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Devices by naerliona

Toggle Note Version 1.0
Clyphx MIDI - Short and Long Press Version 1.1
Clyphx AUDIO- Short and Long Press Version 1.1
Drag and Drop midi Version 1.0
Drag and Drop Version 1.1
MegaMorph Version 1.1
Varations Control Version 1.0
Always Arm Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,530

Comments by naerliona



Very usefull device.
It could be great to have the same in midi device (for routing in midi effect rack for example)


First very nice device, it's very fluid !

Suggest : as well as the recall of variations take accound "Exclude Macro From Variation"
the command spray could depends of "Exclude Macro From Randomization"

Suggest 2 : when we move manually a knobs it causes jump of values. Maybe when a new transition is triggered it could take accound of the current states of the knobs

@offthesky Thank for reply

Try the second (or another) macro when the first don't work

I fixed it for the select function

The last button recall the last variation you called when you move macros

@offthesky Thank you for reply

I fix it for the second map button

The x button doesn't remove the mapping but cut the dial output

It's just a color i set for find me
Do you any problem with the pattrstorage ?


Very very usefull device.
It seem there is a problem with the morphing, i think it happen when we move the rack or the M4L device, the dial stut.


I tried to remove the " " but i didn't know how to that sorry.

For your request, if I understand well you can use this device with a max envelope to do what you want.


Is working on android ?


Very usefull device to do anything without X clips.
I try to do the same but with a short press wich active the first action and a long press wich active the second.
Do you have an advice ?