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Great idea. You don't tell us how to enter a CC value. I tried with "CC ##" or just "##". Nothing happens really. "None", "all" fpr pass doesn't matter.
My goal was to filter out a single CC value.

"but usually it fixes itself" got lost in the broken sentence.

There is only one issue using Group Humanizer 1.7 in Live 11 (M1 native) with Max 5.8.4 on macOS 13, in that occasionally one single player device will be presented as a live input device in the settings device for some minutes. This always goes away after a few minutes, if it happens. You can speed this up by deleting the offender and re-add it, but usually wa.
Otherwise it works fine and there are no crashes using GH 1.7.

Is this one still working? The measurements would seem to be all over the place, so I feel these can't be trusted. Very useful idea though and sadly it hasn't gotten an update since 2014.

The only reasonable results I get is when the audio buffer is at 512 samples (44.1 kHz). Here sending out to audio interface and right back in again in Live 11.3.2 (M1 native):

Buffer | Live overall latency | Timer latency
512 smpls | 26.4 ms | 24.58 ms
256 smpls | 14.8 ms | 24.58 ms
128 smpls | 8.96 ms | 24.58 ms
64 smpls | 6.05 ms | 24.58 ms
32 smpls | 5.33 ms | 24.58 ms
1024 smpls| 49.36 ms | 74.58 ms
2048 smpls| 96 ms | 124.58 to 171 ms (average ≈ 143 ms)

Sending directly from one track to another also gives the 24.58 ms reading, strangely only when using 32 to 1024 samples buffer. Which shouldn't affect internal timing.

Given these results it would seem there's something with calculations that haven't survived Live 10 and 11. I'll make sure to test in the latest Live 9, when I get the chance.

Sound certainly is changed in use in Live 11.2.6 on M1 Apple Silicon. However, if you open it in Max you see a message saying "multiconvolve~: could not load due to incorrect architecture"


This is how I mapped this in Live 11:

- Activated "Map" in my Live rack and selected the Macro >, deactivated Map and renamed the Macro in the rack
-Pressed Map on the HoneyMapper and selected the parameter to control

Then I drew the curve I wanted and controlled my parameter from My Push that displayed the name I had given it.

The only question is where to place all the HoneyMappers.

I love this one. I do much shorter pre-planned tasks like"record new bass line" or whatever, so tend to skip the breaks.
Thank you @pATCHES!

Interesting one.

Maybe a video?

As far as I can tell from the gum road page the current version is 1.4.

@drummy, from the documentation:

"Repeated notes with no space between note-off and next note-on may also cause problems - the PLAYER plugins may delay the note-off more than the next note-on, causing the previous note's off to end the current note prematurely.

The solution to this is to make sure there is a gap of at least 2x the timing error standard deviation setting between the end of a note an the start of the next one in the input MIDI. This only applies when the same note is repeated - different notes can overlap without issue."

I've successfully been running GH 1.4 in Live 11, both in Rosetta2 mode as well as in native Apple Silicon mode and except graphical issues with unreadable text (solved with screen zoom), everything has worked fine musically.
I'll try v1.5 now. I can't believe I missed the release.

Update: Automation parameters are indeed available in Arrangement view as is said in the description. They can't, however, be mapped to a controller like Push as there isn't a live.banks object.


Any update on this working as before with Ableton Live 11?

Does this work with Original Push as well, @maximedangles? Or anyone else know?

The site is broken and this can't be downloaded, at least in Safari 15.1 with no other sites acting up.

I haven't used it yet on M1 yet, but can report it loads in Live 11b native AS and crashes Live 10 running in Rosetta2.

I hope you're well Kondakoff, but I'm sorry that 1.5 crashes Live 10, also in a fresh OS and DAW install. Please advise.

I have sent an email to your gmail in August.

Any Push control possible?

Controls work at first try in macOS 10.14. Thanks for this.

It would have been nice with some mapped parameters.

I discovered I have been using GH 1.3 in Live 10.1.x even as 1.4 was available. I just tested the 1.4 demo in Live 10.1.14 with native MFL and everything just works.

Thanks @jamesholden. I'm so happy this device exists and works so well.

@yroc, How do you mean break? Not work at all or unexpected results?

Does this affect also the Arrangement time line and loop start/end quantizations?

How about making some video demos of actually useful mappings? In the current ones you seem to fail to put across what could be done. I can already do more things than I would like with the original script and additions. Our time is limited for checking out cool tools and there are so many.

This looks interesting and unique, but there seem to be some serious limitations. Like for instance tying mappings to only one instance, one place and so on. Typically that's not something very attractive.

This is surely something to follow.

Does it matter if it's the original Push or the Push 2? Can the Pushes and the Launchpads be mixed in any way?

@nexusqu, I'm using this with Max 8 in Live 10. Occasionally I have to use JH's workaround, or alternatively sometimes I just delete the slave and re-add it. My symptoms are that one slave says "HUMAN INPUT" or/and that even after I've re-added it, there's no time adjustments being done. Thanks for the tip @jamesholden! For some of my music this is really useful.

Where is the support for the v2 of this device? I paid for it and I use it, but no matter how I try I get no response. Previous comments at the site haven’t even showed up.

My major peeve is that when I reload a set, the clips are renamed to the same name, that I might have named some other unrelated clip like years ago. So AliasClips doesn’t keep the name of what I entered last. Other than that it seems to work really nice still in v2. It’s great for when writing a track fast and later it can be abandoned. For that point it would be nice to be able to process multiple selected clips.

I'm using it in Live 10.1.5 with the Max For Live 8.1.0.

Please, some support? Some advice for my problem?

@Josh, can you map what's not in the API? For example groove selection?

@tune4media Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure you can't map Sensitivity in Live 10.1.x either.

@maky357, I don't understand people whining over other user's suggestions. It's not at all unreasonable to have some hope that a maker has similarities, if reasonable, between different products. Push is actually an interface to Live and is to be considered the same more or less.

I don't know what @Joseff means with "mapping for the push", but if say parameters aren't made available for external controllers then that would be ridiculous. This issue is actually often solvable with a tool like PrEditor, but not everyone uses such.

If it's some other mapping @Joseff wants, that might not be fitting this product, then allow LDM Design to inform us of those things and let us not belittle users with other expectations than our own.

And if I'm not in one key?

Interesting. You assign the actual inputs directly from the source tracks? Are the output always in stereo or can you have more outputs?

What are the FX in more detail? Can you send audio to, and return from, one of the Live return tracks?

Consider it a suggestion to make recorded tracks grouped at least. I'd embrace to keep all recordings in one single track.

The length bit is elegantly solved with Punch-in and Punch-out.

All-right. Strike the first bit. Somehow I missed that BiP is in Arrangement view only. Wishful thinking I guess.

@crampe. I have BiP 1.3 (full) and have now tried the respective version in master track position and on the track position in both Live 9.7.7 with Max 7.3.6 and Live 10.1 with Max 8.0.6.

If I put BiP on the master — as is suggested in last year's youtube video — and choose "Bounce" I get no recording and occasionally an audio feedback loop and if I choose "Resample" I get no recording. If I put BiP on the track iinstead it's pretty much the same, but I get no occasional feedback.

If I manually record in this setup, I can do this. The problem — beside the feedback loop, that could be solved with monitor always be set to "off" — is that recording never starts. I naturally checked my Recording settings, but neither with "Playback with Record" on or off nor with Solo/Arm exclusive or not, will there be any difference.

In addition, when using this with multiple clips there is always an additional audio track created and on top of that BiP solos the previous audio track instead of the instrument track. I don't see how you need to create a new audio track when there is one already?

I would like a recording to stop some bars after the original clip length or after the length of a user setting and that the audio track is reused.

Can we work to make this happen?

What about "borrowed chords" and key switches?

Link doesn't work. No MFL devoce available as far as I can see, but this page explains something, whatever it is. I hate videos without text so ignoring this one.

This excellent device is now at v2, which you'll find out at the linked site.

I do wish a single instance could handle inheritance of different clips in the same track. I also wish groove settings could apply, but that's Ableton's limited API behind that.

Otherwise this is a very useful tool for when you need what it offers.

The URL seem to have changed to

This looks very interesting indeed. I don't understand what it does from the text, but nevertheless.

A device to follow!

This looks nice. However, as I can already use a second monitor and place the native mixer on that at will, what is the main advantage using this instead? Can it for instance be used on a third monitor instead? So 2 native Live windows could be focused on Arrangement and Clips (rather than the mixer) respectively and the third monitor with Ultimate Mixer focused on the mixer?

Can you launch a plug-in easily now from UM?

This is a working URL for the video:"

I got a "not found" with the supplied URL above.

Actually this is the proper URL:

I get a 404 on the Download URL above.

I don't understand what this device does? Items? attack2? This is what?

I mean there's not even a 9.7.2 beta available.
Sad, because otherwise this looks quite interesting. Maybe this just needs to be frozen?

Live 9.7.2 and Max 7.2.4?

This is impossible to add to Live 9.7.1 with Max 7.3.1, which both indeed are the current versions. What is this?

You're much too obscure in your description. Looping can be done in a number of ways and your features do no appear to be unique making the "how" quite important. Please make a more detailed description.

Yes, there's a demo and there's also a limited amount of time. You have any idea how many demos I download and never start up?

OK, I get now that this is supposed to work with the program changes as set in the Notes tab of the Clip.

OK, I think I misunderstood how this is supposed to work. This works for changing the native program change of a clip in the Notes tab. You don't use automation.

I wish the device would reflect the current program change of the clip, but it doesn't.

Now the chain follows the program changes which are set in clip view.
Advantage: You can select all clips and change the chain at once by editing the program number. You can use it also for other parameters."

I don't follow. What program changes? What program number? Do you mean the Chain Selector value? For this device I see only "Device on". The Chain selector only changes the current clip, not others.

My apologies if this is supposed to be obvious. It's not for me.

Controls for the Push sounds promising, but it would be wonderful if you could also work on steps directly in the Push pad layout.

Unfortunately this doesn't work for me more than once in Live 9.7.1b4 32bit. I tried it with Reaktor 5.9.4 and Monark.

If I switch to a non program change preset it does change to the program change in one clip (2) one time, but it does not change to the other program change (3) in another clip. Furthermore the few times it does succeed after the first single time it works the Re-enable automation button is turned pink, which means automation is overridden.

If I'm not mistaken this is a sign that the device uses deprecated objects. At least that is what Ableton support have said about other devices that display this problem.

I feel unsure how bank selection is supposed to work, but these presets are in the same bank (6).

I'll try this device in Live 9.7 64bit.

Cool, but couldn't this be refitted to control anything. The some of the Tilt EQs for instance? :-)

See for instance

Yeah, at first I thought this was about building raw waveforms for Operator and Sampler.

This looks very neat. Totally undersold. As I understand this it's a free form envelope builder that can be mapped to any other parameter of another automatable instrument. Somewhat similar to the LFO tool in concept but different possibilities. Price is $3.95.

What I lack is info about presets, building a library and performance recording and converting as well as third party hardware control. All big selling points.

Judging from the demo sounds this sounds more interesting than Operator to me. I have to try this one even though all MFL synths have let me down so far, including the offerings from Ableton that all are thin and digital in the wrong way as I hear them.

OK, so you seem to have forgotten to update your links.

I found this newer one:

Hyakken, your blog and the download link is down. Are you still developing this?

The link is and look further down the page. I'm not sure why it hasn't been updated here.

I can't get this to work in Live 9.2.2 and Max 6.1.10.