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Hi Elizabeth, can I please request a Klanghelm wrapper for the future? Thanks!


Hi Steve,

I've just tried your device and it's great! I'd love to see a future update that lets you name tracks according to existing tracks (so any tracks from the current set show up as options) as it would save time naming multi-layer tracks and if you are doing separate sends that need the name of the track sending audio, this would be super handy.

Keep up the good work!

Also, this seems to crash Ableton when it's placed in a group!


Hi there,

Is there a version of this that can send midi to multiple sources? Say if you use midi triggered sidechain within a plugin and you don't want to have to have an instance of this per sidechain plugin


Thanks for getting back to me bellouin, I look forward to a future update

Hi guys, I'm having an issue where Audio Sender doesn't work when saved in a group. I load the group in with Audio Sender on one chain and a separate 'Dry' chain, allowing me to pre filter or otherwise affect a sound before it goes to a separate FX channel.

When I do this however, Audio Sender doesn't work. It has to be loaded in individually, then placed in a group to work. Very annoying as I nearly always use it in this context.

Is there a fix for this in the pipeline?


Hi Crampe,

I've got an issue with this plugin where it seems to break Abletons undo history. I accidentally deleted a couple of channels in a project and when attempting to undo, Ableton made changes to the instance of Inist in my project instead. Otherwise this is a great device!


Hi guys,

I'm disappointed in my purchase of version 1.2. I bought the updated version upon seeing the new decimal place featured assuming you could enter values in between whole numbers. Nope. Not even by double clicking.

Also, the smooth single digit control of the original has been replaced by this janky ass wheel control which is WAAAY too sensitive, jumps around wildly and cannot be made more fine in it's control by holding shift or ctrl as you might expect.

A very crappy update indeed, particularly for paid.