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Thanks, suspected may be the case. Have added JRE into paths in max but no joy yet. Will have a play with a few more things.
If I get working will report back.

Hi there, intrigued to try this but I don't get any output going to the included rack (or if I use an external vst etc).
Downloaded the latest version here also don't see the images as in the screenshots ? Any tips appreciated. (win 10 latest Java / latest live)

Many thanks and look forward to version2!

Really enjoying this but seems to be sporadically working for me - can't fathom why or what i'm doing wrong.

Sometimes it doesn't seem to matter how many times I press new or start the sequencer I get no output ? I can get a burst of sound by clicking new, but it doesn't seem to then run the sequence...I have transport running.

Any ideas appreciated

Ahh user error ;)

Many thanks, hadn't set the output to the launchpad.

Hi, should this work on a Launchpad S ? Doesn't seem to for me.

Hi, should this work on a Launchpad S ? Doesn't seem to for me.

Love this - joyful to use.

Ignore does work on Launchpad S - missed the step about spaces between letters - doh! Thanks very much for this much fun.

Doesn't seem to work on Launchpad S sadly - random lights or none at all.