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Retrigger Transformer Version 1.0.0
ALT-Synthdrum Version 1.1.0
echo on noteoff Version 2.0.1
bouncing notes Version 1.2.2
PitchW curve Version 1.3.2
Retro-nome Version 1.0.2
Audio Frame Macro Version 1.3.3
MIDI Frame Macro Version 1.3.3
Audio ADSR Version 1.1.0
MIDI Router Version 1.1.0
Phototactic XY Version 1.0.1

Total Downloads: 14,701

Comments by h1data


Well, I might take your question in the wrong way.
If you want a MIDI Effect M4L like this device,
it is not possible as mentioned on 'December 03 2022' above.

I'm sure you can route from Post Fx of a MIDI effect by this device;
choose a track from upper pull-down menu then you can find Pre FX or Post FX of MIDI effect in the 2nd pull-down menu.

Haha, thanks. I'm preparing other practical transformers.

You can choose User transformers/generators from MIDI clips by putting amxd files somewhere in your Live library.
But you have to choose them each time because nothing about transformers/generators is saved in Live sets.

It may not matter, but I remind about stroboscopic effect.
It would depends on the minimum bounce time
and the refresh rate aka FPS of your monitor display.

@nikitaklaartje I appreciate your report!
Sorry, but I cannot reproduce the situation with my 10yo PC.
Could you tell me the version number that works fine?
Further information like captured video is welcomed.

@bubbleandsquawk You are welcome. Have fun :)

@Syn and @TianKJ
Sorry for late response. Have fun!

nvm, I forgot again that a M4L device cannot have multiple MIDI I/O…

Sorry, but it is too complicate to map the selection of list for MIDI I/O or channel (types).
It may be useful if there are multiple I/O and some mappable switches?
Thanks for your feedback.

I decided to let the GitHub repo for M4L to public and transferred the issue.

I'm going to let repos public for other devices, to be able to post issues and download older versions.

@yw4z again, thanks for reaching out!

I'm planning on my devices to correspond Push
and the minimum requirement will be Live 11.x/Max 8.5.x.
Thus this is the final version as 1.x.x and I'll post 2.0.0 as another device.
(incompatible version)

@naerliona Exactly, it is a limitation of M4L.

Sorry, but the built-in Envelope MIDI device can work as the same function as this device by mapping the volume of Utility device or Track volume.
This might be a shortcut for that combination.

@jumbomonkey I'm super glad you found a way to use this device that was without purpose!

I do not have enough mana to create 4D pad now, but you can map multiple parameters with devices like below.

@naerliona, thanks for your feedback!!
Sorry but MIDI I/O in MIDI effect devices are not routable since they are fixed to Live.
I think it makes sense if this device can be put in MIDI effect racks.

@Tom, Ableton have fixed issues around routing that could cause crashes. It may solve to update Live to 11.2.

@Tom Thanks for your feedback!

Sorry but an M4L device can have only one pair of MIDI I/O,
thus you have to put multiple instances for routing to multi plugins.

I checked in grouped MIDI/Audio tracks but could not reproduce the situation.
A possible problem is routing to other tracks of the same group may cause a loop.

@magwa101 Thanks for your comment!

I swear the device can route CC messages too. (confirmed on Win and Mac)
Could you explain the situation you have?
From/To audio/MIDI track, external controllers, or MIDI effect, etc.
The best way is to share your sample Live set somehow.

I realized M4L devices shall bypass messages or audio signals via routing I/O when inactive.
Imagine deactivating an effect device in a normal MIDI/audio chain,
the device does send messages or audio signals to the next device in the chain.

To stop sending messages to routed output, I added a button instead of disabling the device.
@aiotea, I'm glad if I hear it works.

@aiotea Sorry for the inconvenience.
Confirmed the device routes MIDI messages when the device is inactive.
I tried to stop routing while the device is disabled, however,
the inactive device seems to pass through MIDI messages like THRU.
It is necessary to coordinate with Ableton or C74 to fix this issue.

In old school way, you can use MIDI tracks without instruments;
that never output MIDI messages while inactive.

Thanks for your feedback!

@discoparadis Thanks so much! It's my best pleasure someone in the world picks up my pieces to make something. :)

@imacactus Thx for your feedback!
I don't have Serum, but I swear you can add MIDI input of external devices to VSTi with empty MIDI tracks.
However, this device can route without extra tracks. :)

Friction or attraction would be interesting. :)

Thanks for your comment.

Btw, your latest device is superb!
I have just made a simple enveloper for my own demand, but no need to make a complex one. :)

I hope more devices which have extra audio/midi I/O would come.

The maxforlive main page shows like I recently updated all my devices.
However, I only changed each device's URL, sorry!

@Torley Thanks for your feedback!

I am sorry but there is no way to change note duration except changing 'Minimum' knob or releasing the original note.
I had never considered limiting note duration by elapsed time.
There might be several ways to implement it, so I would like to share images somehow.

Reverse or inverse mode is the most required feature, I understand.
Perhaps I will update after Live 11 released...?
(I have to research or recreate my past patches..)

MIDI effect version has done.

This audio effect version will be soon updated to fix issues and add loop selector as the MIDI version.

@Torley Thanks for your words!
It is my pleasure to share stuffs which solves my own demands.
And hope someone use it for unexpected way!

@Syn Thank you for making a comment for my devices! I like little devices too.

Thanks to borb's contributions, the device has been polished to version 1.0.0.
And I have a plan for another arpeggio chord method...

Hi, LAEX! It's an honor that you like it.

Thank you for the feedback and sorry for inconveniences...
Repeating the echo should be stopped when the device received note-on of the same note, however, it is not seemed to work well.
For now, it prevents the issue to shorten the echo length not to overlap with next note-on, or press the reset button.

It might be considered to change whole patch, but I will get into it.
Glad to know that you spot the benefit of the device for chiptune!

@cronooonorc thanks, glad to hear that. Enjoy!!

I have added hidden color change function in LED with a mischief.
However, it may be easy to recognize which device of many in drum racks. :p

I have mentioned that velocity wet/dry calculation might be buggy, but I checked before the release of 1.04 and confirmed it's okay.

@Hacktive, ¡Gracias por el comentario! Espero que este perrito rifado te haga disfrutar.
(sorry for a reply completely relied on Google translate, but stay safe folks!)

Some elemental language mistakes in midnight...
I just uploaded the device which changes live.text's display mode and includes minor refine.

I upload the device which includes live.text's display mode and minor refine.
Because I still don't own Live 10/Max8,
would you please inform if this update fixed the display problem in Max 8?
Thank you for your feedback.

@AYA, thanks again for your comment!
After read M4L production guidelines (which were updated in 2020, by the way) ,
I realized several issues in my previous devices.
I would like to deal with those for a while.
I still have some other ideas which are not formed properly yet, but I wish I could make it happen someday!

@hatyn Thank you very much for great informative feedbacks!
I can't make quick reply because I am not native for English.
It is very pleasure to get many responses, anyway.

Now I understood the device's display problem in Max 8.
Because "Label Text Color" property/message was added in Max 8, the problem is not fixable including Max 6/7 environment.
I decided to forget label display mode of live.text objects and change to default display mode.
The velocity Dry/Wet calculation may also have a problem and be considered to find a solution.
So sorry for inconveniences. The fix update will come soon.

> another mode that creates the triggers just on note on
I have been considering that, but I decided to stop bouncing with note off
to avoid the risk that the device produces uncontrollable numberless notes.
I keep to consider true MIDI-ish hold function.

> Maybe Velocity drop off could be 0-200%
I have been considering to implement as "inversed bouncing" mode for a future update.
("Inv" button is hidden in the patch and automation list, as you saw)
It seems more intuitive that bouncing becomes inversed at Rebound parameter exceeds 100%. I am considering that method.

> JBouncingBall 0.1 by frosty
I searched the device library once but I couldn't find a similar device.
(once the device name was "bounce echo" and I searched for "bounce" or "ping pong")
Bouncing Ball 1.0 by aminoplacid seems predecessor of frosty's.
I guess the devices are another approach but might be informative.
Thanks again for the information!

> mappable controls
It seems a higher charenge for me because I never tried live.object/live.path, but I wish I could develop as an another device.
It is very pleasure that this device contributes someone's creativity!

I appreciate your feedback!

Unlike MIDI's hold (CC#64), you must keep notes on to continue bouncing.
With HOLD on, the device keeps bouncing after bouncing time has reached Minimum knob's time.
With HOLD off, bouncing ends when the time has reached Minimum.
I am considering to add this to the description or change "Hold" label.
Or should be to add MIDI-like hold function?

HOLD's default value is off intentionally and I checked again that
the button state is saved in Live sets and it functions like above.
In Live 10, may the button seem to disable (grey color) or unable to click?

I thank again for your feedback and sorry for my poor English..

In making this small device, I realized the difficulty of MIDI devices which closely depend on the following MIDI instruments' behaviors.
Any suggestion and feature requests is welcome!

@broah Thank you for a comment! ..and sorry for late responce.

Thank you for making a comment! Very glad to hear that.