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Devices by schlam

Makenoise 0-coast Panic CCMod Version 0.0
Expression Control plus plus Version 0.3
map plus plus Version 0.7.3
eXp plus plus Version 0.4.7
midi volume Version 0.1

Total Downloads: 1,032

Comments by schlam


great device !
..but maybe you forgot something.. =)
you said to me about the unmap functionality I added to your other device last time :

"Do you allow me to integrate this feature into a new device that expands the functionalities of Expression Control? I'll be uploading it soon and it will replace this one. I like your idea! I'll credit you in the description if you agree."

j'étais agree =)

C'est vraiment pas grave, ta device est vraiment super ! mais même si tu as revu le système de l'unmap, un petit crédit aurait été normal non ?

midi version seems very buggy here (didn't try the audio version)
the device is placed before a rack with 3 variations.
I hit refresh
the 3 variations apperas in the device.
If for example I click several times on a variation in the device each click generate a new variation ?!
Is it a normal behaviour ?
If I am on the variation 1 in the rack, clicking "1" in this device should not change the preset...but it does. and clicking several times changes all the macros values..

strange ?

thank you !

cool device !

..but you can mention max 8.1.8 or above, and not 8.1.9.

..the stock midi device "velocity" does already the same with, of course, more functionnality.
I should have look more carefully =)

thank you a lot for this amazing device.
your patch id really examplary.

You can have a look at mAp++, it's not exactly the same type of device, but you can map several parameters and have presets to unmap/remap them...

The way that Live handle the mapping is here a bit skirt.
You can save and load presets files, automate preset changes...

@ jbone.

could you tell me if this new release is working on live 11 when the sELf mode is ON ?

thank you

@ jbone

for my information, you tried it on L10 and its working good for you ?

@ jbone

thank you for your support !
...I am on the waiting list for Live 11 beta since too long...

...but I should release an udpate today which should work on L11 because it will no longer use the chain selector and the device will be standalone, you will tell me if it's working...

I tryed to use the same technique for a mapping device allowing to store/recall different mappings settings in the same live set

you can see it there :



interested to have the updated device too !

here is my mail without the "666" :

thank you !

Wonderful device !
Mapping the waveform is so a big lack in the wavetable device !
I opened your device and I am very surprised that it's not implemented natively in the wavetable device..

..there is only one little cosmetic problem : the big button with "wavetable ok / wavetable not found" is always blinking very quickly between the two buttons states..But despite that, your device seems to work properly..

Hello !

Thank you for this useful device.
but in my opinion, one little thing may be improved.

Even if the scenes names appear in the device, the chains are not saved by the scenes names, but by they order..

So if you change the order of the scenes, you lose all the links between chains and scenes...

Is there a way to avoid that ?

thank you !