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Mate, been searching all over the net for a Delay like this, I was looking for somethng that mimics the delay of the old Korg Electribe Sampler ES1! With a bit of me own tweaking i now have it thanks to you! (im ok with max but dont know sht about MSP)

I have also teaked it so the Dealy go's in sinc with Live's BPM,,will post when sorted.

Thanks a bunch for you hard work x

sorry about typos!

Hey Dude,

Im struggling a bit here, Im trying to access a chain in a drumrack to access the parameters on the device inside that chain and even though i have studied your writings here unless im doing something completely wring it is not working,,, I even stuck you LOW navigator after the rack but even going through the steps it doesent seem to be picking up the chain even though one is there? Any Ideas?

thanks XG

OK, just incase some of you are struggling to get this to work please see refreashe description which now includes one very important factor in order to get this to work... soz about that,,!