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Hollt SMPLR TRNS Automate Transient and Preserve Version 1.1.5

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For me the download still works, christiaan.

@Persabersa I'm working on a v2 version of this plugin, I'll try to implement that as well:)

Glad you like it @impauseable!

@Persabersa thank you for your nice words! Glad you like it:)

The preserve mode inside an Audio channel clip is unfortunately not possible in Ableton..

But you could insert your audio file inside the Simpler (make sure that it is in a 1 or 2 bars length for example), then draw a middle C (C3) in the length of the sample (1 or 2 bars) and then trigger the clip.

That's basically the same and you could use this in your live set!

@basstek you're welcome!

Yes, that would be possible I think, but it really looks to the settings of the Simpler. So, if there is a device other than a Simpler, the plugin would not work anymore.

But I could make it work to place it inside a drum rack / group, so you can place more of them and assign the knobs of the plugin to a macro for example :)

Let me know your thoughts.

@asymptote Well, after a simple follow it is. Do you see any payment?

Thank you @broah!

Hi Josh!

Love the plugin, awesome job!

Could you also make an Audio Device of it? As I like to load my audio effect plugins on an Audio track as well !

Tried to 'convert' it from a m4l MIDI device to an m4l audio device, but that didn't work so smoothly. (I tried to convert it myself inside m4l, but gave me an error when loading the plugin again in an audio track, and opened up all the 64 plugins). I think, you probably know why so that's why I'm asking:)

Thanks in advance!!