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Have to say, BRAVO! This utility device is really incredibly useful, I'm very impressed indeed...

There is just one problem I'm having however - the device keeps creating multiple Undo points whenever I change something in my project....

I tried opening the device in the Max4Live editor to see if I could correct this but the complexity of this device is way beyond anything I could ever figure out.

The most useful feature of this device is being able to change the output routing for audio and midi tracks using a MIDI shortcut... I work with dozens and dozens of bus channels, so this saves a huge amount of time. But this Undo buffer issue is making it difficult to go back and change anything if I make a mistake in my project.

I guess this is because the "Update" patch is constantly checking to see if the available channels have changed, but I see that you have already set the object to be "Hidden" instead of "Automated and Stored" so maybe it's something else. Is there anyway you think you could fix this, I'd happily buy the Version 1.1 edition again if this was fixed!

Or maybe you could make a simpler version of the device which only lets you change the outputs of already existing tracks? Anyway, I will carry using this because I have mapped absolutely everything to my MIDI controllers now, which is fantastic, but would be super grateful if you could investigate this Undo thing?