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APC40 MATRIX MODES Version 1.4
remoteNOTE Version 1.0

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I'm taking an indefinite hiatus from Live and M4L to focusing on music without a computer.

The best advice I have on this kind of stuff, is get the "Live API explorer" device, learn it.

Ask a lot of questions at the maxforlive Ableton forum, and the cycling74 M4L forum.

It's possible, but I wouldn't try to so that with this device, better to build from scratch for that.
You would have to disable the matrix, then tell half the matrix to interpret clip launching/recording depending on where the red box was at.
Definitely possible, but too much work for me to take on.


When I first tried this device, I could see it record, but no playback.

I failed to realize I am on L9beta 64bit.
I will try to find 64bit DiracLE and report back.

josquin you are really late to this party.
dric was calling his device "LineFO" when he first posted it.
For the sake of searching/identifying devices I suggested he change the name.
Also out of respect for the guy who started and maintains this site who already posted a device called "LineFO"

I did not think it was plagiarism, just illogical.

PseudoLfo sounds great!

you should at least call it something besides LineFO, somebody's used that one already.

AWESOME! I will have to try this soon.
Haven't been using M4L since the 64bit beta.
But I will test the new update throughout next week and keep you posted.

I will be on this as soon as I get to the house!


I'm at work cant really test it with a controller.
However after giving it the once over, it would be nice to see a quick video demonstration of setting it up and using it.

AWESOME, please let me know when you get the Slim sysex figured out!

Thanks, the LFO device needs a lot of work before it stabilizes.

Yeah, I cant get this device to work. A simple explanation of how to set up would go a long way.

I'm no slouch to this stuff either, this is kind of confusing.

this is AWESOME!!!

I recently bought the EKS kick, but no preset morphing. I may end up using this a lot.


This is cool. Presets are not working though.

I just realized you updated this. What changes have been made?

can't wait to try this out.

I dont have a NordLead. However any advancement on phatty patches that have not been done yet in M4L would be GREAT.

Personally I abandoned the sysex attempts in pursuit of devices I kew I could finish. The sysex seems to have a lot of road blocks and lack of information to push forward and actually finish something.

another AWESOME device, thanks! Keep em coming.

disregard that first post, this is totally working GREAT! Maybe some simple help file to say what the different functions do.


Not sure if this one is working right. I have tried dialing in all kinds of settings and I cant get a simple sine wave to appear as you have in the picture. It seems like it doing the sine wave in a random way.

Thank you for this!!!

the ability to draw envelopes
4bar to 1/16th
easy mapping technique


Trey, maybe I am missing something but Facebook does not give me any messaging option or friend request option when I try your link. Here's mine,

Contact me if you want to collaborate and make a REALLY NICE editor.

I am a few weeks away from posting my own Slim Phatty editor. I saw your device, havent tried it yet, but I am wondering if we should combine efforts.

PS I have the GUI already, it's pretty much perfect.

cant wait to try this

It's not making any sound for me?

Oh hell yeah! Cant wait to try this one.

All I see is the top 6 buttons, nothing else. I opened the patch and it's pretty vacant inside.

This is fun! Not sure I'll use it much, but nevertheless, very cool, and a fantastic post to the library of devices. Small in CPU, YES!

Love the 3D render too.

No doubt it would be great to see some videos of some of the things you intend on doing with this.

I'm very intrigued by it, clueless at the same time. I'm mean I have some speculations, but I would really like to understand the control surface part better. Or anything for that matter. I feel like I just need to "see" what YOU do with it and why.

I'm not sure I understand this device at all, but I have a feeling I should. Could you please elaborate on how it works or how you use it? Specifically the part about not using an unnecessary amount of clips in a drum rack?

This is a fantastic idea, too bad I am the only one in my band using a computer.

AWESOME can't wait to try it on my monitors.

This will not drag and drop onto my Audio OR Midi track?

I'm really excited about trying it though, seems something wrong though

This thing is AWESOME, however, the 1/16ths seems to do this audio drop out sounding thing when is pressed. Like it takes a bit to work, or like it's not hitting the right spot when activated. I opened it up, but it's kind of messy in there. I will have to take a closer look when I got more time.

In the editable curves it would be rad to have some default curves to choose from. Like a perfect straight angle, sine, concave and convex curve.

That would be a killer feature to add.

This is incredible!


OOOOHH, cant wait to try this thing

or the S400

Possible names (cool being relative)

1. DJC40
2. 40hurtz DJ blowout
3. CoutnlessControlz
4. Shennanagins
5. I forgot what the hell I'm doing
6. 8 by zillion
7. MonsterMash
8. the Disabler
9. Funky Chicken
10. KowleyKungFuManChu

Works great with Drum Racks too!


Could you break down what ALL of the Transport Controls do?


Scratch that last post. I missed the part about the metronome being "shift"

I will get at this tomorrow when I have had some rest.

Thanks D.

I'd definitely like to see a video.

So far not everything is working. It sees my stop clips, activator, solo, cue, and device control knobs.

Shift scene, does nothing.
I cant locate the beat jumps either, and no led feed back. I'm not sure it will even navigate to it?

The load button seems to act strange too. It seems to activate the 1st
TBC button.

I have tomorrow off. I'd love to figure this thing out.

My buffer is set to 128samples.

I use a live feed from a turntable and Traktor so I try to keep my Latency as low as possible. I would prefer lower, but I settle for that. Sometimes I raise it to 196 or so.

I will use this device for my DJ sets, but for my band I will eventually extract your BeatJump section and isolate just that. Slowly but surely I will make something similar to the finger meets BeatLookUp. Still trying to kick the idea around in my head. If I can figure out how to make it half ass emulate what the finger can do I will be stoked.

On the first version of this device the Looping worked great. Since then the Looping totally freaks out. It really just throws my clip out of whack. I'm not sure what it does to it. Something like throwing the Loop start position way to the back where there is no music. It sets the loop size all crazy too.

Also I tested this device with one track and a bout 20 audio clips. Live started acting slow and buggy. Didn't really see CPU spikes, but it was acting like it was a major struggle. When I watched your video on this it baffles me, because it seems to run so smooth for you.

HOWEVER, the beat Jumping is KILLER.

Sorry to leave a downer of a post, I'm just really excited about this device and it doesn't seem to act right

It's still downloading 2.4 not 2.5

I really like this. After opening this thing I was amazed at it's simplicity.

What make this device only look at the devices in the track where it sits? How does that work?

So it seems to be working for me now. If you want to control Rack Macros go into the property inspector for the Knob and change the Range to 128 instead of 1.

I love this thing. Now if I can only make 8 of them in one device, and it work.

Sometimes this thing works for me and sometimes it does not. Sub menu not populating, and in a set with a lot of tracks the menus may say they are connected to a parameter but they are really connected to something else. As if it is bouncing over a few tracks and grabbing those instead of what you assigned. Not sure if it's the devices issue or Max4Live at this point.

I was trying to Modify this device where there were 8 knobs that could remote 8 knobs as in a Macro. Now I can't even get the original LineLFO to work.

I did however get it to modulate racks macro knobs connecting a patchcord from the knob directly to the M4L.api.DeviceParameterRemote, but still leaving everthing else as is. Not sure why that works but it did for me.

In the spirit of "it would be cool if"

It had a "gate" sort of tremolo style function.

And maybe a delay that when activated it cuts the incoming audio and leaves only the echo until released.

Just a thought. Other than that this is only going to get tons better!

the Looping/Follow does not seem to work right at all.

It either stops my track, puts the loop at the very end, or squashes my track to almost nothing.

Not sure whats going on with that.

I sure would like fine adjustments on the stutter etc. 16th and 32nd and possibly 64.

I really appreciate your efforts man! You have become a real whiz on this stuff and I look forward to the updates. That being said, as cool as this device is, it's still not as smooth or efficient as the beat look up. That could be due to Max4Live just not being there yet. I really want there to be a day when most of my fx are "Native" to Ableton, so I greatly appreciate what your doing with it.

OK, after opening it up, I still can't seem to get it to work on other tracks.

This device is way cool and I'm not sure it's working properly yet. I wish you posted a bit more info about the buttons on the currently working tab "clip."

It only seems to be working in Track 1. When you say " you'll need to enter into the patch the track number that it sits on,"
where do you enter that? It's like I dont get an option for that.

Can't wait to see the rest of it working. This is really awesome.

Cool Filter thingy!!!

Very Cool.


I tried using this with DrumRack, Instrument Racks, and FX Racks in a variety of ways. It only wants to change the Macros by a value of 1?

On Operator or Analog it works as expected. This is really cool device, any ideas on how to get it working with Racks Macro Knobs??