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Thank you for the update! Great tool.

@Rivanni Nice. Looking forward to an update. Thanks!

Great little tool. To make it "perfect" I think we need this to list Max for Live devices and Live native devices as well. Thanks anyway!

@crampe great little clipper perfect for single drum sounds! Thanks! One feature request though. Could you a a "ceiling" parameter? So it's easier to hit a certain target level while still clip the signal to taste. Thanks

That's great! Thank you very much. All your devices are great, but especially SliceSEQ and DropSEQ are in frequent use here.

Hi there, I really like your devices but unfortunately they do not work any more with Live 12 / Push 3. Could you consider to update them? Thanks

@chapelierfou: you are right, my mistake. There would be no real advantage. However, could you make a toggle to turn on/off "Midi-Note-Message" so only velocity is send? So one can control the feedback amount without changing the note. Thanks

Nice device! Thanks. Nevertheless I have a feature request: could you make the device independent from the midi track? So I can drop CF Roar Fdbk Note ctrl 1.0 on another midi track. Similar to this device for resonator

Thanks for your reply. I know what you mean I was running into similar issues. However, great device which you create here! Simple and useful.

Thank you. Great little tool. Actually I was working on something similar but I was never happy with the result. However, is there a way to only lower the volume by -12db when the input hit the threshold? I find this more comfortable then a complete mute. Thanks