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Name/Version: OnsetPitch Detector 1.2.
Author: ArnauBrichs  
Description: OnsetPitch Detector analyses an incoming signal, and sends out a MIDI note of the detected pitch at each detected onset or transient of a sound. It does so according to a set of parameters and algorithms.

Useful for glitchy sound design (such as rattling or percussive impulses or noises), and short mini-transient material.

The "Note Swap" MIDI device is used in combination with "OnsetPitch Detector". The notes detected from the audio transients are swapped with the incoming MIDI note data of the track in which the "Note Swap" device sits.

Get it here:


Support me:



Corrected the note output bug.

Added onsetnote send.

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Downloads: 730
Tags effect, glitch, other
Live Version Used: 11.1.1.
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Oct 26 2022 23:08:35
Date Last Updated: Mar 27 2023 11:50:15
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: OnsetPitch Detector.amxd


looks like a great device... I bought it but dunno how to use the Note Swap... It doesnt work ok here... Can you post a small tutorial about that ?! thnx.

I agree it looks amazing, but I have been unable to get this device to really work in any capacity. The midi notes it spits out are very low in velocity and do not seem to track the pitch shown via the box of notes (which does change based on the onset pitch) this is rather disappointing. also, the secondary device attached does not seem to do anything. could you either make a tutorial video for this device? or make it so the changing pitch had a mappable parameter so that we can automate things using either pitch or the modulation data?

Just added a tutorial here (minutes 1-7):

Also, I've made some updates!

Amazing! ty for that~

hi! do you keep gumroad updated? Ive purchased all of your devices there but never got an update notification

It's updated now!

seems the channel strip detection for input is broken in live 11. It displays the channels from what i assume is your own setup

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