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Name | Version: MIDI Router 1.1.0
Author: h1data
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Routing MIDI I/O in audio tracks for audio effect devices or plugins which have MIDI input.

Changes in version 1.1.0 (May 19, 2022)
- Added "Send" button to switch if the device sends MIDI messages to the selected output.
- Added LED indicators to monitor incoming/outgoing MIDI messages.


Live Version Used: 11.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.1.11
Date Added: Aug 07 2021 08:45:20
Date Last Updated: May 19 2022 15:31:22
Downloads: 1916
License: None
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Device File: MidiRouter.amxd


makes perfect sense :)

thx for the device.
Thanks for your comment.

Btw, your latest device is superb!
I have just made a simple enveloper for my own demand, but no need to make a complex one. :)

I hope more devices which have extra audio/midi I/O would come.
Wow! This device is very useful to me for one specific usage: It allows me to root CC messages from any MIDI controller to Serum VSTi.

Why do such thing you ask ? Well because that's how Serum works when it comes to changing current preset using CC :)

The other "native" alternative was to allow track to listen MIDI from "All Ins" but I found that quite dangerous
@imacactus Thx for your feedback!
I don't have Serum, but I swear you can add MIDI input of external devices to VSTi with empty MIDI tracks.
However, this device can route without extra tracks. :)
This device seems to be broken in Live 11.1...

I put 2 on a midi track and route to 2 other tracks (to plugins that are controlled by midi). The device keeps routing the midi to both tracks, even if I turn the device off. Also, it can trigger the track that it's not assigned to (while the other instance assigned to that track is turned off).

Does anyone else have this problem?

@aiotea Sorry for the inconvenience.
Confirmed the device routes MIDI messages when the device is inactive.
I tried to stop routing while the device is disabled, however,
the inactive device seems to pass through MIDI messages like THRU.
It is necessary to coordinate with Ableton or C74 to fix this issue.

In old school way, you can use MIDI tracks without instruments;
that never output MIDI messages while inactive.

Thanks for your feedback!
I realized M4L devices shall bypass messages or audio signals via routing I/O when inactive.
Imagine deactivating an effect device in a normal MIDI/audio chain,
the device does send messages or audio signals to the next device in the chain.

To stop sending messages to routed output, I added a button instead of disabling the device.
@aiotea, I'm glad if I hear it works.
Excellent and works.

I wish I could accept CC from other tracks but I'm unable to do that.

Is this a limitation of Live itself?
@magwa101 Thanks for your comment!

I swear the device can route CC messages too. (confirmed on Win and Mac)
Could you explain the situation you have?
From/To audio/MIDI track, external controllers, or MIDI effect, etc.
The best way is to share your sample Live set somehow.
Hi there,

Is there a version of this that can send midi to multiple sources? Say if you use midi triggered sidechain within a plugin and you don't want to have to have an instance of this per sidechain plugin

Also, this seems to crash Ableton when it's placed in a group!

@Tom Thanks for your feedback!

Sorry but an M4L device can have only one pair of MIDI I/O,
thus you have to put multiple instances for routing to multi plugins.

I checked in grouped MIDI/Audio tracks but could not reproduce the situation.
A possible problem is routing to other tracks of the same group may cause a loop.
@Tom, Ableton have fixed issues around routing that could cause crashes. It may solve to update Live to 11.2.

Very usefull device.
It could be great to have the same in midi device (for routing in midi effect rack for example)
@naerliona, thanks for your feedback!!
Sorry but MIDI I/O in MIDI effect devices are not routable since they are fixed to Live.
I think it makes sense if this device can be put in MIDI effect racks.
Than you for your response.
You mean that this device can only be a max audio effect and not be a max midi effect ?
@naerliona Exactly, it is a limitation of M4L.
Is there anyway you could make this so I could midi map the input and output to a knob?
Sorry, but it is too complicate to map the selection of list for MIDI I/O or channel (types).
It may be useful if there are multiple I/O and some mappable switches?
Thanks for your feedback.
nvm, I forgot again that a M4L device cannot have multiple MIDI I/O…
is there any way to make similiar device that pulls midi from midi effects? and route to tracks?
I'm sure you can route from Post Fx of a MIDI effect by this device;
choose a track from upper pull-down menu then you can find Pre FX or Post FX of MIDI effect in the 2nd pull-down menu.
Well, I might take your question in the wrong way.
If you want a MIDI Effect M4L like this device,
it is not possible as mentioned on 'December 03 2022' above.

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