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Name/Version: Browser Mapper 1.1
Author: flowstate  
Description: MIDI/Key map anything in Live's Browser (except packs or user folders).

Max for live device and MIDI Remote Script combination.

64 mappable buttons that come already setup with all of Live Suite's Instruments, Audio Effects & MIDI Effects, with 5 empty spaces. These can all be overwritten so adding 3rd-Party plugins, samples etc is possible.

Easily map frequently used devices for quick launch.

Comes with installation and usage instructions as well as an Example set.

Release Notes:
v1.1 - Added Automap functionality for MIDI controllers (works best with a launchpad). Removes the need for manually mapping. Details contained in the instructions file.

Device Details

Tags effect, utility, other, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: Dec 17 2019 20:23:04
Date Last Updated: Jan 05 2020 21:39:21
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Yoooooo, this is rad! Thank you!

Is the idea here that you can do your mapping while you are away from your controller, and then assign the channel cc numbers that correspond to your controller and have it all work out when you get back?

Yes you can set up the browser mapper while away from your controller, but you will need to MIDI map the controller to the buttons for it to work.

can you midi map opening set files? can you also map saying No to "save changes"?

I bought this and am trying to map a .aupreset file.
However, nothing happens when I click the square.
Any suggestions? It works otherwise.
Thank you

You can MIDI map the loading of anything which is in Live's Browser to the left of the screen.

Sorry to hear you are having issues mapping a .aupreset file. This is likely due to it being a preset file related to a specific plugin and may not be possible.

Please send a screenshot of the mapping in the device, your log.txt file contained within the preferences folder and details of your set up (OS and Live version) to and I will look at this issue



By looking into AU preset handling on I can see that it is not possible to load AU presets from Live's Browser.

"As they don't exist as own preset files on the hard disk, they can neither be displayed in nor loaded from Live's Browser."

Appologies for the inconvenience.

The workaround for this is to save an instrument rack with the plugin and preset you want into your user library, this can then be mapped to a button for quick launching.

Please feel free to email me regarding this as I will still be looking into it further.


@Josh, can you map what's not in the API? For example groove selection?

No sorry, this is just for mapping browser items such as: Instruments, Audio Effects, MIDI effects, Plug ins, Samples and so on that can be found in the Browser Menu to the left of the screen.

Does API allow to dragndrop devices from the browser into Browser mapper? would be so handy...

Yeah this was the original intention. Unfortunately the way the API and M4L are constructed and interact only allows drag and drop to be done with files. Anything with a file exension can be drag and dropped in to Max.

I am aiming to include this functionality into BrowserMapper V1.3. Drag and drop for files ONLY, not devices.

It would be possible to do this if the device was saved in a rack, and therfor had a .adg extension.

Hope it is possible to add .als files to the Ableton set to quickly recall track presets (groups with instruments and audio tracks) and browse Collections folders.

Hi Josh!

Love the plugin, awesome job!

Could you also make an Audio Device of it? As I like to load my audio effect plugins on an Audio track as well !

Tried to 'convert' it from a m4l MIDI device to an m4l audio device, but that didn't work so smoothly. (I tried to convert it myself inside m4l, but gave me an error when loading the plugin again in an audio track, and opened up all the 64 plugins). I think, you probably know why so that's why I'm asking:)

Thanks in advance!!

Mira support would be awesome.

+1 for Mira support.

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