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^ Nevermind. Haha, I somehow overlooked the "too" obvious blue Download button here on this page.

I can't find any download link on ...?

Any advice appreciated...! I'm using my OP-1 as a MIDI controller/keyboard in Live.

Long story short: MIDI mapped OP-1 keys will only (momentarily) toggle the states in LOOPO, as opposed to switching between states. So when pressing e.g. assigned Overwrite key on OP-1, it switches to Overwrite while pressing key down, and switches back to Overwrite OFF when releasing same key on OP-1.

Is there a way to overcome this?? Would really like it to work fine with my OP-1.

I like the main function of this device, which is to manually step through the notes in a given sequence. For improvement, I wish there was a way to compose the sequence with MIDI keyboard, instead of just being able to compose via mouse dragging each step's note.

Maybe also add a feature that triggers from *any* key, not just C3. I can see a few good uses for that, such as just throwing in a MIDI clip from another track (with groove and everything), that plays your sequence instead.