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Name/Version: qVar - Quantized macro variation changes 1.0
Author: Panosla  
Description: qVar is a tool that allows you to make quantized macro variation changes. IMPORTANT: Be advised that this device is compatible with live 11 or above. This tool can be particularly useful in a producing or live environment. Using a midi controller, you can map the variation select (visible in keyboard/MIDI mapping mode) and the fire button on qVar. Then you simply select the variation you want to load, and you press fire. The variation snapshot will change automatically, based on your quantization time.

Download link here:

To use it, load this device inside a rack. The device will be configured automatically "under the hood" and make it possible to launch a variation using the quantization time after you press the fire button.

Quantization time - This works similarly to the clip launch quantization time. The default is 1 Bar. That means that the variation change will happen on the next bar.

Fire - This button triggers the variation change.

R (button on the top right corner) - This device cannot track if the whole rack moves into a new channel. If for some reason you decide to move or copy-paste the rack or the device, make sure that the "ok" is displayed right below this button. If you see a "!" just press the R button and you are good to go.

You can download a demo version of the device in my profile:

You can support me by getting the full version of the device in my gumroad profile:

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Downloads: 303
Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8.1.10
Date Added: Mar 13 2021 16:59:23
Date Last Updated: Mar 13 2021 17:02:35
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNoDerivatives

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Device File: qVar Audio v1.0.00 Demo.amxd


Not sure if this is any better than the Live automation quantizer but I'll try it.

Hey it's a nice idea. But you know you can make this process smoother by having the Fire button launch the selected variation with the API without having to do all this midi mapping yea? Take a look at the Live API, in the RackDevice section there is a property called "selected_variation_index " and a function called "recall_selected_variation". So basically instead of mapping the fire button, you can have a live.object with your rack device (you just need to detect the rack device when the device is moved/dropped in the rack) and when the user presses "fire", check the property "selected_variation_index" and then call "recall_selected_variation" and simple :) You can also populate the variations and select/launch them straight from your device but I understand if that is not the workflow you want for the user. Nice work!

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