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Name/Version: LOM.Navigator 1.8
Author: ShelLuser  
Description: The LOM.Navigator will allow you to get all available properties and change their values as well calling any function from the Live Object Model (which is all part of the 'Live API'). Function parameters can be specified.

This patch also gives you full access to the control
surfaces scripts, but pay close attention to the
instructions on how to use it.

Keep in mind: This patch is licensed under the Apache v2.0 license. See inside the patch (or the URL mentioned) for more details.

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Downloads: 2369
Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Oct 24 2010 00:34:19
Date Last Updated: Aug 10 2012 08:45:21
Average Rating (1) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: LOM.Navigator.amxd


Yeeehaw, it worked ;-)

Ooo, I?d really like to see a demo of this one. It?s possible to edit control surfaces? Really interesting!

No doubt it would be great to see some videos of some of the things you intend on doing with this.

I'm very intrigued by it, clueless at the same time. I'm mean I have some speculations, but I would really like to understand the control surface part better. Or anything for that matter. I feel like I just need to "see" what YOU do with it and why.

Hi gang,

@mingus: Yes, its possible to edit control surfaces as well. The full archive (see url) also comes with a readme file which explains the basics and functionality. But in short it allows for control over properties and functions in any class it can reach (so including components which come with the control surfaces (components & controls).

@JuanSOLO: Hmm, I'm not so much of a video guy myself (don't have the software for that either) but I guess I could devote a blog post on this critter. Do keep in mind that my main usage here is study; both expanding my M4L expertise as well as the stuff you can do with it.

The part which I like best is when this navigator can actually display inconsistencies in the LOM as setup by Ableton & C'74.

Well, it took me a while but as promised I've wrote up a blog post about both the theory behind the Live Object Model as well as some more in depth explanation on how to use the LOM.Navigator.


Hey Dude,

Im struggling a bit here, Im trying to access a chain in a drumrack to access the parameters on the device inside that chain and even though i have studied your writings here unless im doing something completely wring it is not working,,, I even stuck you LOW navigator after the rack but even going through the steps it doesent seem to be picking up the chain even though one is there? Any Ideas?

thanks XG

sorry about typos!

It took me too long but I finally came up with a tutorial which explains how to navigate / access the Live Object Model itself and also explains how to use the navigator, see this link:

can't thank you enough. this will perfectly facilitate my script writing :) thanks for the time you have put in to this wonderful patch.

Love it i also love the knight rider. but do you have a device that can contrtol clip off state value on more than 1 clip slot

It seems the web page is not available. Does anyone have links to the tutorials or documentation? Thanks!


Using the LOM you can use device DeviceType to get type 3 (audio or whatever) etc for a device in a track. Specifically what message is being sent to etc here, as if you try to do this in edit mode it immediately clears itself?

I can't find any download link on ...?

^ Nevermind. Haha, I somehow overlooked the "too" obvious blue Download button here on this page.

This made my day !!!

Seriously, this needs to be included as a default device with Suite. Goddam godsend for figuring out what's available in the LOM for M4L *and* for Python remote scripts.

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