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Love this device. Any chance we can get one for audio?

Though it’s your device and you can set any price as you wish but $5 for a utility device is bit too much imho.

Loving it so far. Good Job!

Hey there, Great device. One issue though, when you add the device to full screen Live, it does a weird behaviour where it switches windows. Could you please fix so that the device does not do that? I could share a video if you would like to see more details.

Great device. Excited to see some features like above if possible.

Hi there, this is such a great device but I’ve one suggestion that would take it to next level imho. Could you make it possible to show the name of the frequency when x is pressed to isolate a band? That would make it so much easier to hear resonances if the peak bands. Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Found a bug where if you make a bunch of changes on the device and try to to undo, the undo button stops working and after checking Edit tab, it shows ‘Live.numbox(4) as the last action. I hope you can fix this because I love this device.


Where can we see the changeling?

Hi Dennis,

I was able to fix it. Just had to switch between Mid-Light and Dark theme in Preferences.

One small suggestion though, could you please make the Expand button Key Map assignable? Thanks.

Great job, Thank you so much =)
Small request, please make the expanded window Dark skin compatible.

Great device, love it so far. However, there is a graphics glitch when you switch to multple LFO assignment screen, the Amount and Control fields show up overlayed there. If you could fix that, it would be great.

Hey there, love the device. Small request, can you please make Pitchbend key assignable on MIDI Wheels A. device? Thanks in advance.

Thank you so much for the update.

I would really appreciate if you could add an option to control the speed of the wave or an option to freeze the wave. It would really happy to see the details with those options. thanks again.

Hello there,

thank you so much for this.

Two suggestions:

1. The float button is key assignable but when you assign a key to it, you can open the float window but it does not close using the same key. Please make it possible to close the float window with same key.

2. Please make the speed of visualizer in the float window slower or user controllable.

Thanks in advance.