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About ShelLuser: I'm a vivid Ableton Live (Suite) user who tries to specialize himself in sound design and engineering. Which is also where Max for Live comes into the picture: it is truly the glue which more or less ties all my gear (Live / Reason) together.

When it comes to Max for Live I try to specialize myself in creating tools and utilities which can help us to get more out of the Live environment.

Some of my most notable work was my APC40 "hacking project": trying to get the APC to do more than merely being a dedicated Live MIDI controller. In the mean time I replaced the APC40 with the Push and there's more hacking to be done there ;)
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LOM.Navigator Version 1.8
AutoRec2 Version 2.1
LoopSet Version 1.0
ToneGen Version 1.5
M4LScope Version 1.8
SimplerCTL Version 1.5
ToneGenFX Version 1.1
MIDITransposer Version 1.0
APCP4d Version 1.0
PushLock Version 0.1
RecQuantCtl Version 1.0
RecClipColor Version 1.5

Total Downloads: 12,629

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Recolor clips based on contents is doubtful because you can't access the information of the source material (such as filename, path, etc.).

The color will only get assigned if the track is currently selected as well as armed.

This device is hardly usable on Live 9, I'm considering to change it into something more fitting where GUI and usability are concerned.

I did more testing and stuff changed in Live 9. The APCP4d can still turn off the APC40 matrix and then use the upper left 4x4 area to display notes, but as far as I can tell it is no longer possible to use the APC40 as a drumpad.

I'll update the device to reflect on these changes while also trying to keep some kind of 'legacy mode'.

I'm going to do more testing to see if the color changes can be more smoothened out, perhaps Jitter can also help out with this.


There have been some changes in Live 9, will test that real soon.


APC40 or APC20? (just making sure; it was build for APC40).

If APC40 then I assume you're either using more controllers or the APC isn't the first controller. If that's the case; could you tell me where you setup the APC40 (Pref. screen, MIDI Sync tab); so the number of the row (1 - 6) ?

Last option: You're not using the default MIDI remote script for the APC40 but someone elses script. Then its also possible that my script can't detect this.

It took me too long but I finally came up with a tutorial which explains how to navigate / access the Live Object Model itself and also explains how to use the navigator, see this link:

Well, it took me a while but as promised I've wrote up a blog post about both the theory behind the Live Object Model as well as some more in depth explanation on how to use the LOM.Navigator.


Hi gang,

@mingus: Yes, its possible to edit control surfaces as well. The full archive (see url) also comes with a readme file which explains the basics and functionality. But in short it allows for control over properties and functions in any class it can reach (so including components which come with the control surfaces (components & controls).

@JuanSOLO: Hmm, I'm not so much of a video guy myself (don't have the software for that either) but I guess I could devote a blog post on this critter. Do keep in mind that my main usage here is study; both expanding my M4L expertise as well as the stuff you can do with it.

The part which I like best is when this navigator can actually display inconsistencies in the LOM as setup by Ableton & C'74.

Yeeehaw, it worked ;-)