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I think maybe there's a misconception about how the device works? Duck Buddy is designed for triggering based on MIDI notes; it doesn't trigger based on audio. The audio input is provided for visualization to see your ducked signal in the context of another signal, but it's not used for triggering.

Since it's been a popular request, we're working on a new plugin, Duck Call, to generate midi notes from an audio channel so that Duck Buddy can bind to them. Let me know if I've understood your problem correctly; the best place to reach us is over Discord, but I do check here periodically.


Thanks for the bug reports. I'll look into these issues this weekend. The full screen performance issue is a known problem, as the live.scope~ controls are a bit demanding in terms of resources when running at large size. I'm working on a custom graph control to improve performance, but might take a while to get it implemented.

By graphic display of the envelope, do you mean the shape editor on the main plugin view? That's a pretty weird issue, if so. I'd be curious if you run into a similar problem with other M4L plugins using the shape editor, like Shaper. If so, there may be a bug in Max that impacts your system in particular, possibly video driver related.


By menus do you mean the analog source selection for the external signal? I definitely haven't seen this issue before, though we've been running on Live 11.0.10. If you don't have a reason to stay on b5, I'd suggest updating Live, as it's possible that will fix the issue. If you'd like to follow up on this issue further and you're on Discord, that's probably the best place to reach us.

FYI, we just released a new version of Duck Buddy that fixes the binding issues and also adds a cool new visualizer to fine-tune the curve. Just mentioning it in case you want to incorporate some of those changes into your fork.

The binding issue is actually a bug in Live itself, so we've worked around it by using some extremely hacky JS code to reestablish the links when they break. Eventually the underlying issue should be fixed in a Live patch, but who knows when that'll get released.

Also, for the person asking for Live 10 support, the problem is that binding to MIDI as 'sidechain' has unpredictable latency in Live 10; it's insufficiently precise to work for sidechaining. In Live 11, it's very tight and predictable, so it's able to work well.

@tomekn I'm investigating the reported memory leak. If you use Discord, that's probably the best place to collaborate on tracking it down, but I'll see if I can replicate it locally. This is the first report I've heard of it, but it's possible folks just haven't run long enough sessions to notice.