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Name | Version: par-randomizer 1.4
Author: Sanders
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Simple device that gets you randomising all or a selection of parameters of any device instantly. Just load it in, select a device and start exploring the unexpected results of randomisation. Works on any device, for vst's you will have to configure the parameters you want to access (this is an Ableton limitation). 

Quick tip: if you click the configure button and change presets in your vst, quite often all the changing parameters will be added.


1.1: added amount parameter allows for a lot more nuance: from tiny incremental changes to full randomness, and everything in between.

1.3: as the device seemed to stop working for some due to some update after Ableton 11, it was time for a bigger rehaul:

Now, the device to be randomised is selected, instead of being based on the position in the chain. This prevents it from switching/breaking/loosing the enabled-disabled list when the order of devices changes.

Efficiency has been further improved, changing any number of parameters should be instant.

UI tweaks

1.4: fix for displaying the selected device properly on reload of the liveset


Live Version Used: 11.3.2
Max Version Used: 8.5.4
Date Added: Nov 12 2020 18:37:09
Date Last Updated: Jun 21 2023 20:51:32
Downloads: 0

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License: AttributionShareAlike
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Very nice device.
Whoops, symbols don't work on the site apparently... Thanks ;)
Fantastic device. Was waiting for something like this. Its very efficient: virtually lag free.
Thanks! That was the intention, and the challenge :)
I'm having trouble getting mine to randomize, it recognizes devices and their parameters but nothing happens when I click randomize (Live 10)

That’s odd, never had that before. Are the parameters enabled?
Try a restart or a different liveset to see if the problem persists.

this is great! its nice to be able to put an lfo on the randomize button.
im curious, is there a way to make it remember the last device it attached to? so when you reopen the project you don't have to re-attach it to all the devices again. ty again!
@offthesky What would you say is different and better about par-randomizer compared to the Device Randomizer included in Ableton?
@offthesky glad you like it! As far as I can see it does actually function on reload, but there's a bug that prevents the attached device name from being displayed on reload. I just made a fix, will update on Gumroad now.
@Torley Fair point! I didn't know know about its existence I think, at the time of creating the device, or I felt it was too flawed, don't exactly recall. Had a look at the Device Randomizer, and it appears to be only able to randomize 16 parameters at a time, and can't randomize any of the buttons/enumerated parameters/quantized parameters (like drop-downs, selectors, etc.) as far as I can tell. Par|randomizer should function really fast with a pretty much unlimited set of parameters.

Then again, there's some functions like modulation that par|randomizer doesn't have, so depending on your use-case one or the other might serve you best.
@sanders, ty for the fix/update! im noticing that this device isn't working with the new drift synth. curious if you might know of a work around?
@offthesky I'm fairly positive this is a current limitation of the Drift device. The parameters aren't exposed to M4L yet. This should be fixed in one of the coming Ableton updates.
@Sanders Thank YOU for being so responsive and helpful here! I am simply curious to understand your creation better. I like the big dice buttons. It's a neat idea to affect things on left/right sides.

Hm, good of you to call out that Par|randomizer also works with dropdowns and other UI controls, there's something I wanted to do with that recently that Device Randomizer wouldn't let me.

The later updates already work a bit differently from the first version, no more left/right side controlling, it was a bit too iffy and easy to break (switching things around etc.). Now it actually works even more similarly to the Device Randomizer it turns out :p, you simply select the device you want to control.

Overall the par|randomizer seems to be more robust. The Innards of the Device Randomizer look scary! XD
Overall only big advantage of my version is that there's no limitations on parameters to randomize.
BTW, note that there are certain parameters that Ableton does not expose, so these can't be randomized! For example the wavetables in the Wavetable device are simply not accessible to M4L. Generally, the parameters that are mappable, are randomizable. Just so you know!

- I just bought par|randomizer and am really happy so far with how easily it integrates into my workflow. I targeted it at Fors Chiral (per a suggestion from the creator, Ess, to find an Ableton randomizer to use it with) — and YES! I see it can access controls the Device Randomizer can. With a few clicks I have the satisfaction of fresh new sounds with it. You can surely bet I'll be trying this with other instruments & effects.

- I like how you made the panel collapse and simple by default, the big dice 🎲 in AMBER makes me smile. I have a soft spot for that color. Any reason why you picked that?

- Are you able to update the device Description at the top of this page so the "choose a side" is revised?

- Has been easy for me to do Enabled/Disabled for different controls in the expanded side panel. Smart layout.

- Also very admirable how you're replying to comments about it coming up on 3 years later. I see various promising M4L devices that get abandoned, or cool concept but no updates or support. I hope this will continue. Thank you.

Thanks for the support! It's truly appreciated to hear some feedback, instead of countless anonymous downloads :)

Glad you're enjoying the UI! Also really love that color, it's actually the official LCD color scheme of the default Ableton theme. I chose to stick to theme colours, so they dynamically adjust according to people's chosen Ableton theme.

It's always surprising how much time, effort and thought sinks into working out decent design decisions. The devil's truly in the details. Just look at some of the things Ableton releases as official M4L devices!

So, thanks again for the encouraging comment!

p.s.: I'll adjust the description.

I'm delighted to hear that! I do hope others chime in and share their happy stories using your tools.

Oh gosh I'm so far away from the base Ableton look now, I have a dark mode skin on so the amber really "pops" even more. Like a retrocomputer.

And YES — you have a great eye and ear for the design, it makes a difference with repetitive workflow actions, and really adds up.

Are there certain devices you really enjoy using par|randomizer with yourself? I am obsessed with MPE (and saw you had another MPE device), so of course I've taken to using it with Drift and the other newly-empowered Ableton devices. And from what I discovered in this library, this benefits a lot:
Great device!
The only issue i have is if i change preset from a vst, the first time when i press the randomize button all parameters that i have enabled for randomizing jumps pretty high (about 30%) even if i set the randomization amount 0%
This happens only if i change a preset and only the first time when i press the randomize button. All the next time it respond well
Anyone have the same issue?
And thanks Sanders!
@Sanders love this device, thanks!! I was just wondering... is there a way to have the percentage of the random amount relative to the current settings instead of the last randomization result? I do not know if I was clear...
@enchse No, unfortunately there's no way to currently achieve that behaviour, other than resetting it to some preset yourself (with a macro snapshot for example)
@Sanders thanks the same, i use it a lot nevertheless and thank you for the quick response

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