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This made my day !!!

Is it possible to use your work to make it work with another controller? Thanks

Ok, so sorry I RTFM once again and it is boldly written : "currently available only as a Mac OS device for 32 bit Live"
my fault.
Could you tell me if it should be complicated to make it work with 64bits? I'm a developer and I could give a try if you don't mind.
Let me know

Made it work on with Ableton 9.7 32bit.
But.... I loaded the same project using Ableton 10 64bit and It did not work.
I'm on OSX 10.11.6 (El captain) using a mac Intel from 2009.

Please, could you tell me if it should work the same with Ableton 10 ?

I opened the device using Max4Live and I noticed that the midi output and input names were not the same as in Live 9. I mean Live 9 prints a list using the default virtual midi bus (IAC Driver Bus IAC 1) whereas in Live 10 it prints "IAC Driver track-remote bus" and "IAC Driver track bus".

I RTFM but could not find a tip relating to my problem.
Any advice?

Thx a lot

sorry I didn't realized this was already implemented...

I'd like to know if I could create another mode where the m4l device autodetects the number of plugins, then update the chain automatically (one more plugin = one more chain) and then handle automatic activation/desactivation when a chain is selected (instrument is activated on the selected chain).
Thanks for help