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MIDI CC To Clip Launch Position Version 1.0

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+1 on broken GUI in Ableton 11.2

Do you have something similar for saving the mappings of MIDI NOTES?
I've scoured the whole web to try to find a way to save a whole instrument idea (that's mapped to a midi controller ) and preserve midi mappings when I open a new project and drag the instrument in.
Your M4L device is the only thing that works - but only when saved in a rack - I can make do - but now I'm just missing a mapper that saves midi notes.

Not sure how this is supposed to work? I was hoping you put it on a MIDI track in session view, and lets say that midi track has a midi input that's active - then you press the record button on the M4L patch (did it both during start and stop of the session view) and no newly recorded clip was generated. Testing on Ableton 11.1.6

Is there anyway you could make this so I could midi map the input and output to a knob?