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Devices by killihu

Virtual Piano Version 1.1
Mapper-Ki Version 1.0.1
Notes Frequency Version 1.0
Master Pitch Version 1.3
MIDI Wheels Version 1.2
MIDI Controls Version 1.3
Sequencer-Ki Version 1.2.2
BPM Converter Version 1.0
Remote Pitch Version 1.1
MKT Mapper Version 1.0
Advanced Toolbar Buttons Version 2.0
inScale Version 1.0
Control Matrix Version 1.2
VST Macro Controls Version 1.1
Locator Manager Version 1.0.2
Plugin List Export for Ableton Live Version 1.0
Fancy Menu Bar Version 1.2
Notes Frequency Pro Version 1.0
BPM Converter Pro Version 1.0
Auto Clip Props Version 1.0
MIDI Explorer Version 1.1
TonalTrackSpacer Version 1.0
Simple MIDI Router Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 11,803

Comments by killihu


@audiojet - I didn't know about that device. It works the same as mine but also has MIDI activity indicators. Thanks for the link. If I find out sooner... :p

Regarding your initial question, I thought you were asking if the device sent MIDI to the device placed immediately after it, just as it happens in the MIDI chain.

It should work the same as h1data's device. The only difference is that h1data's handles port selection using javascript and mine uses Max objects.

@audiojet - It is an audio effect device, MIDI signals do not pass through the audio devices chain.

@FloorForce - Device updated.

@mjhann - I'm not sure what you mean by Fold. The device restricts notes to the selected scale, so notes that do not belong to it cannot be played.

@DavidSeekolaMusic - It is a problem that happens on some Mac computers but there is a device configuration procedure that fixes it. I sent you an email on October 13 at 6:40 p.m. but I did not receive a response. I am writing to you here in case the email has gone into the spam folder.

@ngmusic - Thanks for your feedback. The device is not mappable to avoid dirtying Live's undo history. But you can put the focus (blue hand) on the VST and changes made from an external MIDI controller will be reflected on the device.

I am aware that the biggest drawback of the device is that, when Live's transport is stopped or in playback mode, moving the knobs does not automatically bring up the corresponding control automation lane. The automation lane is only automatically shown if Live is in record mode. I hope that future versions of Live and/or Max for Live will allow me to improve that aspect.

About the instrument rack version, you can use "VST Macro Controls MIDI" to control VST instruments.

@spx - The device is a help to have the VST parameters in a comfortable way. It doesn't take exclusive control of the VST, so you can use mapping and automation directly in the VST, as well as control it via external MIDI controllers.

It is an M4L device. The mention of versions without M4L is in reference to sharing projects. Since the automation is done directly in the VST (not on the device), sharing the project with someone who doesn't have M4L keeps the VST automation.

@nicokaniak - Not compatible with Push. You will find more information in the PDF manual (link in the description).

@kissysellout - Thanks for the review, glad you found the device useful. It is possible to return the knobs to the default position, but this works differently than on other Live devices. There is a switch on the left side of the device that when activated will show a small round button in each macro control. Clicking on those little buttons returns the knobs to the default position set by the VST.

The default position of controls in VST plugins is not always the same. For example in ValhallaSpaceModulator, the default position of the Rate control is 0.10 Hz, but its center position is 0 Hz.

@zengel - The device is transparent to Live. To use an external controller put the focus (blue hand) on the VST, not on the device. The automation will be recorded in the VST. In this way, the projects will not be conditioned by the use of the device and can be opened in versions of Live that do not have M4L.

About the functions of morphing between snapshots, the device Mapper-Ki works in a similar way to what you propose.

@GZHN - In the next update I'll look to add a randomization function with minimum and maximum values for each control.

Macros cannot be deleted individually. You can change the added parameters in the VST Configure Mode and press the Link button on the device to update it.

The device reflects the first 16 controls of the plugin/device on the right. I'll try to make a mod so that the control number of each knob can be selected, and thus it can be used with both M4L and Live devices.

@KHerrstein - I'm curious why you need an instance of device on every track.

Enabling the mapping option for controls messes up the undo history. As far as I know, it is a limitation of Max for Live that currently has no solution. Regarding the transposition by semitones I take note for future updates.

@njassal - You can use the MIDI Wheels B device to assign whatever MIDI control you want to the Pitchbend control. Click and drag on the control below the Pitchbend knob to select it.

If I'm not mistaken, it is not possible to copy to clipboard from max for live.

@Shinwoir - To automate the Pitchbend knob use the "MIDI Wheels B" plugin.

@Shinwoir - I remember experiencing the same problem with Max plugins in the past, sometimes the mouse cursor disappears and I had to click on the plugin again to make it appear. I have never known what caused the problem but with the latest versions of Max it has not happened to me again.

@ braccia2 - Doesn't work with Mira app. I have controlled it from an iPad using Splashtop Wired XDisplay. I have to say that I used an iPad Mini with the plugin zoom extended, which caused a part of the plugin window to be off the iPad screen.

@leescan - I'll keep that in mind for future updates.

I take note of your suggestion for future updates.

@Syn - I will introduce new features in future updates, but for now the total number of tracks will be 16.

@Oddeo - I am not a Push user and do not plan to purchase one for now. So I have no plans to implement the integration in Push. If I develop it in the future, I will announce it on my social networks and through the newsletter on my website.

In case anyone is interested in displaying the names of the controls on the Push diplay, this can be accomplished by using the plugin inside an Audio Effect Rack. A Push user tells me that the macro names of the Audio Effect Rack are displayed in Push.

Hi wuli, the auto-rename function doesn't work if the instrument is inside an Ableton Live rack. You can put Sequencer-Ki inside that rack and the auto-rename will work.

It may happen that moving the sequencer inside the rack causes the sequencer values to change. If that happens press CTRL + Z (undo) and the sequencer values will return to the correct state, and the sequencer will still be inside the rack.

Thanks for the feedback Marcus. Send me a message through my website and tell me your email. I will send a modified version for you to test and confirm that the names are shown in Push.

You can delay track notes with swing control. If you want to delay just a few notes, you can use two tracks to send the same MIDI note and apply swing to only one of the tracks. Swing control is best explained in the PDF manual, as it is not exactly what we traditionally know as swing.

Hi bpouille, I'm glad the plugin is useful to you. Thanks for the suggestions.

I am updating the plugin web page with suggestions that I receive from users and that I will try to implement in future versions.

I don't want to release many small updates, I prefer to release few updates with as many improvements as possible.

I take note of your suggestions and keep them in mind for the future.

I made for use with my Novation Launch Control. Will be great to receive feedback from Push users.

I made this device in 2019 and i don't have any issues since that. But my MIDI setup is very simple, tell my if you have any issues.