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Makenoise 0-coast Panic CCMod Version 0.0
Variations For Live10 Version 0.4
Expression Control plus plus Version 0.3
map plus plus Version 0.7.3
eXp plus plus Version 0.4.7
midi volume Version 0.1
4 LasT ParaMs Version 0.1
8x Sends To Tracks Version 0.1
MFB Tanzbar PresetMod Version 0.1
MIDI Quantize Version 2.3
Several Tap Tempo Version 1.0
Scan Clip - Midi CLip Scrub device Version 0.8
Variation For L10 for L11 and L10 MIDI VERSION Version 1.0
Variation for L10 for L11 and L10 AUDIO VERSION Version 1.0
Squeyle Version 0.12
Master To Cue Version 1.0
dirty VST wrapper preseter morpher Version 3.7

Total Downloads: 8,192

Comments by schlam


Error 404 with the url you give...
Is there a video demo somewhere ?

Hi Kalansorion

Thank you for your words ! ;)

I do not use VST with sidechain at all but i imagine it should be very easy to implement.
Please give me a link to a free/demo vst with sidechain. I will try to add this feature.

Cheers !

Thank ULAK to answer

Hello FreddyFingaz. Yes that's it. Did you manage to make it worked ? Note that the mains parameters of the devices have shorts explanations in the info view of Live


v3.5 doen't recall properly presets when live.Set is opened.
it's fixed in the next release..

Things you asked seem to be fixed...
and even more maybe...
still want my beer =)


_The Vst windows that dont stat on top seems to be an old MaxMSP bug.
_I dont have Push
_I don"t plan to add more macros.

Yes it's a beta with bugs ;)

I dont have time anymore during next weeks, sorry.

I was in Paris until yesterday, the device was made in the train to here, where I live, in Sète, at the south of France ;)

V3 is there ...

Of course you can pay me a beer !! =)
It should be possible by paypal with my mail " "


I got it.
I misunderstood =)

v3 coming soon

And I downloaded Oddity it has more than 1000 parameters
the vst3 version has 3171 parameters !

the current version of the device was limited in fact to 512 parameters, it's fixed in v3

Ok. It's what I understood.
But what don"t allow you to simply map the parameter you want to tweak after ?? Anyway I will add few knobs if you want ;)

Also, can you explain me clearly what you mean in your post about tweaking just some parameters after having save a preset.. I dont understand well (my english is not so good..
Each parameter can be tweaked, even after a preset has been saved..
But since all "non excluded" parameters are saved/morphed, effectively you cannot automate a parameter while it is morphed, but you can exclude it..

I am looking for a more clever way to achieve that but you have to explain me.more...;)

I see that odity 3 as a free demo.
I am downloading it.
Can you precisely explain me the situation where all the parameters are not correctly saved/morphed. I will try to understand the problem

How many parameters have Oddity ? I dont have this VST.
The biggest VST I have is Diva (281 parameters) and It's working good when morphing with the 4x pad..

Maybe you excluded some parameters by mistake ?

Press "clear exceptions" and store again some presets..
It's the same ?

For the parameter limitations, there is no limit with m4L. It should be a little bug in my device, I have an idea, I will fix it soon..

V2 totally rebuilt. It should be easier for you to map things with your push.

If you want to recall preset with midi just make a dummy clip with the PRESET you want an launch it with midi...
And I am glas that you are so happy but I don't think this device is sooo new =)


If someone is a Live12 tester I am curious to know if it's working with L12.
Tested with L10 and L11

And the forum I was talking about is there

To "map parameters" as you ask, you have to do nothing.
Just choose and open a vst with this device.
Then all the parameters of the vst will be stored/recalled/morphed/randomized/glitched.

If you want to exclude parameters just press "exclude" move the parameters you want to be excluded, and press Exclude again BEFORE storing the presets you want to play with

Also, the way it works "works" for the purpose I made it for. But it should be very buggy with "uses" I don"t have. So maybe it will work for your use, maybe not ;)

Happy that you like it ;)

Yes its not really "just for you" I made it.
I made it for me a long time ago and decided after reading your post in the forum ti quickly publish it. I said I didnt plan to update it because this device is working for what I ask to it. Of course if little changes has to be lade I will try to make them...

Also, if you have Live 12, this can you tell me if the device is still working on this version ?

Hello cwm,

thank you for your comment,

Can you explain what do you mean about the slider at the bottom and crackling ?




It seems very cool but each time a put the device in a track there is a stack overflow. Sometimes with a live.path; sometimes with an [incdec].

No stackoverflow while the device is edited..but I do not manage to make it work

What is strange is that the first time a drag the device it worked but not after, even deleting the device and download it again don't fix it.

Do you have an idea ?

thank you !
live 11.2.10b3
max 8.5.3

Hello Xanadu.

First of all : thank you !
I use your device a lot in a bigger project and it's working so perfectly.

Sorry to contact you here, I don't find a way to PM you.

I am looking for a way to do the same but not only for VST, but for any live device.

I know max4live quite well, but nothing about JS..
I manage to do what I am looking for but my version is really less fluid and solid than yours when I interpolate between presets with lots of parameters.

Do you think it's hard for you to make a M4L version ?
Or maybe can you help me to modifie your device ?

In my project, I store hundreds (almost 1200) of devices's parameters in my live.set

I have in my main patch a [poly~] for each track
and in each of these [poly~] : there is another [poly~] for each device, and in each of these [poly~] there is another [poly~] for each parameter with a live.dial that is set with the name, min value, and max value. In this last poly, each parameter is observed and can be set.

Since a live.dial is bound to each parameter of the targeted device, it's easy then to grab all the values in Pattrstorage thanks to autopattr.
Then, interpolation is easy.

With this device I can save all the parameters and make interpolation with pattrstorage of (almost) all my live.set.

As I said , it's working, but I see that when I interpolate with your device it's so smooooth, compared to my version.
I use your device with DIVA and 281 parameters are interpolated very smoothly.

I am "just" looking for a way to use your method for any device (ableton stock device or any amxd.)

Can you think you can help me ?

cheers !


what is the external that causes problem ?
I only use PC. I will see if it's possible...

thank you !


the device seems great but the link is down...

Cool device, thank you for sharing !
It's a really cool alternative to the great HEXO from k-devices, which is not free..

maybe you can add two "little" things =)

- probability for each cell
- a way to sort incoming notes not from lower to higher but in the order they are played..

thank you again !

merci !
content que tu t'amuses avec !

You can try this's really a sketch but maybe you can do that with it or modify it for your purpose...

You have to put it before a rack. Press "refresh" if the rack is created after you added the device.
You managed to store presets but they are not available ?


How do you use the device ?
I didn't manage to make it working..

I put the device in an audio track with an audio clip
I click everywhere in the device : nothing happens..

Can you explain more ?

Thank you !



Yes it's a great device !
Bug I have an anoying bug.

If I press one of the menus of the "big view" : Live shuts down immediatly..

Windows 10
MAx 8.1.11


I just made a little edit of this WONDERFUL device.
It's now possible to use a quantize setting superior to 1 bar..


So nice !!
Thank you !
I don't have gumroad account but you can send me a beer (i drink more beers than coffees;)by PayPal if you want.. my mail is ju(dot)schlom(aaat)

Really happy that you find this little device useful !

Cheers !!

I added a preset mod.
not sure if it was what you were looking for...

Really in my top 10 M4L devices !!
thank you so much !
your patch is really really beautiful !

I xould like to try your device but Live 11.0.5b2 freezes each time I try to load your device on a new empty live set..
..someone manages to use it with latest beta or the problem is only at home ?
but it seems to sound good !


does this device works when we are recording several clips in the same time with one device per track with different quantization settings per track ?

thank you !

Hello Nick
I am really interested to try your device but you said you are working on a Live11 update. Do we have a free upgrade if I buy the current version now...or do I have to wait for the next release ?
Thank you !



great device !
..but maybe you forgot something.. =)
you said to me about the unmap functionality I added to your other device last time :

"Do you allow me to integrate this feature into a new device that expands the functionalities of Expression Control? I'll be uploading it soon and it will replace this one. I like your idea! I'll credit you in the description if you agree."

j'étais agree =)

C'est vraiment pas grave, ta device est vraiment super ! mais même si tu as revu le système de l'unmap, un petit crédit aurait été normal non ?

midi version seems very buggy here (didn't try the audio version)
the device is placed before a rack with 3 variations.
I hit refresh
the 3 variations apperas in the device.
If for example I click several times on a variation in the device each click generate a new variation ?!
Is it a normal behaviour ?
If I am on the variation 1 in the rack, clicking "1" in this device should not change the preset...but it does. and clicking several times changes all the macros values..

strange ?

thank you !

cool device !

..but you can mention max 8.1.8 or above, and not 8.1.9.

..the stock midi device "velocity" does already the same with, of course, more functionnality.
I should have look more carefully =)

thank you a lot for this amazing device.
your patch id really examplary.

You can have a look at mAp++, it's not exactly the same type of device, but you can map several parameters and have presets to unmap/remap them...

The way that Live handle the mapping is here a bit skirt.
You can save and load presets files, automate preset changes...

@ jbone.

could you tell me if this new release is working on live 11 when the sELf mode is ON ?

thank you

@ jbone

for my information, you tried it on L10 and its working good for you ?

@ jbone

thank you for your support !
...I am on the waiting list for Live 11 beta since too long...

...but I should release an udpate today which should work on L11 because it will no longer use the chain selector and the device will be standalone, you will tell me if it's working...

I tryed to use the same technique for a mapping device allowing to store/recall different mappings settings in the same live set

you can see it there :



interested to have the updated device too !

here is my mail without the "666" :

thank you !

Wonderful device !
Mapping the waveform is so a big lack in the wavetable device !
I opened your device and I am very surprised that it's not implemented natively in the wavetable device..

..there is only one little cosmetic problem : the big button with "wavetable ok / wavetable not found" is always blinking very quickly between the two buttons states..But despite that, your device seems to work properly..