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Name | Version: remoteNOTE 1.0
Author: JuanSOLO
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Incoming midi notes trigger a curve over time, and controls a devices parameter. I built this as an alternative to sidechaining kicks. However I realized it was more versatile than that.

1. Insert 'remoteNOTE' as a midi effect any where thats receiving notes.
2. Every time a note is played, the curve gets triggered left to right.

FRONT- sets the height of the starting point
BEND- inverts curve
SPEED- sets the amount of time it takes to pass (when all the way down, the speed is VERY fast)
spd adj- when increased, the SPEED knob is adjusted to span over longer times.

3. set your menus to select the parameter you want to modulate.

As I said above, I built this for sidechaining the kick. I put this device as the first device in my kick drum cell, I attach it to a macro that is mapped to a utility device's gain, that resides on my synth track. After testing it and making adjustments, I realized I could set it all kinds of ways and control any parameter I wanted. ALSO I dont have to trigger it with drums, I can trigger it with any thing sending midi notes.

Right now it's a very simple device and I like that. However any ideas on making it better are welcome.


Live Version Used: 8.2.8
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Mar 03 2012 04:06:50
Date Last Updated: Mar 03 2012 04:08:40
Downloads: 878
License: None
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Device File: remoteNOTE_v1.amxd


Great ! I cannot do without playing with a lag processor on my modular - here is the handy and powerful digital counterpart. Thx for sharing.
This is really great. I have be getting so annoyed with the breathing clicks I get when I sidechain with Live's compressor so I was thinking about getting Steve Dudas LFO Tool that does a great job sidechaining but this is really cool too.

I only have one thing that I think would make this perfect. A Min and Max setting would be really great. I only say this because when I use this with an audio track and map it to a Utility it cranks the volume up to 35, so crazy red goin on. I have pulled the Back setting way down but it feels a little touchy. Please let me know if you ever release a v2. I will be using this a lot I think so keep in touch.

Thanks again!
Hey, um It doesn't work properly for me, instead of seeing the curve, I just see "(sa.function)" and there is no notable difference when I press notes.

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