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About ArnauBrichs: Composer, pianist and creative coder based in London & Barcelona.
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Devices by ArnauBrichs

HarmPercSeparation Version 1.1
MultiMap Receiver Version 1.1
Note Toggle Map Version 1.1
Voice Follower for Live Version 1.4
MIDI Gain Version 1.1
Audio Morph Version 1.3
OnsetPitch Detector Version 1.3.5.
Random Generators Pack Version 1.0
MPE MultiMap Version 1.2
ScoreFollower4L Version 1.0
MPE Map Version 1.2
MapClipName Version 1.0
Little Pulsar Generator Version 1.3

Total Downloads: 5,912

Comments by ArnauBrichs


Yes, it does work on Windows, the audio engine is fully coded in Max/Gen. - Regarding the ability to save presets, the latest update v1.1 has you covered.

Thanks! If you enjoyed the free version, I just made a newly expanded device that lets you grab your desired MPE parameters from multiple notes. Check it out here:

This is very different from just amplitude following in that: the device maches a "target" audio file with an incoming audio stream (be it live or recorded). Then, you can create trigger points anywhere you want on your waveform, which then will trigger scenes. This means the triggering is not tied to any live parameter, but to a trigger point that you decide where to place. - I'll make a video tutorial shortly.

It's updated now!

Also, I've made some updates!

Just added a tutorial here (minutes 1-7):


I'm running it fine on Live 11 suite (maybe if you're on a trial version it might not work as expected)

The mapping part is not mine, try if the mapping works with this device (which is where I got it from):

Otherwise there might be some problem with Ableton.