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Devices by naerliona

Toggle Note Version 1.0
Clyphx MIDI - Short and Long Press Version 1.1
Clyphx AUDIO- Short and Long Press Version 1.1
Drag and Drop midi Version 1.0
Drag and Drop Version 1.1
MegaMorph Version 1.1
Varations Control Version 1.0
Always Arm Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,906

Comments by naerliona


Than you for your response.
You mean that this device can only be a max audio effect and not be a max midi effect ?


Very usefull device.
It could be great to have the same in midi device (for routing in midi effect rack for example)


First very nice device, it's very fluid !

Suggest : as well as the recall of variations take accound "Exclude Macro From Variation"
the command spray could depends of "Exclude Macro From Randomization"

Suggest 2 : when we move manually a knobs it causes jump of values. Maybe when a new transition is triggered it could take accound of the current states of the knobs

@offthesky Thank for reply

Try the second (or another) macro when the first don't work

I fixed it for the select function

The last button recall the last variation you called when you move macros

@offthesky Thank you for reply

I fix it for the second map button

The x button doesn't remove the mapping but cut the dial output

It's just a color i set for find me
Do you any problem with the pattrstorage ?


Very very usefull device.
It seem there is a problem with the morphing, i think it happen when we move the rack or the M4L device, the dial stut.


I tried to remove the " " but i didn't know how to that sorry.

For your request, if I understand well you can use this device with a max envelope to do what you want.


Is working on android ?


Very usefull device to do anything without X clips.
I try to do the same but with a short press wich active the first action and a long press wich active the second.
Do you have an advice ?