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Name/Version: VST Macro Controls 1.0.1
Author: killihu  
Description: VST Macro Controls allow you to control VST plugin parameters in a more advanced way than Live’s Effects Rack device.

Unlike the Effects Rack which displays parameter values in a range from 0 to 127, VST Macro Controls displays the real values of VST plugin parameters. It is also possible to configure the controls as knobs or buttons, and the knobs can be configured in bipolar mode.

The device acts on VST plugins loaded in Live. This prevents VST plugin latency misreporting issues that can occur when wrapping VST plugins inside a Max for Live device, and also does not interfere with automation. So projects can be opened in versions of Live that don’t have Max for Live.

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v1.0.1 - Fixed a bug introduced in the 11.2.10 Live update that caused parameter names to not display until a custom color was set.

v1.0 – Initial release

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.2.10
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: Feb 04 2023 19:45:16
Date Last Updated: Mar 02 2023 02:26:45
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Awesome device! Thnks.

Is it very difficult to add the Randomize parameters button like the Live rack? Together with the macro minimum-maximum settings? Also I can't seem to find the option to delete macro's. I'm using it not only for VST's but also for max4live device.

@GZHN - In the next update I'll look to add a randomization function with minimum and maximum values for each control.

Macros cannot be deleted individually. You can change the added parameters in the VST Configure Mode and press the Link button on the device to update it.

The device reflects the first 16 controls of the plugin/device on the right. I'll try to make a mod so that the control number of each knob can be selected, and thus it can be used with both M4L and Live devices.

@killihu - Thank you! This device is about to replace the default live rack if the random function is added. The options for bipolair and button for each knob is also genius!

Hello ! Really interesting device .
It seems that this patch could be a definitive plus compared to rack . Already ,the fact that it does not have exclusivity on the vst parameters or the fact that it updates the parameters regarding presets of the plugins make it great !
For me it would be even more interesting with the ability to control an arbitrary number of parameters on a vst (this native 127 parameters control limit is more and more difficult to understand as our machines get in power but...Ableton...) , a snapshot pool and the ability to morph between those snapshots with a knob (or multiple knobs or xy) on a time based (Quantized or not) or just manualy.

Something is unclear regarding the manual . Does this patch could be midi controlled ? It would be great to control the parameters from it and record automation ont the plugin itself !

Thanks for this first release !

@zengel - The device is transparent to Live. To use an external controller put the focus (blue hand) on the VST, not on the device. The automation will be recorded in the VST. In this way, the projects will not be conditioned by the use of the device and can be opened in versions of Live that do not have M4L.

About the functions of morphing between snapshots, the device Mapper-Ki works in a similar way to what you propose.

This device is absolutely excellent!! Once you get comfortable with the steps involved in inserting an instance of the device (placed before your pre-configured VST plugin), this device instantly unlocks a big frustration I've had with M4L macro mappers previously - changes made without macros in the VST plugin "down-stream" are now reflected in the macro values "up-stream", so to speak.

Furthermore, this device went from a novel idea to a powerful workflow tool when I discovered that turning the macro controls on the M4L device with your mouse does indeed change the plugin parameters, despite the device essentially being "invisible to Live" (as the manual says).

Lastly, the method comes free of any hassle about saving macro settings with the project file because the actual parameter values are always stored in the plugin itself - meaning that whether you chose to insert the device for simple visual feedback of say (previously unsupported) values (like frequency values on EQ bands, or even things like the names of modes for things like reverb types etc), OR wish to actually turn the macro controls to your liking instead of having to open the plugin GUI - the preset settings will always be correct in your VST plugins when re-opening the project.

10/10 for this then! Only feature request I would suggest would be to make the default value of "bi-polar" knobs to be the centre value (i.e. 63.5*), so that double-clicking on a knob resets to the middle instead of zero, as you can't actually type in the values on the macro VST device like you can in Live's normal macro groups.

*yup, I said 63.5 - the middle value of the generic 0-127 mappings is the centre of the 128 possible values, which is an even number, therefore [(128/2)+0.5]-1=63.5 case you've ever wondered why certain macro mappings don't reset to 0 properly!

@kissysellout - Thanks for the review, glad you found the device useful. It is possible to return the knobs to the default position, but this works differently than on other Live devices. There is a switch on the left side of the device that when activated will show a small round button in each macro control. Clicking on those little buttons returns the knobs to the default position set by the VST.

The default position of controls in VST plugins is not always the same. For example in ValhallaSpaceModulator, the default position of the Rate control is 0.10 Hz, but its center position is 0 Hz.

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