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Very cool! If only I could move and resize the rectangle from Push 2.

^OMG what a bloody idiot I am.
Having read the manual, this part in particular:
"For pre-mapped controller use, connect a controller (Launchpad or Push work best), set the MIDI input of the MIDI track from that device and arm the track"
I came to conclusion that setting MIDI input is a mandatoy step. As it turns out it isn't and everything actually works as I requested above, so devices are loaded to a selected track, including audio tracks.

Nevermind, having played around with the device, I now think that pads coloring isn't that important. It would be a nice-to-have feature though, but not as important as what I'm going to describe next.

What I really miss is the ablity to load devices to arbitrary tracks without having to change their MIDI input. I have configured and MIDI mapped the browser mapper device in the Push 2 user mode and saved with my main tempate project, so I have a dedicated MIDI track that holds a Browser Mapper instsnce. But in order to load a device on to another track I first have to change MIDI input, then press a pad that corresponds to to a needed device, and then change MIDI input back to normal. This sort of kills the advantage of Browser Mapper.

In general, I really like the idea of having instant access to 64 devices, it would be a game changer for me as I hate push standard browsing fucntionality. Can you just please update the device so that it loads plugins to a currently selected/armed track without that MIDI input thing? Such an update would also solve the audio tracks problem as one cannot use this with them for now.

Maybe there is a workaround or my workflow is somehow inefficient ? Just wondering why this hasn't been discussed in the comments before.

just bought this and I have a question.
it doesn't change Push 2 pads color according to what I see in the device window, does it? If it's not, what's the purpsoe of coloring then, or maybe am I missing something?

maxHammer, how did you get this working on Push? It says "no parameter mapped" on the push display.

The only timing calculator I really needed. Simple yet versatile. Thank you.


Is it possible to save items to collections on the push 2 with this device?