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Note2Ctrl Version 1.0
Push Record Pedal Scene Controller Version 1.1
Pitch Bend Reset Version 1.01
Mono to Poly Version 1.0
Auto Scene Launcher Version 1.3
PreSetter Version 1.0
ShreddingYet Version 1.0
PreSetter Version 1.0
Foldback Distortion Version 1.0
Easy BPM Control 1.0.4 DEMO Version 1.0.4
NR - Note Repeater M4L Device Version 0.0.4
Fixed Length Recording Version 1.1
qVar - Quantized macro variation changes Version 1.0
DS Kick but tuned by MIDI notes Version 1.0
MIDI Filter Version 1.0
weirdscalething Version 1.0

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@ndivuyo a very late reply, but thank you for offering your feedback. What you described was initially my idea of a UX as well. However, I had this problem that I was not able to get around. You can't dynamically update a live UI element. So, if I was to say, ok, all your variations can be recalled through the device, then I would need to patch something that speaks to the API and asks how many variations there are, then update a with the numbers of the variations. However, even though you can "hack" it and make it work, it's not stable.. so unfortunately I ended up with this idea, which was disappointing. This device that I made shouldn't exist in the first place. Variations should be able to be fired in a quantized manner on the first place.. but hey :P. Since they don't have it in at the moment... I needed it, I made it, and I shared it for the cost of a beer :P. Again, your feedback is much appreciated! Thank you!

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. This device is the original DS kick modified to accept MIDI. There was this chap on a Facebook group who asked if it would possible for this device to receive MIDI, so, because it was something that I was interested in, I did it, I changed the colors so I can tell the difference when I am loading it and that's it. The only thing I am planning to do is to increase the envelope range so I can have longer kicks (and I am not even sure when I am going to do this). So, I am not going to be modifying this device any further in order to address the issues mentioned in the comments above.

@NickHydeViolin and @lukewigham90 there were a few bugs (you can check them in the device description under the changelog section). These bugs have been addressed and the device should work just fine now. However, keep in mind that there are some limitations. The device detects the clip that you are going to record when you actually trigger then recording. That means that if you disable the clip launch quantization or start recording without pre-count when Live's transport is stopped, then the device will NOT work. This is simply because the device has no way to know, where you are going to record, prior to the "start record event". There are ways to address this limitation and get around it, but it's not something that I will do because, time... there's just not enough of it. I spent a total of one hour developing this after a thread in a FB group because I couldn't sleep. So, if someone wants to take over, I have published this device under a CC attribution - non-commercial - share-alike license. That means that feel free to modify the device as long as you are not selling it and you are including an attribution that leads back to me in your patch. So, thanks for the feedback, I hope that you have no further problems. Cheers

@NickHyldeVIolin it's always a good idea to describe to the developer what is not working. Explain how you use it and what you expect it to do. Also, you should include some information about your Live's version and your Max version as well. It's a really simple device with no externals that it only "talks" to the API. Also, there is a small chance that it won't work if you trigger recordings with no quantization. If this is your case, then that could be the reason. Finally if you are moving tracks arround (e.g. track 1 moved to track 3). I have no idea about what could be going wrong from a single "Doesn't seem to work". Thanks

Hi Kuzma, I am going to upload soon a device for BPM control that I am confident enough to say that a lot of people will like.

Hello kidkalk That's correct, you need as many "next" midi clips as your scenes. The reason I developed this device is to make it easier to jump from scene to scene in an automated way. traditionally this can be done without the device in Ableton by using the follow actions. The issue is that it would require to create dummy clips and then, select them all together, assign a follow action and then assign after how many bars you would like for the follow action to execute. With this device, this process is getting much simpler and quick because its way easier to simply name, adjust length of a clip and add a note to trigger the function. Now in your case, if all your scenes are of the same length simply duplicate the first "next" midi clip as many times as you need. If they are of different lengths then you can still duplicate it and then adjust the length of your clip and trigger note. I hope this helps. Panos

Hello Mec! I have already contacted you about the issue. Please get back to me in the email that comes with the device so I can provide some support on the issue. The device is a fairly simple use of the Live's API. Some m4l or modified remote scripts (that use the live's API) can prevent the device from working properly. Skyelab had that issue and it was an m4l device in his that would cause the problem and he had to quit Ableton and restart it with the device. When you got the chance send me an email so we can work this out.

The device has been updated to address the issue.

The device has been updated and its not updating the undo history with each reset.