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You can also have the patch on a separate track as a master, and from another track, sending to the right midi channel you can rout notes avoiding having to go through the patch itself

Thanks!! I'm not going to lie. It's getting a bit challenging to route audio through USB and have incoming SysEx data while sending at the same time, not because of a lack of will but because of the way Ableton and Max are routed. I'm definitively giving extra time to that part, but I have hit many roadblocks to it, and potential solutions are more cumbersome than they should be. But I'm still trying at it.
In the meant time, new versions will include some features that bother the original, and the Aura plugins don't have, so I guess that would be a good reason to keep an eye on ;)

Hey, there are a couple of things you can check:
1) all connections for the Virus in the Midi Settings in Ableton are marked appropriately (Track, Sync, and Remote all checked)
2) Check the Midi/ SysEx status in the Ableton Configuration
3) If you are using version 1.0 (only communicating with the Single Mode), check that the midi channel output goes as follows: Device> Virus Synth and Channel 01 (it could vary depending on the midi channel you set in the Virus itself but by default is 01). If you are using V1.1, check that the mode is set to the same as the Virus is (Single or Multi) and that the Midi channel in either mode reflects the channel set up in the patch.
However, suppose you see that the preset in the Virus is not represented in the patch, regardless of chancing programs in the hardware. In that case, I haven't been able to set parameter mirroring on the max patch yet, but it is a feature that will come soon.

If none of this works, feel free to send me an email, and we can see the issue in more detail at


the "starting up" is a gimmick image, you need to press it and the window will pop up

Yes, everyone who has purchased a copy will receive instant notifications of newer versions through Gumroad or their associated email.

Well, for those with a Virus, it is the main topic of conflict and a well-known one. In the description, I indicated the plugin has been unsupported, but I guess it does not hurt to clarify.

what is the "train AI " feature for?

im wondering, when done with all the mapping, do the characteristics and names of each mapped control remain in the screen of Push2?

made Live Crash several times

so... no video to show how it works?

any chance to ad a swing knob?

could you upload a YT vid on how to properly use it?

so.... we should put money but don't have a video or audio demo? hmmm

it crashes Ableton all the time