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Yeah that would really be interesting what the difference with this one is? Also what does the keyboard do? :)

What exactly does that mean, and how can that even be, when it all works inside of ableton live? :)
Also just curious, maybe you can shine some light.

Where can i download this ? :)

What was the update ? :)

Thanks for that answer ! :)

Maybe somebody can tackle this to make it Mac Compatible ?
A thread on reddit / a forum could be nice where all win only devices are collected and people who have interest and are able to port it, port it :) That would be beautiful !

Do you need testers on mac ? :)

Ohh okay lol ,gumroad had a bug, and asked even as it was free to download ! It worked then. Appreaciate you for giving it away for free ! :)

Could you please make the payment open for paypal ? :)

Will it work for M1 already ?

Curious where this one is going... :D

Whats up with M1 support ? :=)

Would you please add the possibility to pay per PayPal ? Otherwise its sadly not accessible for me to use :)

Will there be a walkthrough video ?
Its really interesting to use the device, some deeper insight from the creator would really be interesting on top of the self driven exploration of it :)

Would there be a possibility to get your stuff via Paypal at Gumroad or purchase personally from you ?

Hey :)

Would it be possible to add Paypal as a Payment Method to your Gumroad, or purchase it privately ?

It worked now thanks !

Paypal works not for every purchase recently, it’s odd but somehow there have been changes made. I would’ve sent it to you directly, and you could then type out a gift code for me, which I can put in to the gumroad checkout, still have the device nice and snugly sorted in gumroad, you have the money and everybody is happy :)

Is there a way to purchase directly from you without going through gumroad ? Maybe a email to contact you directly ?

Hey Maxime !
I just got your Sequencer and I think its a very nice piece of software that has a unique approach isn't cluttered, easy to use and understandable also it runs stable.

I wanted to ask if you plan to add more "Speed" - Modes ?
Also "per run through" randomization would be pretty crazy, for the whole 8 Steps in total that everything gets randomized after going through the whole 8 Steps once or choosing individual steps of the sequence that get randomized after a run through. That would be pretty crazy for generative stuff, combined with the speed settings into SUPER quick and SUPER slow.... I see a few things glowing there.

Im interested what you think about that !

Have a great one !

Hey !
Will it be updated to work with M1 in the future ?

Best wishes and thanks for the hard work !

This my friendly human max for live designer internet comrade, is one of the neatest audio effects I came across on this platform... There's not a lot of FFT Stuff on here, not to speak of FREE FFT Stuff ! Thanks a bunch !

Ahh thanks for the clarification !

@steech , Thanks for pointing that out :)
Im thrilled and hoping that that happens sooner then later !
Happy coding !

I have the problem with it, that my presets don't get saved... That's a little unsatisfactory after putting in like 20 substances xD
But maybe the fault is on my side... how do I actually make sure that they are saved ? May there be another way to input them / could you think about a way to make the process of inputting easier ? Like dragging a text file in a certain form into the device, that directly reads out the formulas and puts them in, like a preset file so to speak, that can be curated in a text editor. To be able to gather a lot of things and then inputting it...

Best wishes !

I second the floating window option :)

This Is my new favorite Device !
Very nice approach to providing randomness and a playful view on the things :)

This Is my new favorite Device !
Very nice approach to providing randomness and a playful view on the things :)

Hey !

Have you ever considered to make a version of this for the Digitakt ?

That would be very interesting !

Or could it be easily manipulated to work with the digitakt ?

Best wishes !

Sorry for bothering again, and not clarifying enough in the question before... will there be a M1 compatible version ? As the one with added externals doesnt work anymore.
The Version before didn't make a single sound BUT loaded normally. So maybe there is a way to make it all together work :)

Do you plan to make a MAC compatible version ?


Are you planning to make it compatible for M1 Macs ?
I was literally making a jump as I discovered it and was a little bummed as I saw that it doesn't function.
If you don't have the resources to use / test on a Mac, hit me up, ill gladly do what I can with my limited knowledge, if there is anything to do to make it work.

Thanks a lot for your efforts to bringing more music to the people.

Best wishes !

Could you please describe how to use it and what it actually does ?
It doesn't seem to work for me / I don't really know what to after following what you wrote and not getting any reaction by the plugin...

Maybe you can shed some light :)

Am I missing something crucial, or why is this device only working in audio tracks ?

Okay wow !

Are there any ideas how to get this working in Live 11 ?
Did anybody update this device since 2013 ?
Would be super cool !
I think it has a very nice interface :)
Liked it in Live 10.

Did you ever go deeper into the development of Max4Live Leap combos after this 5 ones you made ?

Actually just dragging it around in the device chain, also makes it change sample.

I really dig this device !
But it does one really funky thing...
When copy and pasting it, it changes the sample.
And, when I put in a new sample in one of the just duplicated instances, it changes the sample simultaneously in every instance.
That could be a hell of a cool feature, if it could somehow be made as a intended thing to happen, with some kind of setting to make.

So that it behaves like a "put in sample to copy directly to all instances"


"Put in sample to just this instance" without affecting the others.

There could be very very interesting possibilities with this.

Think about the feature in a combined manner -> Some are connected as the setting is -> copy to all receiving ones, and a few are with the discrete settings. So you could for example feed 5 instances with the same drum loop, while replacing the sample in another instance with a melody loop. And then, make a really quick switch, change the single melody loop with the drum, and put in the melody loop in all other instances. Just two clicks, but boom, new stuff discovered.

I don't know if you are aware of this behaviorism of your brainchild, but hey, maybe this sparks something !

I don't have sound output in Live 11...
Any idea why ?

You make very interesting devices !
Looking forward what will be coming from you in the future !
I especially like this one and the fm percussion synth.

Thanks a lot for sharing !

The description alone makes me very hot for this !
Im very excited and interested :)
Thanks for sharing !

Is it mandatory to use the apc40 ?
Or does it also work with push or internal sequencing options ?

Long time has passed xD

Thanks for sharing this awesome thing !
I like how reduced it is.
And i really like how it sounds !

Keep it up :)

I just stumbled upon it.
I dont have a direct use for it yet.
But i think its really interesting to take tools like this one and come to interesting ideas in the future.

Thanks for making and experimenting !