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Ok thanks for answering

Good idea! But I can't make it work properly...
When I tried to normalize an audio to 0dB the signal get panned to the left... 🧐

I Incandescent,
I just bought your device, it looks cool but i can't figure out how to the following thing (please forgive the following english...)
Here's what I'm tring to do .
Let's say the sync rate is 1/8TH.
I would like that if i click on the third 8th note (for instance) of my arrangement , sequence8 simply jumps to step 3.
How could I achieve that?
thanks 🙏

Hey man I cant figure out how to make it work. Does it work with live 11? Can you explain it a little bit further ? thanks:)

Really wanted that preset function too. Really nice work!

That would be great if we could load presets like LFOtools

Super fun device Good job!

Exactly what I needed thanks

A smooth function would be awesome :)

Pretty cool! I'll try this device :)

cool device but I'm having an issue with automation recorede on non-armed tracks...
I've assigned my midi CC 1 to modulation wheel of my kontakt instruments, which control dynamics.

But when I record it on an armed track it overwrites the automation of the other instruments as well, even tough they are not armed...
Is there a fix or a workaround for that problem? Thanks !

I unfortunately have an issue with this device that I really like,

I'm using it simply to control the modulation wheel as I don't have any hardware with a modulation wheel..

I'm unable to "re-enable automation" after recording it. The red dot above the knob indicating that the knob is modulated is now white. ...
I made sure there are no automation in my clip view but still, I can't re-enable automation.

Can you guys help? Thank you !

Is there a way to display the notes played out of multiple midi tracks in one instance of those nice devices? 🤔 Thanks ! :)