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Name/Version: TipTop Shaper Customizable LFO 1.1.1
Author: GlintEye  
Description: Update 1.1.1:

- Velocity Sensitivity is now properly deactivated when switching Midi mode Off

Update Version 1.1:

-some layout changes
- breakpoints are now bigger
- controls that are not needed depending on mode are now hidden

- Velocity Sensitivity is now working properly


Based on the default Shaper device coming with Live.

Comprehensive Modulation Control
- Uni- and Bidirectional Modulation
- Modulation Smoothing
- Velocity Sensitivity
- Sync and Free Rate

Midi Control
- Activate with M Button
- Route Midi Notes from anywhere in Live directly into the device (Known Bugs: Moving device onto different Track looses Input Routing but Copy/Cut + Paste onto different Track works fine. Grouping also looses Input Routing)
- Retrigger LFO, 1-Shot Mode
- Velocity Sensitivity
- Ignore Note Off Events (Hold Mode)
- Include Note Off Events (Note Mode)

Preset Morphing
- Create up to 8 Presets (Shift Click on 4x2 Button Matrix) and Morph between them (works best with LFO shapes with same number of breakpoints)

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Downloads: 654
Tags lfo, sequencer, utility
Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Aug 04 2021 11:12:23
Date Last Updated: Aug 09 2021 17:39:28
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Shaper LFO.amxd

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