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Name/Version: dirty VST wrapper preseter morpher 3.7
Author: schlam  
Description: This free device allows to store and recall the whole state of a VST plugin (no 128 parameters limit), thoses presets can be morphed with sliders, line interpolation, randomized.... You can easily recall any state of A VST plugin when launching a clip. Parameters can be easily excluded of the process. beta


¤ Store / Recall any state of any VST.

¤ Choose a ramp time between two presets to make a transition.

¤ This ramp time can be free (from 1 ms to 1 minute) ...

¤ ... or in sync with Live's tempo (from 1/16 to 16 bars).

¤ Morphing between 2, or 3, or 4 presets with mappable sliders

¤ Each preset can be triggered with mapping/automation (and with transition)

¤ Random feature with exclude/include capabilities.

¤ Random dosing

¤ A dial brows all saved presets, its stroke is always a function of the number of recorded presets, even if there are empty slots. Mapping this dial to a hardware knob allows to distribute all the current presets around it.

¤ 8 automatables dials can control VST params, you can exclude\include them while morphing/recalling/randoming


_click PLUG
_choose a VST
_open the VST with the square button
_press EXCLUDE and move all the parameters you don't want to be saved in the preseter/randomizer (double click in the list to delete)
_press EXCLUDE again to leave "learn mode"
_choose a sound or press random
_Press STORE and click on a preset slot
___all the parameters will be stored (no 128 parameters limitation)
_choose another sound or press random
__press STORE again and click another slot


-you can automate in a clip the numbox PRESET to load presets with clips

if you draw an envelop with PRESET from 1 to 2
->the VST will morph from preset 1 to 2
if you draw an envelop from 1 to 3
->the VST will morph from 1 to 2 and then from 2 to 3

if you want to only morph from preset 1 to 3, without going through the preset 2 :

__choose 1 for the "INTERP_FROM" and 3 for the "INTERP_TO"
__draw an envelop of the parameter "INTERP_SLIDER" (0-127)


RELEASE NOTES_______________________________________

V1 : Just to help someone in the forum looking for a way to easily use dummy clips to send preset changes to a vst... I didn't plan to update it but...

V2 : ...Everything has been changed. Now the device is a mod of my device "Variation for L10 for L11", so there is a lot more options

V3 : 8 automatables macros that can be excluded from recalling/morphing/randoming

the number of parameters saved per VST is 4096

Exclusion of parameters is now dynamic and displayed in a list

The current VST name is displayed in the title of the device

V3.5 : what's new..

The new Button "Now" allows to store the current tweaked state. Then if you press another slot AND if there is a ramp time choosen, the transition will begin from this state without drops.

Double click in the list exclusion to delete a parameter
Note that you can exclude all the parameters by clicking Exclude and then Random. Then you can include just some parameters by deleting them from the list. Note too that when a parameter has been excluded, it will be store anyway in the preset. A excuded parameter is saved and just not recalled.

Random has a new function to only random the non excluded parameters from just a little bit to drasticly

Add info view for parameters...

LOTs of big and littles improvements
and bugs fix...

...and surely new ones =)


Yes there were a regression in 3.5 where states of the device was not well restored when live re-opens. It's fixed.

A new "ALL" button allows to exclude all the parameters. It's useful with big VST synths like Diva where a lot of the 281 parameters are "under the wood" parameters and don't have to be proceded IMO. This button appears when "exclude" is engaged.

Another "ALL" button appears when "del" is engaged. it allows to delete all the presets. Double clicking this button erases all the presets, and the exclusions, and the macro assignations..

The random dozing is more accurate

The process of exclusion had been totally rebuilt. Note that it's no longer possible to always exclude a parameter directly in the VST in some situations (while Live transport is running or when an interpolation is performing). If transport is not running or if there is no ramptime, parameters can be choosen in the VST. Note too that parameters in this case don't have to be moved anymore, just click it. This way selecting a parameter doesn't change the sound)

Drag an drop plugin anywhere in the device

Lot of little bug fixs....

...and surely new ones again =)

________STilll a BETA not tested on each very well with Diva for example...but can be slow with some big VST3 synths with more than 2000 parameters... but seems to work well with the same big plugin in VST2 version... I have an idea of the problem, I am investigating..

Don't forget to click REFRESH when you load a different VST plugin







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Downloads: 328
Tags utility, beta
Live Version Used: 10.3.20
Max Version Used: 8.5.7
Date Added: Jan 15 2024 17:31:08
Date Last Updated: Jan 23 2024 23:32:19
Average Rating (3) 5
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

Device Files

Device File: dirty_VST_ preseter_morpher_3.7g.amxd


Are you kindding ?
You made this patch just for helping someone ? ?? ...
That's crazzy ! It' been decade i wait a patch like this !
1) no limit in the number of parameters (no more stupid 127 ableton limit)
2) snaps / recall functions
3) randomess of parameters at will to create new patch
That's just th? grall for me !!!
Could you explain how to also see and be able to map parameters ?

I would like to control them on the push 2. Soooooo craaaazyyy to seee your device if it was "normal" device !

I would like to also be able to save/recall presets with midi not only with the keyboard ! wowowowooooow

I would like to also be able to save/recall presets with midi not only with the keyboard ! wowowowooooow

And...what is the forum you are talking about ? morphing vst parameters is a biiig this for me , if you talk about that i would love to participate

I just read that you have no plan to update this ... I would the price a conventionnal synth plugin for a max for live patch like this !! that's sad . But i can understand .

i will continue to use Clyphx that is a great alternative but .... Ableton 127 parameters limit is....

Happy that you like it ;)

Yes its not really "just for you" I made it.
I made it for me a long time ago and decided after reading your post in the forum ti quickly publish it. I said I didnt plan to update it because this device is working for what I ask to it. Of course if little changes has to be lade I will try to make them...

Also, the way it works "works" for the purpose I made it for. But it should be very buggy with "uses" I don"t have. So maybe it will work for your use, maybe not ;)

To "map parameters" as you ask, you have to do nothing.
Just choose and open a vst with this device.
Then all the parameters of the vst will be stored/recalled/morphed/randomized/glitched.

If you want to exclude parameters just press "exclude" move the parameters you want to be excluded, and press Exclude again BEFORE storing the presets you want to play with

And the forum I was talking about is there

If someone is a Live12 tester I am curious to know if it's working with L12.
Tested with L10 and L11

If you want to recall preset with midi just make a dummy clip with the PRESET you want an launch it with midi...
And I am glas that you are so happy but I don't think this device is sooo new =)


V2 totally rebuilt. It should be easier for you to map things with your push.

It's not me on the forum ? ! That's crazy ! And so funny ! I also look for this exact kind of max for live plugin ! i don't understand how/why no one use parameters morphing on plugins ! that's so creative ! By the way , thanks for all this new feature ! i love that ! You know i use Clyphx to do the same thing but that's sooo mutch easy with your device ! Regarding mapping i was also talking about being able to map something like 16-32 parameters on knobs that i can control on the Push . The experimentation from morphing all the parameters from one preset to another is great but once you have "something you like" iT's good to just tweak , for example the filter, or the attack or the decay in live situation . The fact is that i would like also to automate this "few parameters" . I don't know what is happening now because , first the "E4L VST Loader Midi 1.0 by d5x610" that have knobs to select parameters you want to tweak ( , now your preset/morphing parameters/snapshooting/recalling device that is just incredible ... lol !!! i would love to have both in one !! whatever ! really gratefull for this great device !! Thank you !!!

I just tried it with the x/y preset morpher with 4 presets with Legend vst ....such a killer max for live patch ! You know you are the only guy who made such a patch/vst plugin ? you know how mutch you could earn money with this ?!?!? that's crazy !

Ok , i made more experimentation , it seems that it does not store more than a certain number of parameters ? it would like to be able able to store all existing parameters of a vst . If there is 500 parameters for example , i would like to store and morph them all . As ableton is limited to 127 parameters i never be able to do such a thing but with max for live patch i think it can be done ?

For the parameter limitations, there is no limit with m4L. It should be a little bug in my device, I have an idea, I will fix it soon..

Experementing with Oddity 3 . It actually store all the parameters of a presets . I can switch between presets with the variation slots !!! but when i want to morph between the 4 variation ,it is not able to morph correctly . It seems like the morphing feature does not interpolate all the parameters. Still recalling varation with the variation slot works flowessly !

How many parameters have Oddity ? I dont have this VST.
The biggest VST I have is Diva (281 parameters) and It's working good when morphing with the 4x pad..

Maybe you excluded some parameters by mistake ?

Press "clear exceptions" and store again some presets..
It's the same ?

yes , i thought the same thing and i tried that, but no it does not change anything for Oddity 3. And i tried with Diva and Arcsyn . And it works perfectly , i suppose it's an Oddity 3 problem not your patch . Don't know why. Sometimes plugins have different behavior and does not react the same way from triggering 2 values to moving from one to the other . I suppose it's the cas for oddity 3

I see that odity 3 as a free demo.
I am downloading it.
Can you precisely explain me the situation where all the parameters are not correctly saved/morphed. I will try to understand the problem

Also, can you explain me clearly what you mean in your post about tweaking just some parameters after having save a preset.. I dont understand well (my english is not so good..
Each parameter can be tweaked, even after a preset has been saved..
But since all "non excluded" parameters are saved/morphed, effectively you cannot automate a parameter while it is morphed, but you can exclude it..

I am looking for a more clever way to achieve that but you have to explain me.more...;)

Thanks !
Then what i mean is having something like 8 to 32 macros exposed on youre device . Each macro would have th? ability to get assign to a particular vst parameter (like on "th?E4L VST Loader Midi 1.0 by d5x610") . Also each macro could be midi mappable and could be automated . Like if we would expose a normal vst parameter on ableton .

The purpose would be :
while morphing between two preset there is a moment where a new sound is interesting and you just want to move ,then, some few parameters like filter , or , just the osc pitch or something else. live , in the "music" moment. those macro would be there for that.

E4L VST Loader Midi 1.0 by d5x610" intergrated it in really nice way .
I can imagine , those knobs with your preset snap/morph/recall device . that would be , for me , the patch i was always looking for !
Already thanks so mutch for this already !

Ok. It's what I understood.
But what don"t allow you to simply map the parameter you want to tweak after ?? Anyway I will add few knobs if you want ;)

"But what don"t allow you to simply map the parameter you want to tweak after?"
Did i mess something ? i didn't find a way to do that ? i can't see any vst parameters exposed . Also the way ou integrated exclusion is great , because it will be possible to automate/midi map with the knobs such parameter as filter cutoff for exemple , that it could be seperatly automated while morphing .

Thanks you so mutch !! ;)

I got it.
I misunderstood =)

v3 coming soon

And I downloaded Oddity it has more than 1000 parameters
the vst3 version has 3171 parameters !

the current version of the device was limited in fact to 512 parameters, it's fixed in v3

Wowie wow, this is so cool. Seriously, can we buy you a beer? Take my money for this.

V3 is there ...

Of course you can pay me a beer !! =)
It should be possible by paypal with my mail " "


Thank you for this device! Works like a charm on Diva. Randomization on Surge or Vital kills the signal though, tried hundred times no luck... any clue?

Wow, it's just incredible! You've developed such a powerful patch in only three days! Unfortunately, I don't use PayPal (and actually dislike it), but I'd really like to buy you a beer as a token of appreciation. Maybe I could treat you to a real beer if we're nearby? I'm based in Paris. Or perhaps you have a Gumroad page for contributions?

Regarding the device, would it be possible to add 8 more macro controls? I use Push and a secondary controller with 8 knobs. This way, I could manage 16 parameters simultaneously while morphing. I've experimented with this setup and it's fantastic! Being in the middle of a morph, with the sound evolving, and then adjusting the oscillator pitch or the cutoff is just exhilarating! I'd love to take it a step further and continue morphing from there. For this, a temporary 'snapshot' feature that isn't part of the regular snapshot slots would be ideal. This would allow transitioning from the current morph to other pre-saved snapshots. It would be great to tweak parameters mid-morph, hit a 'temporary snapshot' button, and then continue morphing to another snapshot with dynamic parameter changes.

Another issue is the Max for Live VST window; it keeps disappearing behind Ableton. Is there a way to 'pin' the window so it stays on top of Ableton?

Also i tested it on Gforce Minimonsta ! That already have morphing abilities . and with you device it is even better !! Thanks!!!!

Also , i am part of the Ableton 12 beta testers . Your device work great ... Your device SHOULD BE a completion pack of the performance pack !!!!!!!!

Oh, also, I forgot to mention . The exposed parameters are not exposed on the push2 . Is it possible to have it on the push2 ?

And some "bug" and way to improve ,
Bug : when i try to make an automation from the Knob and i want to play this automation , the automation is disabled on the clip on the timeline .
Also excluding the parameters that are on macro does not resolve the problem .
improve : Would it be also possible to directly select from "exclude" button the parameters of the macro instead of having to go back to the vst and select them (it is also a great way to do that !)
That's all ! thanks !


_The Vst windows that dont stat on top seems to be an old MaxMSP bug.
_I dont have Push
_I don"t plan to add more macros.

Yes it's a beta with bugs ;)

I dont have time anymore during next weeks, sorry.

I was in Paris until yesterday, the device was made in the train to here, where I live, in S?te, at the south of France ;)

That's already great ! Then, thank you ! I am from south to . have a good time !

Things you asked seem to be fixed...
and even more maybe...
still want my beer =)

This is awesome. Dreamed about this for a long time. Thank you so much!!


v3.5 doen't recall properly presets when live.Set is opened.
it's fixed in the next release..

Reading through the description(s), not sure I understand what this device intends to do... Could someone give me a 2 sentence dummy description of what it does? It's a VST randomizer or no?

Hi FreddyFingaz,

Hoping not to leave any main capability out:

You can use this device to recall VST devices configurations, morph between them and randomise the value of its parameters

The device also allows you to exclude parameters of the VST device from being altered by the previous listed actions.

I hope this helps.

Thank ULAK to answer

Hello FreddyFingaz. Yes that's it. Did you manage to make it worked ? Note that the mains parameters of the devices have shorts explanations in the info view of Live

This device is absolutely fantastic, thank you!

I understand if you don't want to develop the device further, but if there was a way to add a sidechain input to take audio from other channels so that the device could work with audio fx vsts, that would be super useful! Anyway, thanks again!

Oh !! You finally continued to develop the patch!!! Such a good news!!! Thanks !!!

I will try the new version now !

Hi Kalansorion

Thank you for your words ! ;)

I do not use VST with sidechain at all but i imagine it should be very easy to implement.
Please give me a link to a free/demo vst with sidechain. I will try to add this feature.

Cheers !

here are two link for great vst plugin free : and
Analof Obsession is more on Dynamic, eq etc and Fullbucket on emulation on synth and Fx plugin
here is a link to a gold compressor from Analog Obsession :
BusterSe .
You can download the plugin freely
BusterSe have sidechain compression to.
just clic the "ext" on the sidechain panel.
Of course you will have to send signal to the sidechain and signal to the input as a normal sidechain compressor .

Hi, I'm not sure how well I explained my idea - I was suggesting adding the ability to route audio into and through your device whether or not the vst that's loaded has it's own sidechain input. That way it could be used to control any audio vst, rather than only vst instruments.

But if that's too big of a task, being able utilize the sidechain input on plugins that already have it would definitely still a useful enhancement!

Thanks for sharing your work, cheers!

Also thanks for posting links to the free sidechainable plugins zengel

Oh so it wouldn't be sidechain input in this instance, just an input. I guess I was thinking that adding a sidechain input that you could solo to send through might be easier than adding an input, not sure why. I haven't been getting much sleep lately haha

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