input" that was released some time ago on either the cycling 74 blog or abletons hp (dont know anymore) and then i adapted it a bit to try to work around the buggy behaviour. I don't really know enough about the contents of those input routing patchers to know whether something is definitely a bug or they just messed up this one specific demo device in its midi routing capabilities. i can't really tell. but thx for the hint :)

Anyway you can make this available for live 10 users? It looks like a great device!

FYI, we just released a new version of Duck Buddy that fixes the binding issues and also adds a cool new visualizer to fine-tune the curve. Just mentioning it in case you want to incorporate some of those changes into your fork.

The binding issue is actually a bug in Live itself, so we've worked around it by using some extremely hacky JS code to reestablish the links when they break. Eventually the underlying issue should be fixed in a Live patch, but who knows when that'll get released.

Also, for the person asking for Live 10 support, the problem is that binding to MIDI as 'sidechain' has unpredictable latency in Live 10; it's insufficiently precise to work for sidechaining. In Live 11, it's very tight and predictable, so it's able to work well.

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