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Name/Version: Remote Pitch 1.1
Author: killihu  
Description: This plugin is a modification of the Master Pitch plugin requested by a Reddit user, to have different transposition groups. The plugin sends MIDI transpose information when it is set to Sender mode, and receives it when it is set to Receiver mode.

Transpose information is sent / received between plugins that have the same ID. A maximum of 64 IDs can be set, allowing to have 64 different transpose groups.

Every time a plugin is set to Receive, it receives the transpose information automatically. But when the ID of a plugin set in Sender is changed, the transpose information is not sent until the controls are changed or the RESEND button is pressed.

The colors of the plugin automatically change to match the color theme of Live.

This plugin is free. Consider making a contribution if it is useful for you.


v1.1 – Added “Remote Pitch – MPE” plugin for compatibility with MPE instruments in Live 11.

v1.0 – Initial release.

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Downloads: 543
Tags effect, utility
Live Version Used: 11.0
Max Version Used: 8.1.9
Date Added: Jan 02 2021 18:47:49
Date Last Updated: Mar 02 2021 00:39:01
Average Rating (1) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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awesome device! very straightforward! Just an idea for an upgrade: make transpositions possible not only via the dial but also via incoming midi notes...?!

I take note of your suggestion for future updates.

yes k4r33m, making transpositions possible via incoming midi notes is exactly what I'm looking for since months.
When I was a child, I had a synth with a transpose button that was tranposing running sequence according to the key I played on the keyboard...and you can make super sequences with that option !

killihu... thank you in advance for having this feature in a future release.

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