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About ArnauBrichs: Composer, pianist and creative coder based in London & Barcelona.
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HarmPercSeparation Version 1.0
MultiMap Receiver Version 1.0
Note Toggle Map Version 1.1
MIDI Gain Version 1.0
Audio Morph Version 1.0
OnsetPitch Detector Version 1.1.
MIDI Gain Pro Version 1.0
Map Rand Value Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 2,248

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Also, I've made some updates!

Just added a tutorial here (minutes 1-7):


I'm running it fine on Live 11 suite (maybe if you're on a trial version it might not work as expected)

The mapping part is not mine, try if the mapping works with this device (which is where I got it from):

Otherwise there might be some problem with Ableton.