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Glass Sequencer Version 1.0
Glass Sequencer Version 1.2
Scene name explorer Version 1.11
Scene name explorer Version 1.12
Perc trig Version 2.0
Perc trig MIDI Version 2.0
Random Player Version 1.0

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Thanks for nice devices and the will to fuck capitalism, not only in its audio aspect ! :)
Going to try this one more weird thing !

@Krabmi : save presets in the audio matrix, then automate them. If 10 are not enough, edit the device to add some more.

That's really great ! Thanks a lot Manuel.

Somenone made a very nice version of this for Max in Gen and I tried to port it to MFL without success, I can't understand why...

Apart from launching it from a button without mapping each time you captire a new scene, how is it different from the "capture and inster scene" function in Live ?

I downloaded this because I think it is a reference to Michel Waiswicz, a lovely and dedicated I met during a residence in Amsterdam in 2001. You should add more accurate descriptions of your devices though...

Neat and useful. Did you try my Scene Name Explorer I made for a DJ friend ?

And you should consider doing this using live.remote~ instead of live.object to avoid filling the undo history...

Also, you should set the text color in the numbox observing the tempo to white to make it readable.

Hi, the transition time is wrong. If I make no mistake, it's what is shwn under the slider * 5. After having a look at your patch, I think this is due to your use of bline with a metro 5. To get the correct transition time you should multiply the outuput of the * 100 object to the message box by 5.

send~ and receive~ are supported but add an unpredicatable delay which, in the case of spatialisation, is really a problem. Did you test your device alongside a counterpart using max only for example ?

"The objects that deal with sending and receiving of midi (s node_xy) and (r node_xy) have been renamed to (s node_xy_1) and (r node_xy_1), respectively. For the sake of visually standing out in the patch, these objects are colored in yellow and outlined in purple.

If you want to keep creating instances of this patch without midi overlapping, continue changing the names of the (s node_xy) and (r node_xy) objects for each patch, as I did for this one."

couldn't you just rename them "s ---node_xy") and "r ---node_xy) and let Max do the job for you ?

Neat idea !

There is a bug for the values indicated for L and R freq : it works only on the right value when you use the detune dial. That is because the comment boxes you use for those values aren't connected to your freq dials. I would rather have the freq dials 'show param value' in the inspector and work the maths for the detune directly to those dials, but don't want to mess with your patching.

Like everybody said, thanks for this really great device ! I will test and report my findings or harsh critics if any :))

Nice one Christian ! Thanks

Evebody needs accidental... :))

@M4L : I think you should definitly turn to Bitwig... Or maybe develop your own objects programming software, because you seem to be a really smart ass !

cool idea, but seems like a strange choice to me to make this as midi device, as this prevents it to be used on an audio track. And as there's no target track selection mechanism, I guess this works on the canonical parent track only.

I thought I had already done that using Live's standard midi mapping.

Nice one Peter ! This one saved me a headache as to why the standard MFL LFO doesn't work as intended. The thoughtful add-ons really add something to the tool !

... the device only works when in edit mode with the above config.

Live 9.1 Max 6.1.4 sur un MBP dec 2012 2 x 2.4 ghz osx 10.8.5 : le device ne fonctionne que lorsqu'il est en mode édition.

Works for me but only from the finder, that's a limitation of Live and the dropfile object... Are you on Mac or Windows ?

Thanks, will try this as soon as I can !

Late 2012 non retina 15 inches mbp 2 x 2.4 ghz osx 10.8.4 live 9.04 max 6.13...

strange, I can't drag it on any midi track in Live 9.04, get the 'forbidden' sign as if I wanted to drop a midi device on an audio track. Also happens to me with the Stretta's devices for m4l. This wasn't the case with the windows version.
That is with max 6.13 on a mbp late 2012 running 10.8.4.

on mac just replace it with jit.qt.grab.

My mistake : Ted Apel externals still work. Max had just lost the files pref path to my 3rd party externals folder. Anyway, this is a native max version. If you want to try the bonk~ version, just ask me.

Mine is on 32 bits version.

Have tried it quickly yesterday and it didn't work. Didn't have time to open it to see it there was something obvious. This is with mbp 15 non retina dec'12 2.3 ghz osx 10.8.3 Live 9.04 max 6.1.2

I meant that the selection could be too long...

Ben, setting a minimum for the scaling looks like a better option. Although what I did does the trick one may miss a too large part of the beginning when working with long samples. Don't have max and the device with me now but I'm going to have a look at this.

Nice one ! I edited it to replace the end live.dials min value to 1 instead of 0 because when you reached 0, you had to retrigger the note to continue to hear it.

Is the midi implementation on the FB2 really different from the FB1 ? I have V1 but I'm interested in your module and can't test it right now.

Neat one, it will join Shelluser's LOM navigator for my everlasting quest of a better understanding of LOM and Live api.

When cleaning the patch, I had accidentally got rid of the audiothru part... This is still version 1.12, with audiothru back ! Thanks to DandeRosilles for pointing this out.

@Krisloop : didn't open your device yet but you mention the rotate command. Modulating the azymuth, like I wrote in the previous post, seems better to me because, although this should give the same result sonically, because I don't want to lose perspective on the spatial setup of my speakers.

You can also rotate the sound with a lfo.api (that's probably not the proper name mapped to the azymuth but then you've got to modulate the distance independantly.

Doesn't work in 8.3.4 neither.

hi zalo, I've tried to add the mods I've done to your tapestop (see my comment there) but got repeated crashes with live. I'll try this again and keep you aware.

Zalo, I've made a bunch of modifications to your device including :
- allow the value of 8 beats to be selectable (wasn't in 1.0)
- cancelling DC offset
- using [live.thisdevice] to initialize it so you don't have to click on tapestop after loading to get sound
- setting initial values for the time and beats dials for the same reason.
- suppressing the click when stop mode is selected

Are you ok to post it ?

same as bitbutter for the click. Maybe this is related to the technique useing [record~] to the [buffer~] ? I'm going to try to add a very short fade out at the end of the slow down.

to julesfrom paris : I don't own the filterbank 2 but version 1. As far as I know, only a few parameters are controllable by midi CCs on the sherman. This is a design choice because of the limited resolution related to MIDI. So I imagine things are the same for version 2 but I may be wrong...

Tried it by loading a few presets in operator with hotswap and storing them. Didn't work, each time I load a new preset and store it, the previous sounds change.
Live 8.2.8, max 5.1.9

I don't see the menu to switch to different modes... See it on your pic though but not when I load the device in live.

Excuse me Nordmann, I had read the name of Gallobruno and attributed this work to him... My mistake.

Hi Gallo, another great job after audio2midi. One bug I think : I've clicked the 'random tempo' button and the tempo got to 60000 bpm (strange because your random object has an argument of 1000... ok... got it, 1000 was multiplied by 60, the note number - is that what you wanted ? ). Unchecking it didn't set the tempo back and I had to delete the device and reopen it to make it work. And a remark : I guess 'urn' is used to generate the 12 tones row, ever noticed the urn-jb abstraction to prevent urn to repeat a note when it loops ? I've just used it in an 'aleatory indian name generator' patch I've made. But maybe you know it and you chose this on purpose...

Hi Gallo. The Galloping Seq maybe ?

What is the point of this patch over the regular api send pan ? (no offense here ! I'm just a beginner with max...)

About the rotation and modwheel permutation, I should download it again but it's still the same version number ?

I've got to resolve conflicts when I open it in edit mode (I know it's locked but I wanted to learn a few tricks). I'm asked to chooser older (device) or newer (disk) versions of the abstractions. Should there be any consequences on the way it works ?

Ok, so i got it to trig the linked clip, but there's no sound coming out of the track it's on... Live 8.2.2 max 5.1.8

After more testing, only the navigation and mute solo arm buttons works. It's a shame because I'd really like to get access to the other functions but don't have a clue on how to do it.

Create, Delete and Duplicate don't work for me 'out of the box'. Live 8.2.2 and M4L 5.1.8.

OT but +1 for a 'ala musolomo' looper / sampler...