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another small piece of feedback. The help hints are great, but on my 13 inch macbook i can't see the hints for items at the far right of the device. A hover text could eliminate that.

I improperly communicated my issues. The modes work perfect. The issue I had was getting the "edit" function to work. It seems like everything I did made nothing, but this is because you have to click on each box in the GUI you want to enable. I did not initially notice that clicking the box turned it a new color thus enabling the step.

It was also tricky to figure out you had to turn on each parameter type individually, while the set was running because they show the values at that time. Maybe a positive addition could be moving the on/off button to an extra row directly below where they are now. This would improve the device for first time users.

This device is genius, very well done, very well thought out. The skip function is so cool! Being able to generate euclideans and then select which steps you want is great. I could go on... thanks!

User error as usual! Looks like you have to enable each step in the sequence and then BOOM. magic.

amazing work! Having a hard time with some of the sequencer modes. I turn them on but it doesn't seem to change anything. Will keep clicking and report back.

how do we make this float?

I have some modifications I'd like to have done to this device... Want the inversions and chord types directly midi mappable, a built in scale plug, remove the staff and a few other things. I'd be willing to donate funds to my cause. Please reply or contact me if you're interested. Thanks!