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Name | Version: RINGS 1.2
Author: steech
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: # OUTDATED #
check out rings-v2:

"...RINGS..." by steech (v 1.2)

Based on Mutable Instruments Rings module

This is an Audio Effect M4L device. To control via MIDI, please use the RINGS MIDI SENDER:

Original code by Émilie Gillet
Max Object by Volker Böhm
FOR MAC & WIN (now with M1)

This uses Windows (untested) objects by:

Basic Usage:
There are 2 "strum" modes:

Incoming audio will hit, strike or caress the resonator.

Incoming MIDI will trigger a "strum".

When MIDI RETRIG is ON, every new MIDI note will trigger a "re-strum". When OFF, overlapping notes will cause a "re-strum".

There are 2 modes for controlling the Pitch/Frequency of the resonator:

Incoming MIDI will set the pitch/frequency of the resonator.

2) FREQUENCY (knob)
Dial in Coarse Frequency of resonator between C0-C5.



Live Version Used: 11.1.6
Max Version Used: 8.3.1
Date Added: Apr 27 2022 16:17:48
Date Last Updated: Mar 31 2023 16:21:22
Downloads: 946
License: None
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Device File: RINGS.amxd


I can't get it to make sound, should there be an instrument on the midi track after the sender or no? Tried both - nada. Probably user error!
@FreddyFingaz No need for instrument in MIDI track. I would try pressing the RESET button, then turn on both MIDI NOTE and MIDI STRUM. If that doesn't work, try opening the device in Max and seeing if there are any errors in Max Console. If still nothing, lmk OS and Live version#
For me, the vb.mi.rings~ file was missing when looking in the console.
You can download from the above and patch in.
Do you plan to make a MAC compatible version ?

new version 1.1

@nev101 thanks for bringing this up, the externals for Win and Mac should be included now

@Shroomystic compatible w/ Mac and Win :) (just updated desc)
Sorry for bothering again, and not clarifying enough in the question before... will there be a M1 compatible version ? As the one with added externals doesnt work anymore.
The Version before didn't make a single sound BUT loaded normally. So maybe there is a way to make it all together work :)
@Shroomystic no sweat, don't think the external is M1 compatible yet, I'll keep an eye out for updated externals and update the device when they're out
@steech , Thanks for pointing that out :)
Im thrilled and hoping that that happens sooner then later !
Happy coding !
m1 compatible externals were shared on the cycling74 forum here:'-plaits-module-macro-oscillator/replies/1#reply-61b3a46100ba0a1004a7f3e0

I've patched them into this and it seems to be working well. I used the "paste replace" command to save re-patching it. It did take saving the device twice to work properly, not sure why..
@alexb thanks for pointing this out, just posted v1.2 version with m1 external
Amazing job getting this onto windows! It's wonderful to use.
Part of my default setup forever. Thank you so much for this. If only you had time to do a Plaits version like this ! :)
Rings is going to be interesting to try.
amazing works thanks!!

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